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    For Sale/For Trade Cronulla sharks signed jersey from a few years back for ps3 games

    hey guys so i have a signed Cronulla sharks jersey from like 3 years ago that has signatures from the entire team that played the broncos that year. i would really like to trade these for some PS3 items that is why i posted here. the items i would like are Modern Warfare 3 Modern Warfare 2...
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    WTS xbox 360 games accessories and account

    Hey guys Recently my sexbox got rrod, we are sending it in to get fixed but I am looking to get a ps3 So I am selling these items i have an account that is either 10th or 9th on black ops with both map packs. it has trials hd with downloaded content and skate 3 finished. also has like...
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    anybody going to an opening round match?

    hey guys i was just wondering if anyone was going to a game in the first round, i am going to broncos v cowboys and am looking forward to it post away guys:v:
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    Xbox 360 clan

    HEY GUYS when my server problems are better is there anyone on 360 that would like to play cod black ops or another game online? My Gamertag is dayne25 so if you want to add me go ahead just make sure you post here first haha thanks dayne
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    black ops servers down?

    anyone else in australia seeing this i cant even get into online on the 360 a notice pops up and says call of duty black ops server is not available at this time? thanks dayne
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    great xbox 360 games for sale cheap as chips and fish and prawns haha

    hey guys last night my cat jumped on top of the xbox and knocked it down with cod black ops in it.:mad:its now has this huge scratch around the middle and i am looking at selling a few games so i can buy another copy the games are WWE smackdown v raw 2011 $50 battlefield bad company 2 $40 skate...
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    Any case shares

    Heyguys I was just wondering if anyone on here was thinking of doing a case share for Christmas after being in an NRL case share I would love to be in an NBA one So if anyone else has the same idea as me or is wanting to start one ( after checking with admin first) then please either post here...
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    buying from dacardworld

    hey guys i am looking at buying a box or two from dacardworld in the near future just like looselips. my only probelemo is that i dont have paypal:mad: if anyone wants to order with me using there paypal account and i will send you the money for what i bought..... we could combine shipping...
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    bella sara box for sis

    hey guys as you all know Christmas is coming up and i have to get presents for my family. well my sister is really into horses but also doesnt mind trading cards so i searched on google and found out that they have cards with horses on them. they are called Bella Sara trading cards. Now all...
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    help with a price on a Cronulla sharks jersey

    hey guys just thought i would throw this up to get an estimate of a price so i could chuck it up on ebay? anyone know anything that could possibly help me out price wise. i have attached a couple of images of it. im still not even quite sure what year it is. any help at all would be great...
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    Completed Dayne_rules and wolvesjr34 do a deal for games

    hey mate i get the amount of $ agreed on in pm's you get the 3 xbox 360 games we discussed in pm's all good on my side thanks dayne:v:
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    For Sale/For Trade 2006 hand signed jersey by cronulla sharks

    hey guys need some money so i just though i would throw this up:thumbsup: this is a hand signed cronulla sharks 2006 jersey that was signed in 2009 it is signed by the 17 players who came to suncorp last year and by Dan Stain the shark legend and Ricky Stuart. i am setting this up...
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    1st ever nba mailday

    hey guys got my 1st ever nba mailday today from Cowboys4lyfe. thanks shawn hope you guys like them!
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    xbox 360 online codes

    Hey guys if anyone has any xbox live codes for xbox live months or xbox points then i may be interested in buying them. i would also be interested in any xbox live accessories that you may have thanks dayne:v:
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    Greg inglis and Kevin Gordon wantlist

    hey guys i am trying to boost up my greg inglis-Kevin Gordon pc with any cards i dont have (Except the top prospect) The cards i already have are Greg Inglis Toty Greg Inglis hand signed 2009 card Greg inglis holographic cards 2008 and his base card from 09 classics For Kevin Gordon...
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    cheap basketball boxes wanted

    Hey guys as some of you know i am trying to sell my nrl collection. The reason i am doing this is so i can start a basketball collection. NBA just seems to have better cards and better looking cards. some of the game used cards are absolutely awesome. so i am looking for some cheap boxes of...
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    Greg inglis wantlist

    Hey guys and gals I am thinking of getting a new pc player so i chose GI. Any cards that you have of him and i mean any cards at all could you post here and we could work out a trade thanks Dayne:v:
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    Completed Noark-99 and Dayne_rules

    Dayne_Rules and Noark-99 Dayne_rules gets $45 bank deposit Noark gets Jonathan thurston diamond phenomenon hand signed sending on Tuesday all good on my end thanks
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    Completed Jay Blank and dayne_rules

    Jay Blank receives multiple NRL inserts from previous years dayne_rules recieves $$ agreed on in private messages. all good on my end buddy what about you? thanks
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    wanted alien v predator requiem 2007 unopened box

    as the title says i am after any alien v predator requiem 2007 unopened box's. if anyone has some could you pm me a price for them. they are the 2007 inkworks ones. the only condition is the boxes cant be overseas. thanks
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    >WANTED< unopened cricket boxes from 2003/04 series right up to 2009/10 series

    hey guys i am in the market for any unopened cricket boxes that anyone has just lying around. if anyone has any can you please pm me with the details of the box and what price you are looking for it. i am hoping to start getting into cricket cards as i have mainly been an nrl guy for a while...
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    ps2/xbox 360 games fire sale make offers

    hi guys i am trying to buy black ops or some nba boxes so i need to sell some of these. PS2 games $5-15$ nascar 07 top spin 1 fifa 10 fifa 08 ricky ponting cricket 2007 smackdown v raw 2006 smackdown v raw 2007 smackdown v raw 2008 smackdown v raw 2009 smackdown v raw 2010 xbox...
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    For Sale/For Trade 2007- 2010 nrl champs for trade-sale for NBA

    hi guys after a long stint with my internet being down i am finally starting up trading again 2010 champions 2010 superstar mascot gems $10 each delivered 2, 10. 15 2010 jdc $1 each or all of them for $10 46. 51. 50. 53. 54. 55. 56. 58. 59. 61. 88. 114. 161. 189 2009 NRL...
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    Nrl Phenomenon For Sale

    Jonathan Thurston signed:$55 inc post Jarryd Hayne : $45 inc post Cheers Dayne:thumbsup:
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    Titans j

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