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  1. wolfpac

    Larry Bird & Paul Pierce Autograph

    Hi, looking for a Paul pierce autograph and a larry bird auto.
  2. wolfpac

    Wanted Sleepy Hollow Auto's

    Hi, looking for autographs from the tv show sleepy hollow. Please let me know if you have any.
  3. wolfpac

    SOLD/TRADED X men Origins Autograph Deadpool Ryan Renolds

    For sale I have my x men origins autograph collection. Includes rare ryan renolds as deadpool. Open to offers ATM.
  4. wolfpac

    Wanted Supernatural Auto Cards

    Hi, looking for any Supernatural Autograph cards.
  5. wolfpac

    Wanted Autographed Jerseys

    Hi, anyone have any autographed jerseys? Looking for Michael Jordan (bulls 23) Dominique wilkins (hawks) Larry Johnson (hornets) Dikembe Mutombo (nuggets) Shawn Kemp (sonics)
  6. wolfpac

    NBA Jerseys Signed Wanted

    Hi, anyone have any signed NBA Jerseys ? Looking to add to my collection. My main jerseys im after are Larry Bird Paul Pierce (boston) Vlade Divac Dino Radja After these anything that might appeal. I am also looking for a basketball signed by larry bird. Anyone ??
  7. wolfpac

    Wcw nWo Autograph cards

    For sale i have 4 wcw/nWo autograph cards. Open to offers.
  8. wolfpac

    Planet Of The Apes Auto Autograph Cards

    Thinking of selling my PLANET OF THE APES Autograph Cards. Open to offers..
  9. wolfpac

    Charmed Autograph Cards

    Up for sale i have Charmed Autograph cards from the tv show.
  10. wolfpac

    SOLD/TRADED Arrows cards SOLD

    Up for sale i have 4 arrow autograph cards.
  11. wolfpac

    LOTR Autograph Cards Lord Of The Rings

    Looking to buy LOTR Lord Of The Rings Autograph Cards. Let me know if you have some at a reasonable price.
  12. wolfpac

    Stargate Atlantis Autograph Swap

    Looking to swap my double of Laura Harris Stargate Atlantis Autograph Card. Would swap for another autograph card i dont have from : Stargate Atlantis Arrow Angel Buffy Smallville
  13. wolfpac

    wanted Celtic FC

    Looking for a autographed jersey from Scottish giant CELTIC FC Or just a framed jersey would do.
  14. wolfpac

    NFL Helmets + Patriots Jersey Signed

    Looking for new England Patriots autograph jersey or helmet. Also full size helmets, might consider mini from other teams.
  15. wolfpac

    Looking For Boston Celtics Signed Jersey Or Ball

    Hi all, Im after autographed boston celtics jersey or basketball. Preferably by larry bird or paul pierce. Also Larry bird statue.
  16. wolfpac

    Boris Cards - Conan - X-Men - Youngblood

    I just picked up a few sets of BORIS Cards. Anyone interested ? #1 - Full set of BEST OF BORIS ALL CHROMIUM From 1995. #2 - Full set of BORIS 2 SERIES II 2 THE FANTASY CONTINUES From 1992. #3 - Full set of BORIS 3 ALL - PRISM From 1993. + Insert C4 - Clone. #4 - Full set of CONAN II 2 ALL...
  17. wolfpac

    Arrow Autograph Cards

    Hi, was looking at buying Autograph cards from the TV Show ARROW by cryptozoic. Please let me know if you have any you'd consider selling. Thank you
  18. wolfpac

    wcw / nWo Autograph Cards

    Hi, anyone have any wcw / nWo Autograph cards from 98/99 by topps ?
  19. wolfpac

    woolies Ancient Animals

    Free Cards. I have completed my set.. My doubles are free to who needs them. They are : 1,1,3,5,6,7,9,10,11,12,12,12,13,13,13,14,15,16,16,16,18,19,23,23,26,26,29,30,31,32,32,35,37,38,40,42,43,44,45,46,46,46,47,48,48,49,49,50,50,52,52,53,53,54,58,59,61,62,63,65,67,67,67,77,77,78,79,79,80...
  20. wolfpac

    Biante Autoart Models

    Biante Autoart Models anyone got any to sell ? Just Road Cars. Not interested in Supercars
  21. wolfpac

    Stargate Atlantis Autograph's & Costume

    Hi, im looking to trade or sell my doubles of stargate atlantis cards.
  22. wolfpac

    Pokémon Cards To Sell

    Got a couple folders of Pokémon cards to sell. All were bought new from news agency roughly 4 years ago.
  23. wolfpac

    Planet Of The Apes Autograph Cards

    Looking to buy Autograph card from the movie PLANET OF THE APES starring Mark Wahlberg 2001. The 1 card im missing is Linda Harrison
  24. wolfpac

    Angel & Buffy Autograph Cards

    Looking at buying Autograph cards from Angel & Buffy Show.
  25. wolfpac

    Smallville Autograph Cards

    Looking to buy SMALLVILLE Autograph cards.
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