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    Looking RC D'angelo Russell

    $150AUD delivered (it costs me $30 to have it sent with tracking to Spain).
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    Spurs Pre-Panini

    I thought I had the Black parallel still for the Topps Jersey Edition but must have sold already, only got the regular.
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    Spurs Pre-Panini

    I'll try and get some photos once I get home tonight
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    Spurs Pre-Panini

    I have 1998-99 UD Game Jersey Tim Duncan, 1997-98 Finest Refractors Debut Tim Duncan RC, 2002-03 Topps Jersey Edition Black Tim Duncan off the top of my head.
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    Wanted to Buy: Joe Ingles, Donovan Mitchell and Exum from the Jazz

    You definitely don't have this one.
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    WTB Revolution Autos

    I may have a spare Bird or Ewing, will check
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    Revolution 16/17 cards needed

    Glenn, let me have a look. I know I threw a bunch out into the recycling bin recently.
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    Anyone got Nuggets stuff for me to buy... I will buy anything of interest.

    Current Nuggets players, or anyone in a Nuggets uniform?
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    My Wants

    I forgot that I had that one. I hadn't planned on selling it unless I get a good offer. I don't trade, only sell.
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    My Wants

    Do you need a Jason Kidd 2007-08 SP Rookie Threads SP Threads patch?
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    [LF] These players :

    Have this if interested. Can negotiate.
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    Wanted: 2009-10 SP Signature Edition Inkcredible Pau Gasol

    Looking for this card, numbered #75, if anyone has it. Thanks.
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    2003-04 Upper Deck Finite Signature Michael Jordan

    Looking for this card, please if anyone willing to sell let me know. Thanks. Peter.
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    Buying UD Glass Monumental Marks

    Good luck with the set chase. I have been too lazy to complete it myself. I did pull the MJ, and I have LeBron, Kobe, Pierce, Miller, as well as a few others.
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    lilreddevil's Wantlist

    Hey mate I have a 90 card base set of 1998-99 SP Authentic if you want that (actually have about 10 of them). Let me know.
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    BUYING: 90s inserts and RC cards

    Good luck! That's going to be one expensive chase!
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    Hi members, I am looking for the non-auto 2008-09 SP Rookie Threads RCs, except for Gallinari. Also looking for: 2010-11 SP Authentic By The Letter Hakeem Olajuwon 2010-11 SP Authentic Sign of the Times John Havlicek Any 2008-09 UD Radiance commons - let me know what you guys have. Thanks!
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    WANTED: 2010-11 SPA By the Letter, 2008-09 SPx Dual Scripts

    Hi everyone, Was wondering if anyone had the following to sell: 2010-11 UD SP Authentic By ther Letter: Lebron James Hakeem Olajuwon David Robinson Kenny Smith 2008-09 SPx Brandon Rush HOME RC /99 Any Dual Scripts (have half the set complete at the moment) Thanks.
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