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  1. drama5

    Dominance, Prestige, Future Force 2017 and Hawthorn Misc

    Got worpel red mate if you have cards to trade :)
  2. drama5

    Tim taranto red and green prestige

    Looking for any tim taranto red and green parrallals. Happy to buy or trade so please hit me up if you can help.
  3. drama5

    Tim Taranto Green, Josh Kelly Green, Jack Martin BVG

    After the following cards and happy to buy or trade. Also keen in any numbered cards of: Gary ablett Tim taranto Dylan shiel Josh kelly Jack martin Lachie whitfield Jaeger o meara Ben ainsworth Jye caldwell Aiden bonar
  4. drama5

    Prestige cards wanted

    Bump can anyone help
  5. drama5

    Prestige cards wanted

    As above am looking for the following cards: Tim taranto red and green Gary ablett red and green, bvg Josh kelly red and green Lachie whitfield red and green, bvg Jack martin bvg Dylan shiel red and green, bvg, brownlow predictor Jaeger o meara red and green, bvg
  6. drama5

    Richmond Supremacy Cards and Richmond High End Cards.

    Have this one for 110 if interested or haopy to trade
  7. drama5

    Prestige and supremacy wantlist

    Wanted: Willing to pay the following delivered for any of these cards or have heaps to trade. Please lmk if you can help: Prestige: Josh kelly, tim taranto, lachie whitfield red $5 Dylan shiel red $6 Jaeger o meara, gary ablett red $10 Josh kelly, tim taranto, lachie whitfield green $20 -...
  8. drama5

    2019 and 2018 rookies needed

    Cool shoot me a pm we can sort something :)
  9. drama5

    2019 and 2018 rookies needed

    I collevt any numbered cards of ablett, shiel, josh kelly, jack martin, whitfield, taranto, omeara, ainsworth, caldwell
  10. drama5

    2019 and 2018 rookies needed

    Happy to trade mate if that helps
  11. drama5

    2019 and 2018 rookies needed

    Hey mate i have lukosis, tarca, vandermeer, butters rookie
  12. drama5

    2020 AFL Want List

    Got Fremantle premiership platinum and mundy case card. Shoot me a pm of you need it
  13. drama5

    Carlton Prestige 2020

    Got cripps brownlow vote getter im looking to trade if i interested
  14. drama5

    Wanted - lukosis, ben king and caldwell red parralal 2017 future force

    As Mentioned in title keen on those three cards and have green and red parrallals to trade from prestige for them!
  15. drama5

    Jack Martin and Ben Ainsworth Franchise Futures

    As above after martin and ainsworth franchise futures Got PayPal ready or hundreds of cards to trade!
  16. drama5

    Wanted Regal Greats of the Game Insert Cards at reasonable prices

    Lmk If interested in bottom three
  17. drama5


    got heaps of these mate, do you have cards to trade per chance?
  18. drama5

    Drama5 Final Countdown Wantlist

    Quick Saturday "Final Countdown" Wantlist: Lmk if you can help out and got heaps to trade or happy to buy. These are the last cards needed for my GWS and Gold Coast Master Sets. Select: Zac Williams 2018 XMAS Burst Toby Greene 2019 Auskick Card Dylan Shiel 2020 Blue Cie Cut Brent Daniels 2020...
  19. drama5

    Drama5 wantlist

  20. drama5

    supremacy want list. PLEASE PM ME!! PREFER TO TRADE

    I have a quad signature for sale mate pm if interested. Also have a raynor franchise, premiership double 9 - albert collier that i can sell or trade
  21. drama5

    Low end inserts

    Happy to sell or even trade again mate :) whatever works
  22. drama5

    Low end inserts

    Hey mate i have kennedy mc2 for you and these two aa
  23. drama5

    Ben Cousins Inserts and Commons

    Any interest in this shoot me a pm mate
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