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  1. drama5

    Completed drama 5 and lionsroar

    Pm sent mate as mentioned been away for work but cards on their way
  2. drama5

    Completed drama 5 and lionsroar

    drama5 gets Paypal via gift/ friends and family Lionsroar gets houlahan, spargo and powell dps I agree
  3. drama5

    Completed Drama5 & SGDN

    Agree mate!! And any chance while we are trading i can send 7 holifoils/ 460 and grundy 20/20 for kelly 20/20 and the 5 holifoils/ 460. Just to knock that off aswell. Woll get as good players as i can find?
  4. drama5

    Completed Footycardtrader & drama5

    I agree
  5. drama5

    Completed cardad15 and drama5

    I agree
  6. drama5

    Completed old-timers, drama5

    AGree mate
  7. drama5

    Completed ElijahCraigHyde & drama5

    I agree
  8. drama5

    Completed ElijahCraigHyde & drama5

    i agree cheers mate
  9. drama5

    Completed ElijahCraigHyde & drama5

    It says not trackig yet but i put it in post box at same time as another rwgistered and that is saying same so i assume hasnt reached the mail depaych centre yet! But will arrive by mid to late week
  10. drama5

    Completed ElijahCraigHyde & drama5

    Hey mate yes i have recieved late last week and sorry for delay i have been so busy and completely forgot this trade!!!!! but your card is sent. Tracking number is in pic below
  11. drama5

    Completed ElijahCraigHyde & drama5

    Agreed :)
  12. drama5

    Completed Negrofc and drama5

    Agree mate
  13. drama5

    Completed ElijahCraigHyde & drama5

    Pm sent mate check inbox
  14. drama5

    Completed ElijahCraigHyde & drama5

    Card sent mate need you to chuck me your paypal so i can refubd $25. Send me a pm and will put it through today mate
  15. drama5

    Completed ElijahCraigHyde & drama5

    Will refund over weekend and send at same time. Cheers for understanding mate
  16. drama5

    Completed ElijahCraigHyde & drama5

    Aorry mate out atm but yes definately have that one. Will finalise this tonirow and regund the other $25
  17. drama5

    Completed ElijahCraigHyde & drama5

    Sorry maye yeah lets do this thing
  18. drama5

    Completed ElijahCraigHyde & Drama5

    Agreed mate as much as i loved ot i know you will love ot wven more. Display it proudly with the 75/75 :)
  19. drama5

    Completed baggies & drama5

    Agreed cheers mate
  20. drama5

    Completed Conquest1984 & Drama5

    I agree
  21. drama5

    Completed Drama5 and thecardman

    drama5 gets Bartel draft signature The card man gets Thomas auto and PayPal $$ I agree
  22. drama5

    Completed drama5 and rooboy18

    Drama5 gets GWS draft redemption Rooboy 18 gets Fremantle draft redemption I agree
  23. drama5

    Completed drama5 & Matty76

    I agree mate thank
  24. drama5

    Completed negrofc and drama5

    Agreed champion, two more omeara to the collection :) thank mate
  25. drama5

    Completed Negrofc and drama5

    I agree thank mate
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