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    SOLD/TRADED sold out!!

    sold thanks everyone.
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    Cancelled fathigh and manly

    fathigh gets $$$ as per pms and manly gets complete sets of 2002 and 2003 FF cards
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    Completed fathigh and gregga61

    fathigh gets $$$ as per pm gregga gets APCS wesser, trio taylor, asotasi, wesser and also bob mccarthy
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    Completed fathigh and ilikemypotatoesmashed

    fathigh gets $$$ and ilikemypotatoesmashed gets a set of 2001 future forces but missing odonell and lavea, and the anasta has smudged signature, all cards come with redemptions and will be posted registered. thanks
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    thanks to all who helped me out by buying
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    Completed fathigh and bulldogss

    fathigh gets $$$ Bulldogs gets 2000 Folder and base set.
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    For Sale in need of some paypal

    as the title says im in need of some paypal and im looking for offers on the following- 2000 Folder and Base set SOLD 2001 Folder and Base set 2001 Brad Fittler Allstar signature with redemption #69. 2003 Lockyer Jersey card without redemption feel free to throw me an offer if your...
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    Completed dk trading cards and fathigh

    dk gets cash as per pm, fathigh gets 83 &84 sticker albums in mint.
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    Completed fathigh & king megator trade

    fathigh gets $$$$ as per pms and king megator gets 2009 lockyer signature with redemption.
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    Completed fathigh and batboy

    batboy gets $$$ and fathigh gets select 2000 folder.
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    Completed fathigh & 1967sharks

    fathigh gets 2003 provan summons signature card and redemption. 1967sharks gets bank deposit $$$
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    Completed fathigh & freeballs deal

    freeballs gets 2001 mark gasnier FF with redemption and fathigh gets $$
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    Completed fathigh & ooneil deal.

    owen gets select nrl 2001 folder and common set, 2001 brett hodgeson FF with redemption (smudged sig) and fathigh gets $$$.
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    For Sale select 2000-2003 sets, subsets, folders and signatures for sale

    hi everyone time to sell a good chunk of my collection complete 2000 set including all stars and reg, 2001 almost complete only missing girds and tallis, and 1 or 2 future forces, 2002 complete, 2003 set folder subsets future forces and ricketson and lockyer jersey signature cards also 2004...
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    98/99 select Sir Donald Bradman signature card with redemption mint.

    title pretty much says it all just wondering if anyone out there has one or knows someone who does and wants to sell it. please let me know :) i think it may be a tough one to get ahold of but any help will be greatly appriciated thanks :)
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    looking for a sealed select nrl 2000 box

    hey just chasing a select nrl 2000 box if anyone has one? please let me know if you do and how much you are looking for :) cheers
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    Completed skando-fathigh trade

    skando will recieve $$$ plus postage and insurance $$ paid on 28/1/2011 fathigh will recieve mint condition select nrl 2001 graeme langlands with redemption
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    looking for a nrl 2001 graeme langlands legend signature card with redemption

    just wondering if anyone out there has a nrl 2001 graeme langlands legend signature card they would like to part with.. also i have a nrl 2002 johnny raper card for trade if anyone is interested i am also interested in 2001 & 2002 allstar signatures. thanks for your time :) =D>
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    Buying nrl 2001 & 2002 legend signature cards

    Hey just wondering if anyone out there would like to part with either their select nrl 2001 legend signature graeme langlands card or the 2002 jonny raper legend signature please let me know your price :) thanks for your time.
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    buying nrl select 2000 signatures reg gasnier, bryan fletcher and jason smith

    if you have any of these and would like to sell them i am serious about buying them so please message me. cheers :)
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    buying select nrl 2000 reg gasnier signature card and others

    hey just wondering if anyone has a select nrl 2000 reg gasnier signature card, or bryan fletcher or smith thanks for reading :thumbsup:
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