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    Completed fathigh and Mischap123

    fathigh agrees
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    SOLD/TRADED sold out!!

    updated thanks
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    SOLD/TRADED sold out!!

    sold thanks everyone.
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    2012 Dynasty Error card already

    search the completed listings of lockyer redemptions and you will see what im talking about.. not sure wether its a promo pic or a camera flash but it looks gold to me..
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    2012 Dynasty Error card already

    im not sure if anyone has noticed or there is a discussion on it already but ive noticed that theres gold and silver lockyer redemptions. is there a reason for this that anyone knows?
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    Completed erccc and fathigh

    fathigh agrees as per pms.
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    hey steve sorry there gone mate.
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    bump for $60 each plus postage
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    changed title and more cards for sale, would like them gone so throw me an offer cheers matt.
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    Cancelled fathigh and manly

    fathigh gets $$$ as per pms and manly gets complete sets of 2002 and 2003 FF cards
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    Completed fathigh and gregga61

    fathigh gets $$$ as per pm gregga gets APCS wesser, trio taylor, asotasi, wesser and also bob mccarthy
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    Completed fathigh & Bigdub

    agreed money recieved and posted. cheers
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    bump and last drop before i split them up sunday. thanks to all that have helped so far
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    Completed swaler12 nd fathigh

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    Completed fathigh and ilikemypotatoesmashed

    fathigh gets $$$ and ilikemypotatoesmashed gets a set of 2001 future forces but missing odonell and lavea, and the anasta has smudged signature, all cards come with redemptions and will be posted registered. thanks
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    i had the same thoughts about that one.
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    whoa!:eek: what a load of bs i never would have expeceted that, makes me feel glad i got my cards from him, wont be dealing with either of them after reading all that.
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    i have delt with jonnyhomes and had no troubles even paid via bank deposit for over $1000 in cards and recieved them as described in good condition he did mention that his brother is a collector also, but im sorry to hear you have to deal with that $h!t hope all goes smoothly for your refund.
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    NRL Rumour Mill Thread (Spoilers)

    on the grapevine i heard queensland is about to secure a new drink sponsor its confirmed that it will be 7UP
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    prices dropped again and a bump :) thanks
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    State of Origin

    any nsw who would like a supporters pack just pm me and ill send you one, every pack contains a box of tissues and a dummy on a chain
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    Completed hobo fathigh

    payment recieved thanks mate.
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    Completed hobo fathigh

    fathigh agrees and will post registed tomorrow
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    prices dropped on most, im keen to move these on cheers.
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