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  1. Webber_Mad

    WTD Moses Malone high end

    pm sent
  2. Webber_Mad

    A year in the life of a Dwight Howard PC + a Goat and others

    Nice man but im still waiting for a reply from you about dwights I had put aside for you. Send me a pm bro
  3. Webber_Mad

    18-19 Contenders Inserts

    Hi all, i am chasing the following contenders inserts: Class Acts- Silver,Red,Blue Historic Rookie of the year- Silver,Red,Blue Historic MVPS- Silver, Red,Blue Prefer to trade but will also buy if the price is right. Shoot me some pm's guys
  4. Webber_Mad

    LF: Shawn Marion

    pm sent
  5. Webber_Mad

    Best way to value cards ?

    Hey kiwi_in_melb, I have sent u numerous pm's. Can you please reply
  6. Webber_Mad

    For Sale Sealed Pocahontas Boxes

    Hey guys trying to clear some stuff so help me move these 2 boxes on for only $30 delivered for both boxes
  7. Webber_Mad

    For Sale/For Trade Optic inserts/parallels

    Hey guys i have a heap of inserts to trade or sell. I still need a few myself mostly the holo versions so if u have any or need any please contact me
  8. Webber_Mad

    For Sale 5 x Print Plates for $45 Delivered

    Hey guys, need some quick $$$ so i am selling these 5 1/1 print plates for $45 Delivered
  9. Webber_Mad

    Completed Webber_Mad & Tanana

    Webb gets $$$ Tanana gets: 93-94 finest refractors Agreed?
  10. Webber_Mad

    For Sale Cheap Team lots need to be moved

    Last bump, will throw in a couple of extras aswell if bought within 24hrs
  11. Webber_Mad

    For Sale Cheap Team lots need to be moved

    Someone wanna take all for $100, would be a sweet xmas present
  12. Webber_Mad

    For Sale Cheap Team lots need to be moved

    Hey guys need to tidy a few things up so snap these well priced lots up. Will also throw in some base and inserts where possible Aussie Lot: $30 Delivered Bulls Lot: $25 Delivered Lakers Lot- $30 Delivered Warriors Lot- $25 Delivered Celtics Lot- $15 Delivered
  13. Webber_Mad

    In Progress 1980bust & Webber_Mad

    Agreed, card was sent yesterday
  14. Webber_Mad

    For Sale/For Trade Mix of everything fs/ft

    Hey guys i have a great mix of cards here to sell or trade. If selling im chasing Bogut, Lebron, Webber, Simmons, Durant, Curry. Shoot me a pm if anything takes your fancy and hopefully we can work a deal
  15. Webber_Mad

    For Sale Mad mix update 15/11/18

    Any chance of a trade? If so who/what are u chasing?
  16. Webber_Mad

    For Sale Mad mix update 15/11/18

    Price on Durants (Red hot and Sky High)?
  17. Webber_Mad

    Keen for old school Wizards Gu/autos

    pm sent buddy
  18. Webber_Mad

    Bit of everything for sale or trade

    Hey all, have the below for sale or trade. If trading im after lebron or nice 90's inserts
  19. Webber_Mad

    $50 Delivered

    Hey guys, anyone wanna take this lot for $50 delivered?
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