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  1. Des_2014

    For Sale NBA stuff

    Cards on offer are shipped from com.c, Nameplated from my inventory management Acc. Retro power in the key $300 Retro BMOC $300 Steven Adams RC $200 Lebron James scoring king $105 Anthony Davis auto $125 Drexler greats $SOLD Michael Jordan auto $1000 Shipping TBA
  2. Des_2014

    Retro scoring king Michael Jordan

    Wanted retro scoring king of Michael Jordan !
  3. Des_2014

    Wanted 1993 ultra scoring kings in Bgs 9 or better.

    Players Shaquille O'Neal, Pactrick Ewing and Larry Johnson. Will look at other options. Sets raw or near completed sets. Thanks
  4. Des_2014

    Wanted Retro scoring king Michael jordan

    Looking for a jordan scoring king.. hit me up. Thanks in advance
  5. Des_2014

    Wanted ... 1997-98 stadium triumvirate

    I'm looking for 4 cards to complete the members only set in series 1. I have the non members if you like in return. Though I'm looking to buy or trade which ever works for you. The list... Larry Johnson Dennis rodman Scottie pippen Tom gugliotta Thank you in advance
  6. Des_2014

    2012-13 Kevin Durant auto

    $110 Kevin Durant on card auto. Fresh from redemption. Mint!* I always encourage you to look before you buy.
  7. Des_2014

    Upper deck 93 East die cut set

    Cards are nr-mint/mint + 15 cards Bv $15ous Asking price $125aus plus shipping obo
  8. Des_2014

    2013 exquisite Michael Jordan #1

    Looking for Michael Jordan base parallel card number 1, Wanting to buy or any 2013 exquisite base rainbow autographs. PayPal ready..
  9. Des_2014

    90s Insert sets

    Looking for insert sets starting with 1993 scoring kings with or without mj.. Anything else is optional & is very tempting if I haven't already got it.
  10. Des_2014

    Michael Jordan exquisite 2013

    Looking for silver parallel michael Jordan card number 1 out of 10.
  11. Des_2014

    Upper deck1993 SE Die cut EAST SET

    On sale rare complete set of 15 EAST NBA all star... #1 Dominique Wilkins #2 Alonzo morning #3 B J Armstrong #4 Scottie Pippen #5 Mark Price #6 Isiah Thomas #7 Harold Miner #8 Vin Baker #9 Henry Anderson #10 Derrick Coleman #11 Patrick Ewing #12 Anfernee Hardaway #13 Shaquille O'neal #14 Shawn...
  12. Des_2014

    Exsquite 2013/14

    Looking for any rainbow autographs... There's so many posting for cards on oztrade for sale but none specify the make. If your lucky to read this & you have what I'm looking for your in luck. Your feed back will be appreciated. Thanks
  13. Des_2014

    WANTED..stadium triumvirate 1997-98 tom gugliotta #T5A

    Looking for this particular card to complete the set. Enclosed is a sample of a triumvirate card.
  14. Des_2014

    Wanted:EXQSIUITE 2013-14 Michael Jordan..

    There are 7 rainbow cards of this sort. There are parallel & base of this sort. There are resemblance of other upper deck/fleer retro like these. I am looking for graded or nr-mt/mt conditioned cards. List as many as you can. buy or trade.
  15. Des_2014


    Fleer retro 2013-14 *lebron James Power in the key *Precious metal gem Blue #/50 Jerry stackhouse Price as listed desm_nz2014
  16. Des_2014


    Shipping worldwide $3.50WPE. *Kevin Durant 2011-12 gold standard jersey card#1 serial #/149 - $19.99 nr-mnt/mnt! *intrigue 2013-14 awesome foursome jersey card #5 serial #/199 - $24.99 mnt! *intrigue 2013-14 Kevin Durant base parallel card #78 serial #/10 - $29.99 nr-mnt/mnt! Paypal or ANZ
  17. Des_2014

    Wanted Pre 90s insert set

    I am currently looking for .. 92/93 ultra : Scoring kings set 93/94 ultra : Power in the key set 95/96 hoops : Power palette set 93/94 skybox : Dynamic dunks set 93/94 Skybox : Center stage set I'd be interested on what is available on offer. Thank you
  18. Des_2014

    Wanted 90s inserts

    *Hoops 95/96 top 10 set I'd be interested in along with ... *93/94 power in the key insert *93/94 UD Triple double holo gram set *94/95 stadium rising star set * 94/95 e-motion intense set Id like a price for my PC .. I'm browsing around & this could my one stop shop .. I'm looking for...
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