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  1. patterz123

    Cuz Collection Rebuild

    Hey all, Put some of my old Cousins collection back together recently, after selling off close to ten years ago to get into collecting memorabilia. Thanks to those on here who sent me a PM and contributed to the rebuild! I focused on Select, Herald and Club Cards (not too interested in TC...
  2. patterz123

    Ben Cousins Inserts and Commons

    Have crossed the Die cut off the list. Mainly searching for the 2000 Ansett Cup and a reasonably priced BP. Thanks.
  3. patterz123

    Ben Cousins Inserts and Commons

    Have updated the want list, only a few cards left if anyone may be able to assist. Cheers!
  4. patterz123

    Completed Richo & Patterz123

    Cards arrived, thank you.
  5. patterz123

    Ben Cousins Inserts and Commons

    Thanks mate, not after the Harv at this stage.
  6. patterz123

    Ben Cousins Inserts and Commons

    Thank you to those who have helped so far, it is coming along rather quickly! Have updated the want list. Thanks :thumbsup:
  7. patterz123

    Completed Richo & Patterz123

    Paypal payment sent.
  8. patterz123

    Completed Richo & Patterz123

    All agreed, thanks.
  9. patterz123

    Gr3mlins WCE Personal Collection!

    Lovely cards mate. That cuz signature is mint too!
  10. patterz123

    Ben Cousins Inserts and Commons

    Thanks mate, would be great. Feel free to send me a PM with details. Cheers.
  11. patterz123

    Ben Cousins Inserts and Commons

    Thanks Paul, very kind of you to offer. Only interested in Eagles at this stage. Thanks mate. I already have the right AA, so i'll leave it for now.
  12. patterz123

    Ben Cousins Inserts and Commons

    Hey guys, Looking to purchase a small bundle of Ben Cousins West Coast Eagles Select cards. I sold my Ben Cousins card collection quite sometime ago, however have got a little bit of an urge to get things going again. Feel free to PM if you think you may have something of interest :thumbsup...
  13. patterz123

    2016 AFL Season Discussion

    Guernsey is looking great Daz! The news of Mitchell leaving must have been so unexpected. It was a massive surprise to hear he was coming west. Seeing as though he will be an Eagle for a year or two, I've got a Rioli guernsey if you ever want to swap that Mitchell back ;)
  14. patterz123

    Selected Certified Box Giveaway

    Ben's from 2006, Round 20 vs Brisbane. Premiership Year.
  15. patterz123

    2016 Series II/Honours 3 Rumours and Ideas

    Great to see Select getting innovative again! No doubt they would have split the guernsey into front and back, before cutting for cards. As a match worn guernsey collector though, this makes me sad. I'd hate to see a Matt Priddis one literally cut into pieces.
  16. patterz123

    For Sale Crawford Signature Card 2008 Herald Sun

    Looking for $100. Released in 2008. 038/800 - Nice low number. Will be sent Registered Post in Padded Mailer. Thanks for viewing!
  17. patterz123

    Completed Billyhoyle and Patterz123

    Card received, thank you.
  18. patterz123

    Completed Billyhoyle and Patterz123

    Billyhoyle receives: Payment Patterz123 receives: KD Auto Cheers
  19. patterz123

    Big bust coming...but I need your advice

    With the price of the Select 2003 box being around the same as the Judd guernsey card, i'd just purchase the card! Then get approx 60 assorted packs, to fit your budget - including some from 2003.
  20. patterz123

    Completed paterz123 and okram

    Agreed! Cheers.
  21. patterz123

    Small bust with incredible result

    That's awesome mate. Great pull and nice little back story. Have always loved Judd's full length signature!
  22. patterz123

    Overdue WCE Mailday

    Great cards mate!
  23. patterz123

    Griffin/Paul Auto's & Patches

    Have a Griffin auto incoming. Still after a Paul or any jersey/patch cards of the two. Yeah, not too keen on stickers auto's! Thanks though. Cheers mate, i've got a BG incoming. If i decide i need another, will let you know..
  24. patterz123

    Griffin/Paul Auto's & Patches

    Looking for a Griffin and/or Paul auto as a xmas gift (so still have some time!). Must be an on-card auto. Also considering any jersey/patch cards - clippers only. Welcome to message any pics!
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