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  1. patterz123

    Cuz Collection Rebuild

    Hey all, Put some of my old Cousins collection back together recently, after selling off close to ten years ago to get into collecting memorabilia. Thanks to those on here who sent me a PM and contributed to the rebuild! I focused on Select, Herald and Club Cards (not too interested in TC...
  2. patterz123

    Ben Cousins Inserts and Commons

    Hey guys, Looking to purchase a small bundle of Ben Cousins West Coast Eagles Select cards. I sold my Ben Cousins card collection quite sometime ago, however have got a little bit of an urge to get things going again. Feel free to PM if you think you may have something of interest :thumbsup...
  3. patterz123

    For Sale Crawford Signature Card 2008 Herald Sun

    Looking for $100. Released in 2008. 038/800 - Nice low number. Will be sent Registered Post in Padded Mailer. Thanks for viewing!
  4. patterz123

    Completed Billyhoyle and Patterz123

    Billyhoyle receives: Payment Patterz123 receives: KD Auto Cheers
  5. patterz123

    Griffin/Paul Auto's & Patches

    Looking for a Griffin and/or Paul auto as a xmas gift (so still have some time!). Must be an on-card auto. Also considering any jersey/patch cards - clippers only. Welcome to message any pics!
  6. patterz123

    For Sale Player Issue Guernsey's

    Edit: Items no longer available.
  7. patterz123

    Player Issue or Worn Guernseys/Jumpers/Boots

    Hi guys, Don't collect cards as much as I use too, more so AFL memorabilia these days. Just placing a want list towards any player issue or player worn jumpers. These are the one's with the sublimated (printed) numbers on the rear and the modern one's contain GPS pockets too. Can be match...
  8. patterz123

    Eagles Match Worn Guernseys

    Hey all, Got these two beauties from West Coast Auction this month and thought i'd share. 2012 Match Worn Dig Deep Guernsey - Matt Priddis #11 Worn Rd 18 vs Bris, support towards the Cancer Council. Guernsey has the CC logo on front and yellow cuffing/collar/side pannels, compared to the...
  9. patterz123

    For Sale Ess MatchWorn Signed Boots - Watson & Mcveigh

    Hey all, That time again where i let a few things go from the memorabilia collection. To welcome some others. $15 Express postage for each. Just one item for the moment 2011 Mark Mcveigh Signed and Match Worn Pair of Adidas Boots $200 -Worn throughout 2011, Purchased from Big Bomber...
  10. patterz123

    Photoshop Help/Editing

    Hi guys Was just after some help from someone with some pretty good photoshop/editing expert skills. I am needing to remove the background from a sporting image making the background transparent, had a go myself except can't get it perfect .. leaving bits in the background, dodgy work...
  11. patterz123

    For Sale Memorabillia Sales. Pies/Wce Worn and Signed items!

    Hey all Raising funds once again, got a few memorabillia items available parting ways from my own collection. Items are for sale only. May consider a trade towards any player memorabillia - guernseys/worn items. First up is a: Matt Rosa Player Issue Training Guersey - $150 As worn...
  12. patterz123

    Completed Patterz123 and C3PO strike a deal!

    Hey Ian Here is the deal thread. Patterz123 (Daniel) to receive: N.Buckley AFL Guernsey C3PO (Ian) to receive: Paypal Payment As agreed upon, Payment to be sent half upfront and the remaining half upon arrival of the guernsey. All Agreed? Cheers mate, Daniel.
  13. patterz123

    After Beyblades

    Hi all A non card related want on the off chance some may have a few laying around from back in the day. I am after the old Beyblades. The plastic spinners which you launch with the launcher and rip cord. I think the new ones today are metal, if any one has any that are the preferably...
  14. patterz123

    For Sale Select Embley Medal Signature, TC Golds - Ablett, Swan etc Must go! UPDATED/REDUCED

    Hi Guys The last of my old card collection must go, so got some nice cards and lots for sale! (Updated 2/10) 2007 Select Supreme Andrew Embley Normsmith Medal Signature 29/100 - $250 Ben Cousins LOT of 80 or so cards/stickers - SOLD Select/HeraldSun/Sunday Times/SGIO/Assorted...
  15. patterz123

    Completed Patterz123 and FRITS deal

    Hi mate Here is the deal thread. Patterz123 to receive: Agreed $$$ FRITS to receive: 5 x Essendon Signed Cards All agreed? Cheers, Daniel.
  16. patterz123

    Completed Patterz123 and Jordan_Cards_Fan deal it up!

    Deal Thread: Patterz123 to receive: $$ Jordan_Cards_Fan to receive: 8 Magnetic Cases and 9 Display Stands All Agreed? Thanks mate, Daniel.
  17. patterz123

    Magnetic Holders/Display Stands - Card Supplies

    Hi Guys Clearing out my old Magnetic Holders and Card Display Stands. $35 Delivered. Currently SOLD Pending Payment Have one lot available for sale consisting of: 8 Used One Touch Magnetic Holders - 3 Larger ones (around 130pt) - Fits most GU/Patches except thick Exquisites - 2...
  18. patterz123

    Magnetic Cases/Stand Displays - Card Supplies

    Hi Guys Clearing out my old Magnetic Holders and Card Display Stands. $35 Delivered. Currently SOLD Pending Payment Have one lot available for sale consisting of: 8 Used One Touch Magnetic Holders - 3 Larger ones (around 130pt) - 2 Medium ones (75pt - 100pt) - 3 Small ones (35pt -...
  19. patterz123

    Ben Cousins Collection! 125 cards!! Rare, now seperated!

    Hi Guys The time has come to move on the rest of the Cousins collection! Huge collection of Cousins, 125 cards/stickers, a few of you may have followed the journey of picking these up over the last few years. I am after $320 on the collection as a whole. Will also look seperate if...
  20. patterz123

    WCE Draft Rookies Signed x 3 - Ebert Masten Brown Select Champs

    Hi Guys Continuing to down grade the card collection, and have the following three draft rookies available for sale: Ebert and Masten (2008) and Brown (2007) available in the one lot. -Each were signed in person. $45 dlvd on the lot. P.S. - Also have many wce signatures and a...
  21. patterz123

    Completed Patterz123 and Goldcoastboy deal it!

    Hi mate Here is the deal thread: Patterz123 to receive: -Agreed paypal $$ Goldcoastboy to receive: -Chris Judd 2002 DPS All agreed? Cheers, Daniel.
  22. patterz123

    Chris Judd Signature - 2002 Exclusive DPS

    SOLD Pending Payment Hi Guys Looking to sell the following: 2002 Select Exclusive Chris Judd Draft Pick Signature Haven't seen once of these sell for a while, so not sure on a set price. Open to offers on the card before it goes to Ebay, offers below $120 will not be...
  23. patterz123

    Guernsey Additions! Cuz, WCE, Fev!

    Hi Guys Within the past 6months I haven't been as frequent on the forum since i stopped the Cousins card collection, but it has been good to jump back on as of late and cruise the site even though i havent purchased a card in sometime!! I do miss the maildays, so thought id share a few...
  24. patterz123

    Match Worn and Player Issue Guernseys! Crawford,Higgins

    Hi Guys Downsizing the collection a little due to funds, if their is any interest in the following feel free to send a pm. 2009 Match Worn Shaun Higgins Clash - $210 Express Post DLVD -Worn throughout 09, includes authenicity from WBFC and is signed on #7 2004 Shane Crawford...
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