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    Mad Market

    I have this Kawhi Auto I’m looking to sell as I focus on just my PC players. Went to get some Comps to see what to sell for, and the difference from June to July is mad. Pop is 27 I think for 9.5/10 auto. 130point only shows sales which have been paid for so I assume the 2200usd is legit...
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    Shiny MVPs

    Put together a few cards over the last couple of months, added a bit of colour to the display cabinet
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    For Sale/For Trade Steph Curry Mosaic MVP Silver

    Curry 19/20 Mosaic Silver MVP variation - $80 delivered standard. Add $4 registered, another $4 for One Touch.
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    For Sale Ja Morant Mosaic Pink RC

    Ja Morant RC Mosaic Pink NBA Debut $55 delivered standard in Oz Posted elsewhere
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    Curry for 3...BANG!

    Forgot I pre ordered 3 Mosaic Cello packs that turned up today, paid $17 per pack. Have been picking up the variants of the Curry MVP cards, didn’t think I’d manage to get this one. Genesis SSP, selling for $450-$650usd at the moment, looks great in hand.
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    For Sale/For Trade Mosaics Doncic Pippen Kawhi Lillard

    Posted elsewhere Jamal Murray 18/19 Select Zebra Premier Level Case Hit - $SOLD Luka Doncic 19/20 Mosaic Give and Go Green Prizm- $20 Scottie Pippen 19/20 Mosaic USA Green Prizm - $5 Jam Masters $2 each Doncic Give and Go $5 Kawhi and Lillard will to Win and Got Game cards - $2 each other cards...
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    In Progress C_Davis and Southnet

    @c_davis gets 2 Fultz RCs and Divincenzo RC Southnet gets agreed PayPal friends payment Agreed?
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    For Sale New Mosaic Cards Old Players

    Veterans from 19/20 Mosaic set. Add Postage $4 standard. Wilt Old School $SOLD Ewing USA $2 Wilt Pink MVP Prizm $SOLD Carter Pink USA Prizm $2 Wilkins HoF $1 Bird Old School $2 Pippen Old School $2 Nash Old School $1 Erving Jam Masters $SOLD Wilkins Jam Masters $2 Bird Pink USA Prizm $SOLD...
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    Completed Double11 and Southnet

    @double11 gets Anthony Davis RC 12/13 Prizm PSA9 Southnet gets Luka Doncic 18/19 RC Prizm PSA9 Trae Young 18/19 RC Prizm PSA9 Both do Registered Post and send same time Agreed?
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    Looking to move these, would love to trade for a PC but also for sale. Have included recent sales for comparisons from Will post elsewhere and may look to Razz in the next few days if no interest. Trades I will look at are: Steph Curry 1/1 (either an auto or patch) Steph Curry...
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    PSA Grading returns

    Just got some cards back from grading so thought I’d share. Kawhi RC Prizm, I think a corner and surface meant just the 9, but still makes it an $800 Card after buying it raw for about $50 a few years ago. Anthony Davis Prizm RC. Can’t see why this only got a 9, centring slightly off but PSA...
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    Curry Razz Win!

    Just won this for $37 in a Razz, yeh boi!
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    Steph Curry MVP or USA

    Interested in Steph Curry Prizm, Select, Mosaic or Optic cards with MVP theme or USA Uni. Only want non base, so silvers/holos, colours, #d.
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    SOLD/TRADED Toni Kukoc Auto

    Busted a 14/15 Gold Standard box I won in a razz. Toni Kukoc Superscribe On Card Auto /199 - $22 delivered standard in Oz
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    SOLD/TRADED Trae Young RC Prizm

    Trae Young Prizm RC - $75 delivered standard in Oz. Posted elsewhere.
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    PC Injection

    Last couple of mail days have been awesome for the PC. First up a nice Optic Holo of Steph, good quality cards referencing the only unanimous MVP Year. Always looking for Tie Dyes of PC players (still need a Trae Young!). Usually avoid memorabilia but this patch looks great. Damian...
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    SOLD/TRADED ......

    TRADED Anthony Davis 12/13 Prestige Auto - $200 delivered registered. No visible flaws but I won’t provide grading opinion as not an expert. Will consider trade for RC Autos of Lillard, Klay Thompson, Trae Young, or any Curry Auto. Can add cash for the right card. Comparable sales from eBay...
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    Select Tie Dyes of Curry, Klay, Lillard, Trae

    As per the title interested in Select Tie Dye /25 cards of my PC players. Not looking for jersey/patch versions, just normal or auto Please.
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    Completed Jase888 and Southnet

    @Jase888 gets Kawhi 12/13 Innovation RC Auto delivered registered Southnet gets agreed paypal friends payment. agreed?
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    SOLD/TRADED ....

    For sale or trade. For trading I look for the following for Steph, Klay Thompson, Lillard, Trae Young: Select Tie Dye /25 (not mem, base or auto) RC Autos prefer #d Curry Autos #d and prefer on card RC #d #d /25 or lower Case Hits prices inc. registered delivery Kawhi RC Innovation Auto $140...
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    Couple of PSAs - Curry and Trae

    First crack at getting cards graded, very happy with the Trae 10, moved its value up by about 3x. Curry just the 9 but it’s the only Optic Dimes Green /5 in their system so that’s good to know.
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    Completed Marty Party and Southnet

    @Marty Party gets All cards listed one conversation thread of Murray, Jokic and Porter Jr Southnet gets agreed amount Paypal Friends payment or if Goods the Buyer to cover fees. Agreed?
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    Steph Curry On Card Auto, Trade Bait Cards listed

    Keen to get a Steph On Card Auto for the PC, have a few Autos but none on card. Needs to be #d, ideally /99 or lower. Looking at a Trade plus Cash or Multiple Cards for the Steph. Trade Cards are below with some ballpark Trade Values. Donovan Mitchell Prestige RC Cracked Ice Auto - TV $90...
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    SOLD/TRADED .....

    Zion Williamson RC Prizm Hyper variation $380 Delivered Registered in Oz (no overseas buyers) Will trade for 1 card of Curry, Klay, Lillard, D Mitchell, Trae Young Selling elsewhere.
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    Completed Andrew111 and Southnet

    @Andrew111 gets J Murray Die Cut RC Auto Southnet gets agreed PayPal friends amount Agreed?
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