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    2007,2008,2009 nrl champions want/trade list

    WANT LIST NRL SELECT CHAMPIONS 2009 Jersey Die Cut Holofoil 34,47,61,66,67,85,86,90,109,123,124,132,143,161, 180,185,190 Foil Signatures 2,3,7,10,16,23,28,29,30,36,43,44 Sketch 1,10,16,19,21,25,28,31 GEMS 7,8,12 Double Trouble Eels, Raiders NRL SELECT CHAMPIONS 2008...
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    UPDATED WANT/TRADE LISTS NRL 2009 select cards and TAZOS

    Here is my updated want/trade lists thanks
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    Completed Broncz and Queen bee

    I GET 2009 jerseys ,104,118,123,185,190 and 2008 HF8, HF137 2009 sig 3 YOU GET JDC - 16,63,73,92,98,101,116 SIg - 13
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    Updated Trade LIst contact me on MSN ID =
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    Broncz147 & Broash

    Broncz147 gets 2008 NRL Select Base Cards: 72, 110, 115. Broash gets 2008 NRL Select Base Cards: 20x2 and 109.
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    NRL SELECT 2008 and TAZO want list

    Hi ALL My updated list is at this link Looking forward to trade with you cheers
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    I'm a new user, G'Day All!

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the site and looking forward to meeting new traders. I currently am interested in swapping 2008 NRL Tazos and Select Trading cards, i have plenty of doubles. I also collect cricket cards from all seasons Seeyou on the forums
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