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  1. Gary Dixon

    Utah Jazz Noir and Mosaic - Stockton, Mitchell and Boozer

    Please add $3.50 postage Stockton Noir /25 $30 Boozer Noir /49 $20 Mitchell Lot $27
  2. Gary Dixon

    In Progress Sekou Doumbouya’s

    Hi mate, if you pay using goods and services I’ll need to send it registered post as if you make a claim I’ll need proof that I’ve sent it. Registered post is an extra $4. If you want to cancel the deal that’s not a problem. Thanks
  3. Gary Dixon

    For Sale Sekou Doumbouya’s

    Please add $3 for standard or $7 registered post. Sekou’s $35
  4. Gary Dixon

    Nassir Little Noir Spotlight Signatures

    $40 plus $3 untracked or $7 registered post.
  5. Gary Dixon

    hacka's taking requests for $0.50-$25 non auto or mem cards

    I’ll hop in line behind those already requesting Donovan Mitchell please.
  6. Gary Dixon

    For Sale New Noir

    I’ll grab the Sekou if available please
  7. Gary Dixon

    John Stockton and Karl Malone

    Looking for nice inserts, patches and autos of the two above. Thanks
  8. Gary Dixon

    State of the Hobby

    I personally haven’t purchased a box of cards for the last 6 months or went in a break for a long time. I’ve just been priced out of the market unless I want to pick up the raptors in a break. I first got back into collecting in 2015-16 and loved going to Just cards and picking up boxes of...
  9. Gary Dixon

    For Sale LUKA DONCIC POP Vinyl in Hard Protector Case $30

    New never opened. $30 plus $8.95 postage.
  10. Gary Dixon

    14 Cards for $25 - Harden, Hakeem, Yao, Simmons...

    Please add $4 for Postage. All cards below $25 plus postage. Cheers
  11. Gary Dixon

    SOLD/TRADED Houston Rockets! Harden, Westbrook, Hakeem and others

    All Cards Pictured (except RC Prizm Harrell) $125 plus $10 postage. Card numbering/details added shortly. Harrell Not Available
  12. Gary Dixon

    SOLD/TRADED Charles Barkley Finals Ticket /25

    $175 delivered with registered post.
  13. Gary Dixon

    In Progress Gary Dixon and Beeza

    Gary receives PayPal, beeza receives Ben Simmons TC rookie /99. Agreed?
  14. Gary Dixon

    SOLD/TRADED LeBron James Fractal and Ben Simmons TC Rookie

    Purchased some cards that I really don’t need. Please add $3.50 postage. LeBron Liftoff! Fractal $25 Ben Simmons TC Rookie /99 $55
  15. Gary Dixon

    Hoops 2011-12 SuperSonics Recollection Collection Signature

    Purchased a couple of boxes of Hoops 2011-12 for $50 each. Nothing great from the first box but a nice throwback Dale Ellis 1989 Hoops card with on card signature. It’s stamped with Recollection Collection in the front top left.
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