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  1. Slimzy69

    2016-17 optic rookie holos/autos

    I’ll pass on those mate
  2. Slimzy69

    2016-17 optic rookie holos/autos

    Hi guys/girls! Just wondering if any of you might have a few 16-17 optic holos/autos of rookies lying around you want to sell? Would prefer lots or bgs Slim
  3. Slimzy69

    Montrezl Hurrell

    Prizm gold off the list!!! :):):):)
  4. Slimzy69

    For Sale iPhone 6s, 16gig, space grey, unlocked, great condition

    Hi guys $330 delivered express obo Thought I’d over this up here, had a non paying bidder on feebay, getting sick of it I tell ya!! Had a highest legit bid of $362 it looks like, photos included. Have a iPhone 6s in full working order, no dents or scratches it’s as new. Phone is unlocked...
  5. Slimzy69

    Chasing suns players

    Pm sent
  6. Slimzy69

    Chasing suns players

    Got all those dudes from a optic group break I was in, can get a photo if ya still keen?
  7. Slimzy69

    Montrezl Hurrell

    Select concourse tie-dye /25 Off the list :D
  8. Slimzy69

    Montrezl Hurrell

    Still looking :)
  9. Slimzy69

    Sale Threads

    Don't bust so much product!! :p You spend a lot of time making it easy for us to find stuff as in individual players, might be harder for set chasers, nothing wrong with how you do it. :)
  10. Slimzy69

    Montrezl Hurrell

    Select premier level gold off the list!! :)
  11. Slimzy69

    2017 Panini Basketball - worst of all time?

    Still have bought a box of anything this year!! :) Will prob buy an optic at some stage, nothing really turns me on anymore box wise from panini :thumbsup:
  12. Slimzy69

    Montrezl Hurrell

    Preferred silo off the list, still looking for these :)
  13. Slimzy69

    Big Simmons RC mailday , few Marquese Chriss and DRose !!

    Nice mate Is that the only eminence card he has!? Looks sweet :)
  14. Slimzy69

    Montrezl Hurrell

  15. Slimzy69

    COMC Mailbox Thread

    just shoot them a email, it should be done, not sure on the time frames now but usually a few days Use this email, will most prob take a few days for a response.
  16. Slimzy69

    Montrezl Hurrell

    Could do mate, the ones that were in points rewards store? Shoot over a pm with photos and price. I'm currently moving house so I'll get back to ya tonight. Slim
  17. Slimzy69

    Montrezl Hurrell

    Revolution futura /25 off the list! :)
  18. Slimzy69

    Another havent posted a mailday for awhile

    That Ewing :hearts: NASSSSSSSSSTY!!!
  19. Slimzy69

    Few randoms!

    Selling the following! Jordan mickey rpa /10 $60 delivered $2 each plus postage Amare flight team oynx /32 $50 delivered Randle camo /25 $8 delivered Anderson mojo /25 $30 delivered Carmelo orange wave /25 $7 delivered mcw white hot prizm /25 $20 delivered Randle auto /25 $15...
  20. Slimzy69

    Panini Redemption Replacement bang

    Dude... get onto them while it's hot! You will clean up!
  21. Slimzy69

    Group Breaks for all - yay or nay?

    Yes, regulated. You say no to all group breaks but they advertise in the box break section?? Will I use them, no. It's been to long not having them so people will go and find there fix, I have great relationships built up over the years with US breakers so I use them, plus they are cheaper...
  22. Slimzy69

    Montrezl Hurrell

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