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  1. Parra_Fanailia

    Completed Coopner/Parra_Fanailia

    Coopner Gets: Trade for Base Cards:14, 51, 86, 103, 108, 123, 133x2, 147, 183, One Community Cards: 12 Super Stars: S6 Parra_Fanailia gets: Base Cards: 19, Glow in the Dark Team Logos: TL4, One Community Cards: 1 Gold Try Cards: 3, 7 Agreed this end :D
  2. Parra_Fanailia

    Old Member New Name :)

    Hey There Everyone :), I thought I might take a minute to introduce myself seeing as I haven't been around in a while and have changed my user ID :) ... As you can see I am now Parra_Fanailia :) .... If you take a sec to look at the sig; you will see that I used to be Lady_Tilika :)...
  3. Parra_Fanailia

    ESP Power Play want list

    Hey there everyone :) Here is my 2013 Power Play want list: Base Cards: 19, 101, Checklist: 199 Glow in the Dark Team Logos: TL1, TL3, TL4, TL7, TL8, TL10, TL11, TL13, TL14, TL15, One Community Cards: 1, 5, 6, 13, 15. Super Stars: S4, S7, S12, S13, S14. Gold Try Cards...
  4. Parra_Fanailia

    4 Starter Pack ESP Power Play Break

    The ESP Starter packs for power play seem to be scarce, if not non existing in this part of the world :cry: so I thought I had better get some while I can find them :thumbsup:.... So while working I had to pass a newagency, so I bought the only 2 packs there .... Then later on in the day I also...
  5. Parra_Fanailia

    Completed Daniel82 and Lady Tilika

    Daniel82 gets: 2012 Champions TM: 1, 2, 27 ST 7 SP: 3, 5, 11, 12, 13, 22, 25, 35, 39, 45, 51, 53, 56, 57, 61, 64, 67, 73, 74, 82, 85, 126, 132, 146, 151, 160, 172..... Lady Tilika gets: 2012 Dynasty: All Stars 2, 3, 21, 22, 31 (x2 if you have) and 32 ..... Dynasty SP: 1, 29, 41...
  6. Parra_Fanailia

    Cancelled Dansnrl/ Lady_Tilika

    Lady_Tilika gets Box 4 from case 2 + 1 Folder :) Dansnrl gets $$$$ via paypal :) Agreed this end how about you :)
  7. Parra_Fanailia

    Completed Ooneil & Lady_Tilika

    Ooneil gets SS48 and SS128 Lady_Tilika gets $$$$ via paypal :) Agreed this end :) Cheers :)
  8. Parra_Fanailia

    4 packs of 2012 Champions :)

    I know you guys are thinking; well they are just champions, but I think its a great haul regardless :) Stopped at a local servo and just grabbed 4 packs of champions :) My haul is: SS166 TM8 Ben Barba ST1 Broncos TC2 Terry Lamb TC3 Jason Crocker Well thats my haul and I am over the...
  9. Parra_Fanailia

    Topps WWE Slam Attax Rumble

    Hi There :) Just recently our son started collecting Topps WWE Slam Attax Rumble cards ... We have a few questions about these please, if anyone can help ????? 1. It's hard to find information online about theses... He currently buys them from our local Big W store... From what we have...
  10. Parra_Fanailia

    Completed Jaames and Lady_Tilika

    Lady_Tilika gets ST10 Parramatta RS1 JACK REED RS20 SHAUN JOHNSON TM2 JACK REED TM6 JARROD CROCKER TM9 STEVE TURNER Jaames gets $$$$ via Paypal In agreeance this end :) Agreed ????
  11. Parra_Fanailia

    2010 Champions Box Break 19/7/12

    Picked up a box of 2010 Champions at the card show at Penrith on Sunday :) Will be opening it in about 15mins :)
  12. Parra_Fanailia

    Completed Torry and Lady_Tilika

    Torry gets : TM44 SHAUN KENNY-DOWALL ST6 MANLY ST15 WARRIORS Lady_Tilika gets: TM35 MICHAEL GORDON ST2-RAIDERS ST14-EASTS Agreed then end :thumbsup: Cheers Shell :)
  13. Parra_Fanailia

    Advice Needed on these cards pls ????

    Hey There :) 1stly sorry if I am posting this in the wrong section for that I do appologise :oops: I need advice on wheather you guys think these cards are still tradable pls ???? I bought them from ebay and when I received them today and unwrapped them (they were wrapped tightly with...
  14. Parra_Fanailia

    Completed Coopner and Lady_Tilika

    Coopner gets ST12 Dragons Lady_Tilika gets ST5 Titans agreed this end :) How about you ?????
  15. Parra_Fanailia

    Completed Gregga61 and Lady_Tilika

    Gregga61 gets SS8 Lady_Tilika gets SS9 Agreed this end :)
  16. Parra_Fanailia

    NRL 2009 Classic Folder Wanted

    Hey there everyone :) We are chasing a empty NRL 2009 classic folder pls ???? Needs to be empty as we have cards to add to it :) Have looked in ebay to no avail .... can anyone tell us where to find them ???? Cheers Shell :)
  17. Parra_Fanailia

    Completed gregga61/lady_tilika

    Gregga61 gets tm8 ben barba +rs16 mitchell allgood lady_tilika gets tm28 kalifa faifai loa +rs9 will hopoate agreed this end
  18. Parra_Fanailia

    2012 Select Champions Inserts Needed pls :)... Updated 24/7/2012

    Hello all :) This is a list of the Try Machines, Rookie Standouts, Showtimes and Triple Centurions that I need for the 2012 Select Champions :) It is a long list due to the fact that we are working on boyfriends 1st then mine :) Our collections are our pride and joy and will be given to give...
  19. Parra_Fanailia

    2012 Parallel DIY Silver Laser Stickers and Gold Cards Select Champions Needed Updated 3/8/12

    Here is a list of the Parallel DIY Silver Laser Stickers and Gold Cards that I need for my 2012 Select Champions Collection :) Sorry is a big list and I now have a few peeled and unpeeled that I can trade the rest I will need to buy them bit by bit as the budget allows The reason why its so big...
  20. Parra_Fanailia

    2012 Select Champions Common Cards Needed

    Here is a list of the common cards I need for 2012 Select Champions 25, 34, 35, 47, 59, 125, 137, 157, 169, 189 and 195 Have lots of commons I can trade just let me know what you need and I will look :) Cheers Shell :)
  21. Parra_Fanailia

    Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy Scored Our 1st Triple Centurion Today :)

    I decided that just for the fun of I might go to the newsagents and try my luck... I still love the thrill of opening the packs to see whats in there :) .... I opened the 1st 2 packs and couldnt believe my eyes when I saw Terry Lamb Triple Centurion starring me in the face :wave: .... My poor...
  22. Parra_Fanailia

    Who sends 1st when feedback is under 10 pls ????

    I think I read in the help section that if feedback is under 10 the cards haave to be sent before we pay is that correct pls ???? If thats the case I presume we pay as soon as we receive the item, is that also correct pls ???? Thanks for your time out to help :) Cheers Shell :)
  23. Parra_Fanailia

    Newbie on OCT :) Loves Parra from NRL

    Hi there everyone :) I will sorta keep this brief (if I can as I tend to be a chatterbox, or so my boyfriend tells me) .... Nice to meet you all :) I am a 42 yr old mum of 3 with a boyfriend from Taree NSW.... I follow Parra from the NRL and also love the V8 supercars .... I am collecting...
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