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  1. Billyhoyle

    Best players under 25

  2. Billyhoyle

    Current prices in the hobby

    View: The prices are crazy... Sustainable? The new normal? About to burst? Still room to grow?
  3. Billyhoyle

    First half of 2020 hits

    Half of 2020 just passed. It's been a shambles. Let's brighten it up. Just Show us a beautiful card that you received in 2020.
  4. Billyhoyle

    Mailday just in time!

    Thanks as always to @ShipMyCards North Carolina pops to give me all 10 mjs. An old school sealed. MJ McDonald's set Couple of Barkleys Some more mj Couple of silvers
  5. Billyhoyle

    Trading Cards hot again

    Thanks @Zhope10AGE
  6. Billyhoyle

    Conor Mckenna tests postive for COVID
  7. Billyhoyle

    Dikembe Mutombo ON SEN
  8. Billyhoyle

    Kobe/Shaq called out fake autos

    Kobes reaction is gold! View:
  9. Billyhoyle

    State of the Hobby

    State of the Hobby (No not State of Emergency) I just received the following msg from a very long term collector (yeah he's old! and no it wasn't @kiwi_in_melb) ===================== I think I need a break from this hobby. Lay low for a while and come back after covid dies down. I don’t like...
  10. Billyhoyle

    Anyone loan me some money?
  11. Billyhoyle

    Hilltop Hoods Signed Album

    Just listed on ebay
  12. Billyhoyle

    Let's celebrate the 2020 HOF inductees

    Let’s honour the new HOF’ers. Show some goodies. KOBE BRYANT [Player] -- Recognized posthumously, Bryant was an 18-time NBA All-Star (1998, 2000-16) and 11-time All-NBA First Team selection (2002, 2003, 2004, 2006-13). As an All-Star, he earned the Game’s MVP trophy four times (2002, 2007...
  13. Billyhoyle

    Name your favourite all-time player from every club

    Name your favourite all time player at each AFL club Here you go 😀 Adelaide Crows- Brisbane Lions - Carlton Blues - Collingwood Magpies - Essendon Bombers - Fremantle Dockers - Geelong Cats - Gold Coast Suns - GWS Giants - Hawthorn Hawks - Melbourne Demons - North Melbourne Kangaroos...
  14. Billyhoyle

    Who's had contact with a player on social media?

    and not just because you tried to slide into their DMs
  15. Billyhoyle

    Best Player from every team!

    Name your favourite player from each team. It can be in any era of your life time. Just copy and paste the list below 76ers: Blazers: Bulls: Bucks: Cavs: Celtics: Clippers: Grizzlies: Heat: Hawks: Hornets: Jazz: Knicks: Kings: Lakers: Mavs: Magic: Nuggets: Nets: Pelicans...
  16. Billyhoyle

    Amazing AFL auction (furniture and household)
  17. Billyhoyle

    Nice big mailday

    Big mailday from us mailbox and some break hits
  18. Billyhoyle

    Rookie of the Year - Ja or Zion???

    Who do you think will win?
  19. Billyhoyle

    Galactic starburst Tom Rockliff

    Starburst galactic $25 delivered regular. $28 registered 67/210
  20. Billyhoyle

    Share your exquisite cards!

    @kiwi_in_melb made me feel very old recently sharing a thread from blow out sharing exquisite cards from 2003-2010.....yep 10-17 years ago. So what exquisite cards reside downunder?
  21. Billyhoyle

    SOLD/TRADED Jokic auto and porter jnr rpa

    Jokic $60 Portwe jnr $180
  22. Billyhoyle

    Ja Mailday

  23. Billyhoyle

    Kobe appreciation thread

    Share your Kobe cards here. Not for sale just for sharing and appreciating the greatness!
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