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    Tennis Wanted/Trade Baseball/Rugby Union/Motor sport/tennis/Surfing/Wrestling

    LOOKING FOR THE FOLLOWING CARDS TO COMPLETE SOME BASE SETS/ HAVE PLENTY TO TRADE BASEBALL K Mart Superstars Topps 1990/ Card 18 and any after Futura 1993 ABL Normal/1-5-7-11-12-13-14-16-24-34-36-39-60-70-71-74-76-78-79-91-92-99-101-102-104-107 FUTURA 1993 ABL EXPORT/ 57-80-94 Thick...
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    soccer/ Common cards to trade

    Looking for some common soccer cards to complete some sets/I have spares to trade Needs/ 2007 A-League soccer/ 5-95-101-118 Merlin 1996 F/A Premier League/ 28-53/Pop Up 1 1990/91 Pro set soccer/ 16-66-99/ Plus about 110 cards for 2nd set Cards for Futera Fans Selection Manchester United...
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    Hi all I collect cards of many groups including Fantasy art/ Star Trek/ NRL /cricket/weetbix to make up the sets so have plenty of cards to trade
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