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  1. locky82

    Prizm 18-19 dominance, hall monitors, freshman phenoms and emergent plus Matisse Thybulle rc’s...

    Dominance #1 miller #13 Kidd #15 Stockton #18 curry Hall monitors #9 Kareem freshman phenoms #6 josh okogie #12 mpj emergents #16 Zhaire Smith #24 Anfernee Simons also any Matisse Thybulls rookie cards really want an auto for pc plus any Larry Bird and Magic Johnson
  2. locky82

    Completed Locky82 and Ryawil0

    Locky82 gets PayPal ryawil0 gets JJJ prizm rc
  3. locky82

    Completed Locky82 and c_davis

    Locky82 gets PayPal c_davis gets Christian wood rated rookie plus bonus free rc
  4. locky82

    For Sale Gainnis, Shai revolution rc, JJJ prizm rc, Kobe, Wiggins rc, bogus,

    . Both Bogut $5 JJJ $15 Shai $10 Wiggins 8 Kobe 8 First to claim Howard’s free just pay 3.50 postage
  5. locky82

    Friday fun

    Me and the Wifey cleaned out target 24 packs to open... hurry up mosaic lol
  6. locky82

    Completed Locky82 and huydao94

    Locky82 gets PayPal Huydao94 gets luka the rookies and Jaylen select rc silver prizm
  7. locky82

    In Progress Locky82 and hector

    Locky82 gets jordan lot and some beam teams hector gets huge respect and king status
  8. locky82

    Completed Locky82 and Hosko87

    Hosko87 get LaVine prestige rc and LaVine lot locky82 gets PayPal
  9. locky82

    Completed Locky82 and Breezy

    Breezy gets curry lot and Trae rc locky gets PayPal
  10. locky82

    Completed Locky82 and okramrajnoc

    Locky82 gets PayPal okramrajnoc get Kobe upperdeck gold rc
  11. locky82

    Completed Locky82 and Andypokc

    Locky82 gets PayPal Andypokc gets Harrell select auto /199
  12. locky82

    Completed Locky82 and traffster74

    Locky82 gets PayPal traffster74 gets garnett blue spectra
  13. locky82

    SOLD/TRADED Luka prizm rc mint

    $250 dlvd i pulled this card and have never touched surface would grade very well
  14. locky82

    Birthday cards from wife lots of 90s

    got these for my b day today Lots of sets and shaqs
  15. locky82

    SOLD/TRADED Kobe, trare, curry, lebron, Garnett, plus lots of inserts

    kobe lot $5 kobe Rc gold $20 Trae $10 Kat $$1 each Curry lot $8 Inserts $1 each Harrell cry /199 $8 Lebron press proof $10 Garnett blue /65 $10
  16. locky82

    Completed Locky82 and c_davis

    Loc gets PayPal c_davis gets Trae young donruss rc
  17. locky82

    In Progress Locky82 and All on Black

    All on Black gets LeBron lot locky82 gets PayPal
  18. locky82

    Completed Locky82 and All on Black

    Locky82 gets PayPal All on Black gets Lebron lot
  19. locky82

    Completed Locky82 and beeza

    Locky82 gets PayPal $ beeza get Kobe Topps finest rc with coating
  20. locky82

    SOLD/TRADED Kobe rc topps finest with coating

    $100 Would grade a 10 card is mint
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