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    Panini 09/10 Basketball anyone Trading?

    Looking for anyone whos got any panini 09-10 rookie cards for trade, also the inserts such as block party, headliners, etc. . . surely im not the only one collecting these??
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    getting boxes from the states?

    Hey guys, Just looking at getting some boxes from dacardworld in the states, what are your opinions on them? And, how long does it usually take for them to ship to OZ? Brad
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    Panini 09/10 basketball needed

    Hey Guys, looking for the standard (not artist proof or glossy) of the following Panini cards from the 09/10 basketball standard set: 303,304,305,306,307,311,312,316,318,320,321,322,325,326,330,331, 332,334,336,339,341,346,348,349,352,355,356,359,361,363,365,366,369,370,373...
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    1994-95 Collectors Choice series 1 and 2 silver signatures needed!

    Hi guys, If anyone has any of the Silver signature cards lying around for sale/trade from the 1994/95 series I and II of collectors choice I am very keen!! PM Me for details, I'm pretty much 80 percent of the way through a full set and am very keen to finish!! Brad
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    Looking for 2009-10 Panini Basketball to trade

    Hey guys, Putting together a set of the 09-10 panini basketball retail set, if there is anyone after trades for cards please PM me I've got tonnes of doubles of cards, stickers, rookies etc.. Brad
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    One Down, Two to go

    Ok, so I'm just getting back into this after quite a while and decided to finish off three of my old sets, starting with the 1994-95 upper deck collectors choice. Mailday two days ago yielded the EXACT card I needed as a gift from Ray at Brisbane Cards (mad props you are a bloody legend) and...
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    Getting back into it... help!?!?

    Hi guys, I'm about to start collecting again after nearly 15 years, just trying to figure out where to start? I'm in Ringwood and cannot find card shops nearby, and I'm not sure what cards are good to collect now... Can someone help?! what card brands are worth collecting? Cheers for any...
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    Hi All!

    Hey Everyone!< My name's Brad I've only just re-kindled my collector bug after finding my cards in storage, I'm an NBA collector and have a few NBL and special interest cards! Hope to get back into the swing of it! Brad
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    Wanted: Collectors Choice 94-95 ONE CARD!!

    Hi guys, Just dug my basketball cards out of storage and am looking for one card to finish off my set. It's a Tom Gugliotta Blueprint card #398 from the 1994-95 series of Collectors choice upper deck cards. Must be in good condition :) Thanks a bunch for anyone who can help, if trades are...
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