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  1. juxedo

    In Progress Juxedo & c_davis

    c_davis gets following cards sent with tracking. DiVincenzo Holo Powell Silver Fultz Holo Fultz Orange Isaac Purple Fast Break Isaac Fast Break Giles Fast Break OG Fast Break Fultz optic rc holo auto juxedo gets paypal
  2. juxedo

    In Progress juxedo and Kneeya1978

    Kneeya1978 gets bunch of slick silvers and hakeem ntense. Juxedo gets paypal.
  3. juxedo

    Completed Juxedo and cscully2310

    cscully2310 gets 20x near new 35pt mag one touches express posted Juxedo gets paypal
  4. juxedo

    In Progress juxedo and Breezy

    Breezy gets: Bamba /25 BGS 9 Melton /5 BGS 9.5 Juxedo gets paypal
  5. juxedo

    In Progress juxedo and jt21

    jt21 gets: 2x Bosh topps rc 2x Carmelo topps rc juxedo gets paypal
  6. juxedo

    Completed Juxedo & robinsonfan50

    robinsonfan50 gets prizm silver of the other luka. Juxedo gets paypal
  7. juxedo

    For Sale Juxedos rolling rc sale thread.....prizm and optic heavy

    Listing hundreds of silver and coloured prizm and optic rookies. All from the past 3-4 years. Make sure to tag this thread. Uploading players randomly so if interested in players outside of the top rookies lmk and i'll see what I have. All marks are fluff and lint on the case. Postage add $5...
  8. juxedo

    Completed juxedo & cscully2310

    cscully2310 gets Lebron optic blue velocity. juxedo gets paypal.
  9. juxedo

    Completed Juxedo and Phillipstl1981

    Phillipstl1981 gets a bunch of 90s cards. Juxedo gets Zion hoops base.
  10. juxedo

    In Progress Juxedo and ross harrison

    ross harrison gets a bunch of 90's cards: center stage shaq talk block party double double crunchers Slamland miller beam team marbury soul of the game juxedo gets $$$
  11. juxedo

    Selling hundreds of 35pt one touches and Ultra Pro premium 9 page sleeves

    Selling a brand new pack of 100x ultra pro premium 9 page sleeves. Cheapest on ebay is for $47 dlvd so i'll price this at $40 dlvd. Selling 35pt one touches brand new for $7 each. Add $5 shipping per lot of 4 or less. Cheapest on ebay is $25 then one other for sale at $100 :eek::eek::eek: what...
  12. juxedo

    In Progress juxedo & mattyman76

    mattyman76 gets following Ayton cards: Encased rc auto #14/75 bgs 9.5 Spectra RPA #14/49 juxedo gets paypal
  13. juxedo

    old scool 90s rolling thread

    Any interest in these old scool 90s goodies? Please add $4 postage. Open to best offers. NOTE: these are early 90s era so some will have condition issues (nothing too major). Will try to disclose any condition issues. Below Finests $1 ea or $6 the lot. Slick Silver set minus mj $60 . Recent...
  14. juxedo

    Completed Juxedo and TitanicHornet

    Juxedo gets paypal TitanicHornet gets 5x awesome JJJ rookie cards
  15. juxedo

    Completed Tanana & Juxedo

    Tanana gets paypal Juxedo DEX binder
  16. juxedo

    Postage times blowing out

    Anybody selling or trading to the USA? I jist did a sale and went to post the card via economy. The lady at Australia post said do not expect it to arrive within 2 months, and more like 3 months at the moment. Normally it would only take a week. Such a long lead time has put me off...
  17. juxedo

    Juxedo's rolling sales thread - rookies, stars, superstars and scrubs

    Will regularly update this thread with random cards for sale or trade. Anything over $20 is dlvd, otherwise add $4. Tradewise am looking for mj, lebron, giannis, luka or zion. $60 Trae rc obsidian $140 Graham rc encased #7/25 bgs 9.5 $17 Curry prizm jsy $35 Love auto crown royale #2/20...
  18. juxedo

    NBA card collectors facebook group

    How long does it usually take to get approval to join t his facebook group? I requested membership couple days ago.
  19. juxedo

    Low to ultra high-end for trade - mostly MJ

    Collection is getting too big so wanting to consolidate. Looking to trade up (preferred) or sell. Lowball offers will be ignored. Only interested in high end MJ and Lebrons. Top on the list is a graded mj rc. Check my flickr
  20. juxedo

    Bought from a potential ebay scammer. What can I do?

    This is very embarassing. I'm usually very carefull and dilligent when buying on ebay. However, this time I got sucked in and did not go through all my usual checks. Only after payment did I go back and check. To my horror I think I made a huge mistake. Seller is from China. Zero feedback. Zero...
  21. juxedo

    Any USA based service that facilitates tradeing, receiveing and selling cards?

    I have never really sold or traded before as postage costs have always been way too expensive. And in the past this hasn't really bothered me as I only bought for my pc. However, ive started to accumulate a lot of cards that are perfect for selling, grading and as trade bait. To make it...
  22. juxedo

    Past couple maildays

    Been a while since I posted a mailday. These have been sitting in mymallbox for a few months. Finally got around to shipping them out. Here are the main hits. Rest were a tonne of prizms and optics for my rookie sets. Decided to start a Lebron PC. Some prizms to kick it off. Prizm inserts...
  23. juxedo

    Accessories - BCW shoe storage box

    Anybody here stock/import accessories from BCW? I'm looking for their shoe storage box 1,600 card count to store toploaders in. This is the item i'm after
  24. juxedo

    PSA submission times crazy longlong

    Hopped on their website to check prices as Im gonna send a bunch in soon. Got a huge shock when I saw the turnaround times. Am I reading it correctly with some services blowing out to 4-6 months ? 😮😮 Here is their website link
  25. juxedo

    Has anybody heard of cards being rented out?

    Had a crazy thought today. Has anybody ever heard of cards being rented/leased out? Its quite common in other asset classes - paintings, sculptures, cars, music instruments, etc. Could be a way to earn a passive income stream.
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