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    Postage times blowing out

    That sort of turn around is crazy and is certain to cause all sorts of drama on ebay and the like
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    My 1st Dwyane Wade mail day since returning to the hobby - pic heavy.

    I appreciate seeing some Dwade love here. The MVP rookie is a blast from the past for me as I remember using my tuck shop money in hs to buy packs of MVP at a local corner store and managing to pull Dwade, Carmello & Dwade and being super happy at the time.
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    Another big mailday (Pic heavy)

    You werent joking regarding the pic heavy post. I love the old school heavy autos to start and as always the Dwight additions are epic.
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    A few Lakers to arrive this week

    Impeccable has some really nice designs. You managed to capture the beauty of these cards with your photography as well.
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    Friday fun

    Wax is always fun to bust. It's been awhile for me and im starting to itch seeing this
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    My pc running pic thread.

    Its weird to think these have been out so this many years now. The excitement around retro's release and the prices these things were pulling were fun times and feels like just yesterday. Thanks for sharing.
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    Glad to see these finally showed up
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    It’s been over 2 years since I posted in here...

    Its crazy how quick 2 years goes. Welcome back! These are really cool, nice work
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    Obscure 90s inserts - ex-2001 Essential Credentials and Showcase

    No idea on values on these players but these are some sweet cards
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    For Sale Lebron James 2018-19 Prizm Silver & Green Prizm's

    Lebron optic holo sold, new Lebron's listed.
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    In Progress KB. / huydao94

    I get paypal $$$ huydao94 gets Lebron Optic 2018-19 Holo & Lebron Optic 2018-19 Blue Velocity Thanks,
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    1st Off the Line - Noir Edition $3k per box

    Remember when Flawless came out at $1200 per box and our minds were blown at something that high? Times have changed and with prices like this I cant ever see myself busting another hobby box ever again
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    For Sale Lebron James 2018-19 Prizm Silver & Green Prizm's

    Hi guys, Selling both Lebron prizm's below. Prices include shipping. Would prefer bank deposit but can do paypal if needed. Lebron 2018 prizm silver $120 dlvd Lebron 2018 prizm green $50 dlvd Post here or send PM. First in best dressed. Thanks,
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    Just found 2 boxes of 1993-94 stadium MOJO!

    Awesome stuff. The old beam teams sets are so good.
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    RJ Rainbows

    I love how unique the different revolution parallels look. Best of luck finishing of your rainbows if thats what you are aiming for.
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    US Mailday

    Its always a nice feeling getting a shipment like this. I have around 90 cards sitting in comc that I cant wait to get my hands on
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    Prizm Jayson Tatum RC

    That is a nice card to find for sure
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    Birthday cards from wife lots of 90s

    Awesome stuff, brings me back to my childhood seeing cards like that
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    Robinson 2018-19 Prizm Pt.III

    That is an impressive feat. Congrats.
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    Stephen Curry silvers

    Solid looking cards of a future HOF. With prizm all the rage you cant really lose on these
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    First mail day in a long time.

    Im glad to see you have an eclectic taste with a mix of older and new pick ups
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    the little wins

    Great looking card. I agree with you, in an era where there is such a focus on BV with cards its nice to pick up cards that make you happy on a basic level regardless of the price
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    A couple more today

    Power in the key has one of the most 90s colour schemes about it and I love it
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    Giannis base

    Revolution cards also look good, especially when they are a bit freaky
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