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    prestige greens

    Cripps Grundy Phillips Stephenson Ablett Dangerfield Have heaps of trade options
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    Completed dufchips and baggies

    dufchips gets Clayton Oliver 2019 Supremacy franchise future signature 66/70 baggies gets paypal ff registered post agreed?
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    World cup prizm prices

    Going off at the moment on ebay $50 for Messi or Ronaldo base card 2014 $100 plus for base matchups Ronaldo/Messi $100 plus for Mbappe 2018 base card
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    New Store Tier for Sporting Goods Category From Wednesday 17th June 2020, the Sporting Goods category will move into a new fee tier. Instead of 8% + GST for a basic store, the new fees will be 9.5% plus GST, a 1.7% increase. I'm sure they'll be skimming even more money with their new...
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    Completed baggies and Buzz3

    Buzz3 gets Select Certified 2017 SCS19 Grant Birchall Hawthorn certified signature #011 Baggies gets PayPal $$ agreed?
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    In Progress baggies and JackAttack93

    baggies gets BPG Sidebottom and Ebert 2019 gold brownlow predictors, cards in mint condition JackAttack93 gets PayPal $$ cards to be sent registered post agreed?
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    In Progress dufchips and baggies

    dufchips gets Supremacy Franchise signatures FFS21 CLAYTON OLIVER 66 FFS22 CHRISTIAN PETRACCA 31 Folklore signature FFS10 DAVID SCHWARZ 46 baggies gets Supremacy Prem Glory signature PGS Ken Hunter Cards in mint condition sent registered post, Agreed?
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    Supremacy booklets

    Got a few in the post this week to complete the set ...
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    brownlow predictors HoF sigs captain sigs

    2019 brownlow predictor gold BPG30 S. SIDEBOTTOM 1996 Hall of Fame signature/redemptions Ron Barassi Jack Dyer Graham Farmer Leigh Matthews John Nicholls Bob Pratt Bob Skilton captain signature/redemptions wantlist 2001 Authentic Ricciuto 2001 Authentic Hird 2001 Authentic Graham 2001...
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    Completed baggies and Bax

    Bax gets Supremacy 2019 FFS6 MATTHEW PAVLICH 03/70 SP6 NAT FYFE 09/70 baggies gets PayPal $$ agreed?
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    Completed baggies and Shaunao1983

    Shaunao1983 gets Supremacy 2019 McGrath franchise signatures #12 #22 baggies gets PayPal $$ Registered post agreed?
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    For Sale Prestige 2020

    PayPal FF or buyer pays fees. Postage extra at cost $3/$6 unless specified Footy Stars Prestige 2020 01 and jersey # Ablett vote getters 04/80 $250 Dangerfield vote getters 35/80 $250 Boak vote getters 01/80 $100 Tom McDonald green 25/60 $100 Michael Hurley red 018/170 $50 Liam Shiels...
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    Completed baggies and Dgents

    baggies gets Taylor Walker captain signature #08 Dgents gets captain signature Jack Ziebell #09 plus PayPal cards mint, sent registered post agreed?
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    case cards

    I managed to catch up with missing case cards and complete the set to date this week.
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    Captain sigs, HoF sigs

    Dominance 2019 Captain signature redemption below #10 CSR1 Walker hall of fame wantlist Series 5 2018 Hall of Fame limited edition /750 below #100 HFLE241 Robertson 1996 signature/redemptions Ron Barassi Jack Dyer Graham Farmer Leigh Matthews John Nicholls Bob Pratt Bob Skilton...
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    Completed gasnier82 and baggies

    baggies gets dominance 2019 Swans redemption #005 gasnier82 gets PayPal $$ card sent registered post mint condition, agreed?
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    Completed baggies and negrofc

    negrofc gets 2019 Dominance Draft Pick signatures Jordan Clark 08 Tarryn Thomas 02 baggies gets PayPal $$ registered post Agreed?
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    Completed TexWalkerFromNationalTiles & baggies

    baggies gets 2012 Alex Jesaulenko Hall of Fame Eternity 2012 Eternity Hall of Fame Limited Edition Paul Kelly #71 2012 Eternity Hall of Fame Limited Edition Gavin Wanganeen #438 2012 Eternity Hall of Fame Limited Edition Den Tuddenham #102 2012 Eternity Hall of Fame Limited Edition Dean Kemp...
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    contacting USPS

    This may be of interest to anyone thinking of shipping untracked to the US through ebay. An ebay buyer in the US (soccerstarplus) claimed not to have received mail after two and half weeks and opened a case against me on ebay so I followed it up with Auspost. Ebay allowed the case to be opened...
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    Completed baggies and ROOBOY18

    2019 AFL Footy Stars gold predictors ROOBOY18 gets Fiorini 115 Ziebell 120 Webster 217 baggies gets SUNS 86 NORTH 224 STEELE 100 Cards mint, registered post. Agreed?
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    SOLD/TRADED sold

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    Just had a bad experience bidding with this US seller on ebay. The card was Pele 2014 auto 429 or best offer. I bid 330 for the card, he countered 369. Increased bid to 350 he countered 390. Then I met his initial price of 369 and he countered 395 after 2 days saying this was his lowest then...
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    Completed baggies and GoDees

    GoDees gets Legacy 2018 cards Rookie singles 7 Hunter Clarke St Kilda 155 $5 23 Walker North Melbourne 143 $5 24 Tim Kelly Geelong 139 $10 38 Petruccelle Eagles 130 $5 61 Barry Port 100 $5 Hall of Fame limited edition $3 each 226 Lloyd, 247 Goodwin baggies gets PayPal $$ agreed?
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    Futera Unique

    images for autos/patches here - Futera Unique 2018 1/1 Fabio Cannavaro auto jersey Italy $995 Joe Hart jersey Man City $495 1/1 Labels Leroy Sane Man City $495 1/2 laces Fernandinho $295 Mythicals Maicon...
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    Futera Unique World Football 2018

    Here are a few of the main hits from a couple of cases
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