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  1. Freo1995

    Collingwood Box/Case Hits

    Hi all, After Collingwood case hits from the last few years: - 2016 Certified - Adam Treloar Footy’s Finest - 2017 Certified - Taylor Adams Influential - 2018 Legacy - Scott Pendlebury FHOF - 2018 Legacy - Dave Swan FHOF - 2019 Dominance - Gen Next Triple Sig - 2019 Dominance - Jeremy Howe High...
  2. Freo1995

    Graded cards UV protected?

    Does anyone know if the grading slabs provide the same UV protection that one touches do?
  3. Freo1995

    Fremantle FC Collection

    Thought I’d compile a thread for all of my signatures and case hits. I’m very close to completing the set, however I am always keen to upgrade to jumper numbers if anybody has one they are willing to part with from the following cards. Happy looking 🙂👍🏻
  4. Freo1995

    Supremacy Sale Thread

    Listed elsewhere. Add $3 standard for any purchases under $50. Add $7 registered post for any purchases over $50. All cards are in mint condition, come with sleeve and top loader. Prices are firm. Commons: $30 each Luke Shuey #20 Mason Wood #29 Bryce Gibbs #22 Bryce Gibbs #65 Ollie Wines #36...
  5. Freo1995

    Freo1995 WANTLIST

    Gday all, Chasing the below cards to finish my Freo master set. If you can help with any of the following please PM me. 2020 Select Auskick: - Fremantle team set 1996 Brownlow Competition Card: - Ben Allan - Daniel Bandy - Matthew Burton - Scott Chisholm - Anthony Jones - Dale Kickett PM me...
  6. Freo1995

    Completed Freo1995 and johnlow56

    Freo1995 receives cash johnlow56 receives 2019 Essendon Premiership Predictor. Agreed?
  7. Freo1995

    Completed Freo1995 and porps

    Freo1995 receives cash Porps receives: - Adelaide Predictor - Ely Smith DPS - Shaun Higgins Sig - Jack Steele Sig - Rory Thompson Sig - George Hewett Sig - Ed Langdon Sig Agreed?
  8. Freo1995

    Completed Jefferson and Freo1995

    Jefferson receives Joe Daniher High Flyers 46/60 registered post. Freo1995 receives cash Agreed?
  9. Freo1995

    Please delete thread

    2019 Dominance Sale: Sold Out
  10. Freo1995

    Fremantle Dockers Dominance inserts

    Chasing Guernsey numbers or very low (1-5) numbers of The following dominance cards: Aaron Sandilands Dominance Michael Walters High Flyers Sam Sturt DPS I have a case arriving next week and will have some inserts to trade, however also happy to buy. Let me know if you have any of the...
  11. Freo1995

    One touch size question

    Gday all, Have just picked up a 2016 Select certified signed guernsey card which is quite thick, does anyone know which size one touch is needed to house it? I’m assuming the standard 35pt is too small. Any help is greatly appreciated
  12. Freo1995

    Wanted AFL 300 game case cards

    Chasing all 300 game case cards. Pm me what you have and what you want for it. Cheers, Brandon
  13. Freo1995

    Completed ROOBOY18 and Freo1995

    Freo 1995 receives: Cash ROOBOY18 receives: AFL team of the century platinum x8 (#1,2,3,6,14,18,19,21) To be sent via registered post and padded bag. Agreed?
  14. Freo1995

    Completed Lauchwil and Freo1995

    Lauchwil receives: Strike Force - 6, 8, 13, 27, 30 Starburst TC - 26, 38, 63, 68 Freo1995 receives: Strike Force - 44 Starburst TC - 3, 36, 37, 47, 50, 55, 62, 66 Agreed?
  15. Freo1995

    SOLD/TRADED AFL Select Hall of Fame - Team of the Century PLATINUM

    1996 AFL Select Hall Of Fame Team Of The Century Platinum x8. Condition is New. TC1 -Norm Smith TC2 - Bernie Smith TC3 - Stephen Silvagni TC6 - Ted Whitten TC14 - Haydn Bunton Snr TC18 - Ron Barassi Jnr TC19 - Bob Skilton TC21 - Jack Dyer High value collectibles. Only 100 editions of...
  16. Freo1995

    Hall of Fame legends

    Chasing Hall of Fame Legends Cards #1-12 and #17-23 Pm me if you have some available. Only after cards in mint condition. Cheers, Brandon
  17. Freo1995

    Completed Freo1995 and macca

    macca receives: - 2019 Select B&F Lachie Whitfield Freo1995 receives: -2019 Select instant Impact #57 -2019 Select Starburst TC #6, 10, 17 Agreed?
  18. Freo1995

    Completed Freo1995 and tb1954

    Freo1995 receives: Instant Impact - 14, 58 Strike Force - 46, 54 Tb1954 receives: Instant Impact - 20, 60 Strike Force: 12, 19 Agreed?
  19. Freo1995

    SOLD/TRADED Please delete thread

    Completed. Please delete thread
  20. Freo1995

    Please Delete thread

    Please delete thread
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