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  1. veddertruth

    The Walking Dead s4 p2 case break

    These were the best hits! Rosita is silver, Rick and Michonne are both black parallel.. Love the Eugene drawing!
  2. veddertruth

    Sick Oladipo mail

    Got this recently.. Quite a season for Oladipo! Cheers
  3. veddertruth

    Awesome game worn jersey mailday

    Super stoked!
  4. veddertruth

    Short(s) and sweet mailday

    Got em for a great price!
  5. veddertruth

    1 more TWD s4 p2 box

    Happy with the results! Rick base is a gold /25..
  6. veddertruth

    Wrestling Wwe undisputed 2016 box

    This is always a fun product to open! Both Dudleys Del Rio is /10 and the harlem heat dual is a 1:277 pull! Two of my favorite current wrestlers! Not shown is a Luke Harper auto redemption and relic cards of Samoa Joe and one of the Usos
  7. veddertruth

    Walking Dead s4 p2 2 box break!

    Did pretty well!
  8. veddertruth

    Awesome game worn mailday

    Got this baby in today So stoked!
  9. veddertruth

    Game worn mailday!

    Always liked Moe.. And still just 23 years old! Really happy camper today
  10. veddertruth

    Wrestling Topps redemption mail

    His auto is consistantly awesome!
  11. veddertruth

    Met Andre Drummond yesterday

    The big guy was in Denmark over the weekend for nba3x.. He was pretty cool but the shedule was super tight.. We were told to be quick and that there was no time for pics.. My friend took one for me while I had my 10 second encounter with Drummond where he signed my card: The gold auto looks...
  12. veddertruth

    Wrestling 2 more boxes of undisputed.. solid!

    Very happy with the bottom five! Especially Owens! done with this product now :p
  13. veddertruth

    Wrestling Undisputed 1 box break (ppv style)

    Opener (dark match) Heath Slater and Curtis Axel will try to get the crowd going (and fail) Main Card: Opening Match: Sheamus takes on Enzo Amore in a "You look stupid" match! Next up: Razor Ramon is confident he can tame Ryback Co-Main Event: Samoa Joe Vs Bray Wyatt will duke it out in...
  14. veddertruth

    So I met an NBA legend today..!

    About a year ago I purchased the jersey Robert Horry wore during the Shooting Stars competition from MeiGray.. Today Robert Horry paid Denmark a visit as part of an NBA arranged street ball tournament.. I figured I would give it a shot to get the jersey signed.. It paid off! As you can see on...
  15. veddertruth

    Cards and well.. a big one

    and this is pretty epic:
  16. veddertruth

    Random stuff :)

    all has come in over the last couple of months.. Wall is /20 and this is easily my biggest new item: K.J. McDaniels game worn jersey from his first ever NBA game! (and his 3rd) You'll notice that the "11" patch is absent on my jersey.. Here is what I got from MeiGray on the...
  17. veddertruth

    Wrestling Another Leaf Wrestling PPV (3 boxes)

    I'm pretty happy about the main event :) Match 1: Warlord takes on Godfather /5! Match 2: Don Muraco battles the Iron Sheik! Match 3: Lance Storm /10 gets his hands full with Adam Bomb! Match 4: ECW style brawl as Tommy Dreamer /25 and Sandman collide! Co-Main Event: Tag team...
  18. veddertruth

    Wrestling Leaf Wrestling 2 box break (PPV card presentation)

    thought it would be fun to present the hits in the form of a small fantasy PPV :) (main event is a weird one) Opening match is an old school barn burner for the ages: Don Muraco takes on the original horseman Ole Anderson...! Second match.. Tag team specialists engage in 1vs1 brawl...
  19. veddertruth

    Leaf Wrestling/UFC Bloodlines '13 box break

    1 box of each.. and I was really happy with this one: that's it.. have a nice weekend peeps ;)
  20. veddertruth

    1 box of Topps Premier Gold 2013

    was a fun break! Jerseys of: Peter Crouch Tonev Tim Howard Ashley Cole Autos of: Johnny Howson Jordan Henderson Jersey auto of: George Thorne and as a HUGE fan of Arsenal, I got pretty lucky: Arteta auto Wilshere jersey and I can't complain about a John Barnes auto either :p overall a...
  21. veddertruth

    mixed mailday.. it's good!

    Atomic refractor that's all folks :)
  22. veddertruth

    Pretty nice mailday..

    /25 /25 /25 If you like Joe give my new facebook fanpage a like! (mercy likes accepted :) ) thanks for looking!
  23. veddertruth

    My memorabilia collection set to music

    just made this.. hope you enjoy :)
  24. veddertruth

    1 box of Immaculate

    base was Monta.. I think it was fairly solid!
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