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    eBay Massive bulk of inserts listed on ebay

    Listed a large bulk of inserts on ebay staring at $0.99 Link if you are interested Cards included are 2018 select footystars 2018 die cut sets x3 1 selex complete set 121...
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    Completed Shanepan and matt2365

    Shanepan get 460 matt gets paypal Agree
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    In Progress Matt2365 and will851

    Will gets gunstons guernsey signature matt gets paypal$ Agree
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    For Sale Select Certified 2017

    not after any cards just want to sell these off happy to take offers via pm medal winners set $65 dlvd All australian set $17.50 dlvd Common sets $17.50 dlvd Select influentials /40 May 05 $270 Match worn Guernsey Signatures /80 greene 49 $225 lynch 56 $160 Footy's Finest/80 fyfe 79 $135...
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    Completed Matt2365 and Jiska125

    Jiska gets complete holo foils set and complete common set matt2365 gets PayPal Agree?
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    For Sale 2017 select footy stars and teamcoach

    Brownlow predictors $20 May 254 Platinum Standups price is $12 each Tom lynch /362 Martin 336 Mcstay 017/362 Weller 104/341 Tom lynch Gold Coast 097/345 Hogan 314 Vince /269 Boak 335 Newnes 277/329 Heeney /146 Gaff 115/154 Milestone games $1.5 each A graders $1. each most available Green...
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    Completed Matt2365 & shauno1983

    Shauno1983 gets will Brodie Matt2365 gets PayPal Agree
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    Completed Matt2365 & shauno1983

    shauno1983 gets Jarod Berry gold sig Matt2365 gets PayPal $$ Agree
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    Completed Shauno1983 and matt2365

    Shauno1983 gets will setterfield platinum 024 matt gets PayPal Agree
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    Completed Skempautos and matt2365

    skempautos receives jack scrimshaw platinum signature numbered 023 Matt2365 recieved paypal$$ Agree?
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    Completed Shaunao1983 & matt2365

    /shaunao1983 gets will setterfield gold sig Matt gets $$paypal Agree
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    For Sale Select future force 2016 for sale

    Send me a pm of any offers Please no time wasters Not after anything just want to sell these Gold signatures Harry Perryman 113 Brad scheer 133 Nab AFL Academy 20 in 20s Josh Kennedy (jumper number) 017 Daniel Wells 047 Team captains $1.5 all available All Australians $0.80 all available...
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    For Sale select certified cheap

    Teamcoach 2016 for sale Herald sun footy powers limited edition $0.8 Melbourne Best and Fairest Checklist $0.80each codes are unused GWS Heath Shaw Glow in the dark footy pop-ups $0.50 each Brisbane Fremantle Geelong GWS Port Adelaide Select certified Guernsey redemption #/180 $100 Dlvd...
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