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  1. cotchin#9

    Match Worn Guernsey Signatures Redeemed

    awesome collection! there not easy to come by. that fyfe is mint. congrats
  2. cotchin#9

    2020 footy stars prestiege release.

    its always been like that...and in most cases been way over priced...and thats keeping in mind brick and mortar have to jack the price up.
  3. cotchin#9

    Quad Coach Roll Call

    its still one hell of a top notch card destined to be ultra rear and worth value through the roof
  4. cotchin#9

    eBay advice

    it would be tempting.. yet i'm sure the dude would of placed jkidd05 on his banned list by now
  5. cotchin#9

    Rate the last movie you watched

    Cannon films #4... had to follow it up with DELTA FORCE-2 this one had chuck doing what chuck does just with a light weight script. The film had the cool as Billy Drago (awesome b grade star) and was more or less the same as #1 just replacing middle eastern terrorists with a south American drug...
  6. cotchin#9

    Can anyone tell me how does Card Grading Australia rate against PSA

    I think one of the things is that grading is not as accepted in the AFL collecting, as it is in the states with basketball,baseball,football. not saying it wont in the future. Maybe it will, maybe it wont? - I have a range of baseball cards slabbed in PSA, but no afl graded at all -as for aus...
  7. cotchin#9

    Richmond - 2020 Prestige Master Set

    that looks better... silver,red,green. sweet line up
  8. cotchin#9

    eBay advice

    he sleeps well at night knowing.. (a) jkidd05 lives on the other side of the world (b) ebay's response in these situations are limp wristed and "sorry not our problem"
  9. cotchin#9

    Need a price on a card?

    just my thoughts....dusty currently ballpark is approx. $180 - $200 ish for most higher numbers dusty #1 I could see it reaching the $350 ball park the thing with 60 only is..once there gone, there gone! and #1 is special
  10. cotchin#9

    Richmond - 2020 Prestige Master Set

    awesome, great achievement! I'm trying for the lower level then what you achived I'm trying to number match my green and reds, its going to take some time but love the chase
  11. cotchin#9

    Rate the last movie you watched

    Cannon films #3... THE DELTA FORCE straight out of the 80's comes this chuck Norris classic... back when action films were fun and non-pc. good guy (usa Norris) v's bad guy (non-American/middle eastern) a passenger plane gets hijacked and its up to chuck and a very old looking lee Marvin to kick...
  12. cotchin#9

    Richmond - 2020 Prestige Master Set

    killed it god the showstopper takes pride of place.
  13. cotchin#9

    2020 footy stars prestiege release.

    yep, well said Jonathon m, some people have different thoughts but for the box price point,select are giving the hobby value and some sweet collectables
  14. cotchin#9

    2020 footy stars prestiege release.

    Yep, did not take long great for the hobby=D>
  15. cotchin#9

    3 boxes of prestige and couple of footy stars albums

    nice Grundy mate should have no problem moving it on for $3.50 :lol::rofl:
  16. cotchin#9

    eBay advice

    ebay is pathetic in there handling of situations like this, "take it up with the police" is the ultimate - tell your story walking mate. its truly sad the amount of scammers that infest all hobby's world wide
  17. cotchin#9

    Wanted: 2005 Teamcoach Wildcards!

    p.m sent
  18. cotchin#9

    Rate the last movie you watched

    continuing the CANNON film fun ,comes the follow up to "enter the ninja" REVENGE OF THE NINJA Golan Globus smashed it out of the park with this one. A Japanese ninja flees to the u.s.a to build a new life. Great one liners/ ninja moves/drug barron's/ kid fighters, all are throws into a blender...
  19. cotchin#9

    Rate the last movie you watched

    THE KITCHEN (Netflix) set in the 70's, around a tough Irish neighbour hood and the organised crime that operates there. the local hoods are locked up and 3 local women take over the operation. Was expecting alot more from this film, feels very flimsy and lacks any tension or grit. Many...
  20. cotchin#9

    Scanlens - New limited release

    great to hear shane goodluck with it all, and thanks for the update
  21. cotchin#9

    Postage times blowing out

    At least you landed on the right happened, you cant change it, put it behind you and move on. crazy times we live and for the time being, all international sales/postage should be put on pause
  22. cotchin#9

    Rate the last movie you watched

    the man was one hell of a actor..sadly had his personal demons. But left us with some fine memories.
  23. cotchin#9

    Rate the last movie you watched

    RISING HIGH - (Netflix) German film with English dubbed over the top. Young guy scams his way into wealth and highlife using property market and financing to deceive his clients. Easy to watch, but does not get to any great height .... 6/10 ENTER THE NINJA - straight out of the 80;s B-grade...
  24. cotchin#9

    Postage times blowing out have the right to be frustrated and pissed. such a nice looking card to loose with no send back or $ compensation. ebays sideing with the buyer (in most cases) is so wrong.
  25. cotchin#9

    2020 AFL Footy Stars Prestige 3 Box Break

    sweet bont.. great hits mate..congrats
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