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  1. matty83

    For Sale Huge Adelaide Crows signature collection

    Hi everyone, Putting this one out there. Would do $25 per auto for a complete bulk purchase. If no interest I will look into separate sales. Also 250+ crows base and inserts if interested.
  2. matty83

    Let me know your player wants.

    I have base, inserts, some GU and autos. Let me know who you collect and I'll have a look.
  3. matty83

    Supremacy Adelaide Crows update.

    Hi everyone so this is my supremacy update. I didn't really plan on collecting all these cards but cashing in on a hit from a 2 box break enabled me to purchase/trade for all of these. Still 3 or 4 to go which I hope to get eventually. Thanks for looking. Cheers, Matt.
  4. matty83

    For Sale/For Trade Herbie Matthews premiership brownlow double

    Sell $45 Trade for mark Ricciuto premiership brownlow double.
  5. matty83

    Supremacy! Tell us what you did.

    Hi everyone, I've been thinking about what's happened with the supremacy release and remeber all the talk before It came out. I'm interested in what people actually did. Did you just buy the cards you wanted? Did you bust a few boxes or a few cases in hope of a big hit and a quick pay...
  6. matty83

    For Sale/For Trade Supremacy sale!

    Hi everyone, For sale/trade are the following. (if trading I collect Adelaide crow signature cards) Tony Shaw norm Smith $70 Andrew McLeod norm Smith $60 Dick Reynolds premiership brownlow double $90 Herbie Matthews premiership brownlow double $70 Premiership glory Michael Tuck $170...
  7. matty83

    2 box break supremacy.

    My wife and I opened a box each. Really like the cards. Even the base have a bit more of an elegant feel/look to them
  8. matty83

    In Progress Matty83 and atributetopants do a deal

    @matty83 gets Sam Jacobs certified auto dlvd registered. @atributetopants gets paypal Sound good mate?
  9. matty83

    Have all the Adelaide Crows supremacy. Just need Sam Jacobs patch signature.

    Send me a message with what you have and a price. Cheers Matt.
  10. matty83

    How are people allowed to do this? Fake/copywrite cards.

    Surely these are a little too close to the real thing? What do you guys think?
  11. matty83

    In Progress Matty83 and ebbs88 do a deal

    Matty gets AA, predictor, holo and paypal Ebbs88 gets Dominance next generation triple signature #010 All good mate👍
  12. matty83

    For Sale/For Trade Dominance cheap deals Heeney high flyers geelong predictor Mitchell medal.

    Hey guys I have these up fs/ft Trading for Adelaide Crows cards that I don't have. Holos $2 each Predictors Geelong $45 Carlton $15 Timeless $3 each Ablett gone Rookies 2 left $5 Tom Mitchell Aflpa MVP $10 Puopolo high flyer sold Heeney high flyer(13/60) $110 Jenkins auto $old 2004...
  13. matty83

    For Sale Tatum rookie auto, Kevin Knox auto, Ak47 auto and more.

    Hey guys got these up for sale. Ak47 $5 Strickland 054/149 $5 Zeller $3 Blue mosaic $2 Green mosaic $2 🐐 93/99 $50 (LeBron on ebay now 0.99c) Orange prizm $3 Green $2 Jrue 35/42 $10 All prices are dlvd. Cheers Matt.
  14. matty83

    3 boxes of 2019 dominance. MASSIVE HITS!!!!!

    Hey guys will be busting these tonight. I'll post hits as I got
  15. matty83

    For Sale Michael Jordan "the last shot" limited edition framed Adelaide

    Hi everyone, have this for sale. Would prefer pick up or I'll even drop it off in Adelaide. I haven't looked into other cities yet. It's in perfect condition, I've had it for about 7 years and have always looked after it. Looking for $150obo
  16. matty83

    Cool AFL and sports art.

    Hi all, Found this pretty interesting and thought I would share with you. Cartoon art of some afl and sports stars.
  17. matty83

    Some interesting basketball/nfl art

    Hey guys, Have been watching Adam Ballinger (ex nbl player) do some art for a while now but haven't thought to share, for those that don't follow him on any social media platforms he post's his work on twitter and instagram.. I guess maybe Facebook but I'm not on there. Here are links to his...
  18. matty83

    For Sale Xbox one games nba2k20, fifa20, borderlands 3, gears of war 5 and wreckfest

    Nba2k20 $40 (never played) Fifa20 $45 (still sealed) Gears of war 5 $40 Borderlands 3 $40 Wreckfest $25
  19. matty83

    For Sale Original Nintendo Gameboy

    Hey peeps, Found this in the cupboard the other day. Had a quick look around online and there seems to be a bit of variance in sale prices depending on condition and and amount of games. I think $150 dlvd is a fair price but I'm always open to offers. It's in really great condition. Have...
  20. matty83

    Supplies sale.

    Just found a stash of supplies that I had forgotten about. About 35 top loaders various sizes in great condition. 5 one touches various sizes in good condition. $hit tonne of penny sleeves 130pt and 2 & 5/8 x 3 & 5/.8. 2 bubble mailers in usable condition. Some one touch...
  21. matty83


    Who's got one? What setup/drone have you got? What do you use it for? Tips for people? Recently got a dji spark and I absolutely love it. Fly mainly down the beach and in parks. Love the active track and gesture functions. 15-18mins of fly time on a battery so you will need a couple to have...
  22. matty83

    Completed Matty83 and Skip do a deal

    @Skip gets The Aussie lot as discussed in messages with some freebies. @matty83 gets some PayPal. Agreed mate?
  23. matty83

    Aussie patch auto lot

    Hey guys looking to sell/trade these. Selling price I'm unsure of at the moment but will research prices and edit this thread. Looking for about $250 Ono Trading I'm looking for Adelaide crows cards that I don't have. Can be base/inserts/autos. Thanks, Matt.
  24. matty83

    Anyone collect Australian players?

    Hi guys just got some Panini replacements and I asked solely for Australian players. Have one Exum penmanship auto About 5 Bogut (gsw) flawless autos/patch autos 3 Patty Mills autos A few Matty Dellavedova flawless or national treasure autos. Send me a message if you would like pictures...
  25. matty83

    Curry swingman jersey

    Hi guys, Got this sent over from San Francisco buy my fiancés sister as a gift but it's a bit small for me as I like them loose $75 will take it delivered. Or if you'd like please make an offer. Cheers Matt.
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