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  1. anakinleo

    Completed double11 and anakinleo

    @double11 to post cards as per PM and @anakinleo to paypal $$$ agreed. :thumbsup:
  2. anakinleo

    Buying all COMC cards

    Hi Guys Looking to buy all unwanted cards or port on your COMC account. If you want to liquidate your cards on your COMC, just shoot me a message. Thanks.
  3. anakinleo

    For Sale/For Trade I’m open to trade or sale on my COMC cards... plenty to choose from

    Hey Gang Just letting everyone know that I’m open for any deal on my COMC card. here Is the link,sr,i100 Have a good weekend. Cheers Alex
  4. anakinleo

    LF Elgin Baylor on card auto

    Looking for any Elgin Baylor autos that I do not have. Thanks
  5. anakinleo

    BGS Grading Services - Sub Grades Disclosure

    Hi Geeks Needing a bit of guidance from people who has previously used Beckett Grading Services. I am currently hunting for a couple of Ben Simmons graded cards and have noticed that some of his BGS cards have no sub grade disclosures. Is this a new norm or am I just missing out on something...
  6. anakinleo

    Completed thePACisback and anakinleo

    thePACisback will sent Al Horford cards registered as per conversation thread. and anakinleo to paypal $$$ Agreed. :thumbsup:
  7. anakinleo

    Completed anakinleo and aussie26

    aussie26 to post Mark Price auto and Ben Simmons RC and anakinleo to paypal $$$ agreed. :thumbsup:
  8. anakinleo

    Completed anakinleo and blocka2004

    blocka2004 to post benchwarmer cards and anakinleo to paypal $$$ Agreed. :thumbsup:
  9. anakinleo

    Completed anakinleo and Southnet

    Southnet to post John Stockton card and anakinleo to paypal $$$ Agreed :thumbsup:
  10. anakinleo

    Completed anakinleo & billyhoyle

    Billyhoyle to post Kevin Durant Deyonta Davis Jeremy Lin James Worthy Lance Stephenson & anakinleo to paypal $$$ Agreed. :thumbsup:
  11. anakinleo

    Completed anakinleo and Gary Dixon

    Gary Dixon to post Tomas satorsky auto Justin Anderson auto Evan turner auto Bojan auto Harrison Barnes auto and anakinleo to paypal $$$ agreed.
  12. anakinleo

    Completed anakinleo and Robert Silverman

    anakinleo to post Kyle Kuzma x 2 and Robert Silverman to paypal $$$ Agreed.
  13. anakinleo

    Completed anakinleo and nagrom21

    nagrom21 to post registered the following Magic, Kevin Love, printing plate yogi, george gervin, sabonis auto, walter davis, camby and marc Gasol auto from the sales thread and anakinleo to paypal $$$ agreed. Thanks
  14. anakinleo

    Completed anakinleo and parra lettics

    parra lettics to post Robert Covington Auto Patch and anakinleo to paypal $$$ agreed. :thumbsup:
  15. anakinleo

    Completed anakinleo and aussie26

    aussie26 to post the following Kevin Willis 13/14 Elite Passing the torch w/horford 29/49 $4 Kelly Tripucka 12/13 Elite Throwback Threads 9/25 $2 Kenny Anderson 15/16 Prestige True Colours 19/25 $4 Kelly Olynyk 13/14 Elite Status RC 14/24 $4 Marcus Smart 14/15 Threads Rookie View RC Auto $5...
  16. anakinleo

    Completed anakinleo and aussie26

    aussie26 to post cards registered as per PM and anakinleo to paypal $$$ agreed. :thumbsup:
  17. anakinleo

    Ben Simmons Panini cards

    Buying all Ben Simmons panini cards. PM works best. Thanks.
  18. anakinleo

    Completed anakinleo and warriors_man

    anakinleo to send Kyrie Irving RC auto and warriors_man to paypal $$$ agreed.
  19. anakinleo

    Completed anakinleo and tcorbal

    tcorbal to post kobe and magic auto registered and anakinleo to paypal $$$ agreed. :thumbsup:
  20. anakinleo

    Completed anakinleo and aussie26

    aussie26 to post the following; garnett double patch bogut auto pinnacle deron williams patch draymond green auto Chris Paul z team /25 and anakinleo to paypal $$$ agree.
  21. anakinleo

    Completed Anakinleo & Nic lef

    nic lef to post Joakim Noah 1/1 and bembry immaculate first And Anakinleo to PayPal $$$ Agree
  22. anakinleo

    Completed anakinleo and Jaames

    Jaames to post the following cards Marbury auto Harry Gallatin auto x 2 Walt Frazier auto Willis Reed Auto and anakinleo to paypal $$$ agreed.
  23. anakinleo

    Completed anakinleo and 90insertcollector

    90insertcollector to post the following registered John Paxson GS auto x 2 Bill Cartwright Gala 1/1 auto Artis Gilmore auto flawless auto /10 Luc Longley auto jersey /49 Bill Cartwright Preferred auto x 3 Artis Gilmore Absolute auto /49 A Gilmore Classic Auto /5 Pippen/ Parish Patch /25...
  24. anakinleo

    Anybody knows ebay member: jasonjt1982

    Just checking if anybody here is eBay member jasonjt1982
  25. anakinleo

    Completed Ollye and anakinleo

    Ollye to post 2 lots as per sales thread and anakinleo to paypal $$$ agreed.
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