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  1. Matt26

    New Sydney Sixers Trading Cards?

    How good do these look? Showed up on the Sydney Sixers FB and Instagram site! While probably just mock ups...... these do look cool!!! Cheers Matt
  2. Matt26

    TLA Redemption Address Update (09/04/20)

    Hi everyone, Just had an update from TLA: All redemptions and all correspondence can now be sent to us at this address. TLA World Wide PO Box 1723 North Sydney NSW 2059 Regards Matt
  3. Matt26

    5 x 2020 Traders Starter Packs

    Hi everyone, Grabbed 5 starter packs at lunch and just busted them. Overall lots of fun and managed to pull something for the PC which is very cool! Rep Stars - McGuire - Southwell - Johnston - Pearce - Munster Season to Remember - Benji Marshall - Ruben Garrick Magic Round - Ben Hunt -Chad...
  4. Matt26

    2020 Official NRL Thread (Spoilers/Rumours/Game Results/Discussions etc.)

    New season is here, lets go!
  5. Matt26

    2019 Grand Final Roosters vs Raiders - Who wins?

    Hi everyone, It's Grand Final day......should be a great match between the Roosters and Raiders! In short, who wins? Who gets the Clive Churchill Medal? For me id like to see the Raiders win but my head is telling me that it will be the Roosters. If the Roosters win, Cronk or Mitchell for the...
  6. Matt26

    Boomers vs USA Game 1 Recap

    Hi everyone, Just got back from spending 2 days in Melbourne from watching the first game of the Boomers vs USA game. Went to Card Zone, @cherrycollectables and had a look around at a heap of other places. Thought I would do a quick recap on the night. I got there just as the gates opened...
  7. Matt26

    Select Supremacy Thread (now with Afterpay)

    Hi everyone, Seems in anticipation of this release Select have set up AfterPay so people can pay it off over a longer period of time? Are they starting to worry about the proposed initial outlay for "collectors"? Its strange that this is the case as they have always said they wouldn't do...
  8. Matt26

    Elite 2019 1/1 Tracker (Futera Jerseys and Golden Tickets)

    Hi Everyone, Thought it would be good to have a post which tracks the 1/1 Futera Jersey Patches and the Golden Tickets. If you see any of these out there, please feel free to post below: Golden Ticket Master Sets MS 01 MASTER SET GOLDEN TICKET BRONCOS MS 02 MASTER SET GOLDEN TICKET RAIDERS...
  9. Matt26

    Matt26's 2019 Elite Want List

    Hi everyone, Looking for the cards below: 2019 NRL Elite Penrith Panthers Case Card #/61 - Reagan Campbell-Gillard/Josh Papalii Let me know if you have any of these above for sale! Cheers Matt
  10. Matt26

    9 Months of COMC Mail.......quality over quantity!

    Hi everyone, Had my COMC shipment arrive for all of the eBay purchases over the past 9 months! This is more a quality over quantity and wont take long! LOL Starting off with a bit of Nostalgia........a heap of Jordan lower end base cards and inserts which I am appreciating more and more each...
  11. Matt26

    Allen & Ginter AFL Card?

    Hearing a little rumour that an Australian Football Player will be featured in the upcoming Topps Baseball Allen & Ginter product with autos! Any Americans playing in our local league?
  12. Matt26

    If you have purchased high end graded NBA cards recently, you should check this out!

    This is a heads up for collectors about some shadiness that has been going down In the industry of late. While we rarely link posts to other message boards, this is certainly one to have a read of especially if you have recently purchased high end graded cards...
  13. Matt26

    Some nice Legends NT/Flawless Autos/Patches for sale.

    Hi everyone, Have these nice cards up for sale (no trade). All Prices Include Delivery within Australia and Paypal is preferred. 1) Magic Johnson National Treasures Colossal Jumbo Jersey Auto #/49 - $75 AUD (some slight corner/edge wear present) 2) Steve Nash National Treasures Colossal...
  14. Matt26

    Competition 6 Boxes (and Folders) of TLA 2019 NRL Traders to giveaway to OzCardTrader Members! Enter Now!

    Hi everyone, Thanks to the team at TLA we have 6 Boxes and 6 Albums of TLA 2019 NRL Traders to giveaway to our members. To win a box of TLA 2019 NRL Traders with a Traders Folder you will need to: Guess the total amount of points scored by all teams in Round 2 of 2019 NRL season. Post an...
  15. Matt26

    Happy Australia Day! Show off your Aussie player cards!

    Hi everyone! From the Admin Team, Happy Australia day! To celebrate the day where we remember the past and remind ourselves how lucky we are to live in a country like ours............lets show off some of your best Australian Players Cards! I'll kick things off with our first Draft Pick and a...
  16. Matt26

    Competition Want to win a box of Tap N Play BBL Cricket Cards?

    Hi everyone, Thanks to the team at Tap N Play, and to celebrate Australia Day we have 4 boxes of this years BBL Cricket release to give away. To win one of the boxes, simply post an image of your favourite Tap N Play Cricket Card and in a few words describe which BBL or WBBL Team you support...
  17. Matt26

    Flawless Legends Patch Mailday plus the GOAT makes an appearance.

    Hi everyone, It's been a while in between maildays but hopefully this makes up for it. These days It's very rare that when a basketball sell sheet gets released I see some cards and think yep, got to grab some of those..... but when I saw the sell sheet for this years Flawless Basketball I...
  18. Matt26

    Happy New Years!

    From the Admin team @graham , @Billyhoyle and @Quicksilver we would like to wish you a Happy New Year and hope that 2019 (well 1980 for Rhys in Tasmania) is a great year for everyone! Lets hope that 2019 brings a number of fantastic releases and there are cards that are much sought after and...
  19. Matt26

    Quick Update from TLA (Christmas Shutdown)

    Hi everyone, A quick update from TLA: Our Customer Service team will be on holidays from the coming Wednesday (19th December), until January 15th. Anyone with redemptions to send in should hold onto them between now and then to ensure nothing gets lost or misplaced by AusPost. Regards Matt
  20. Matt26

    Tap N Play BBL/WBBL Play of the Week Cards

    Tap’N’Play are announcing at 5pm today something new: The BBL & WBBL - PLAY OF THE WEEK CARDS. These are high quality silver foiled cards celebrating the highlight event or player of the week - each card will be published at the end of a week and collectors will have 48 hours to buy them for...
  21. Matt26

    2019 NRL Glory Release Official Thread

    Merry Christmas...... Release date: Friday, 4th Jan, 2019.
  22. Matt26

    A little bit of 90's and early 2000's reminiscing........

    After seeing the post about the 90's Grant Hill cards today, though it would be fun to reminisce about that fantastic period of trading cards from the early 90's through to the mid 2000's....... Some great memories...... - Having multiple card shop(s) in most capital cities. I think Parramatta...
  23. Matt26

    Panthers Ruby Mailday on a great day for the club.

    Hi everyone, Had this turn up a few weeks ago but thought id save it until he re-signed with the club with the club until 2024 now (or until a contract is broken somewhere). 2018 NRL Elite Rubies - Nathan Cleary and what makes this even better is the numbering on the back...
  24. Matt26

    Quick NRL Trading Card Survey - High End Cards

    Hi everyone, If you have 30 seconds to spare, would love you to have a go at answering this short survey regarding NRL Trading Cards......particularly higher end cards. Takes all of 30 seconds so I would love to see what people are thinking! Cheers Matt
  25. Matt26

    The Greatest Of All Time Mailday.....

    Hi everyone, had these 3 beauties arrive from COMC today. First up are 2 cards that were made by Fleer/Skybox in 1996 but were never released to the public........that's until the Fleer Auctions and someone bought them up, graded them and have been selling them off. These were to be released...
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