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  1. brentus777

    In Progress Brentus777 and jordan_cards_fan

    Brent gets paypal Tony gets Lebron exquisite base and reflections bgs9.5 Sound ok mate?
  2. brentus777

    Completed Brentus and lukesicari

    Brentus gets $ Lukesicari gets T.Thompson NT RPA Sound ok mate ?
  3. brentus777

    For Sale Update prices lowered! Mid Range Sale: Tatum RC AU, BGS9.5s, and heaps more

    Hi All see below items for sale in AUD, open to offers and discount multiples, postage will be $4 regular single, multiple lots and additional tracking/express will just be at cost. Stockton & Malone Patch /25 $30 Gordon Next Day Auto /100 $35 CJ Prizm Auto /65 $20 Mudiay Immaculate...
  4. brentus777

    Clean out - RPAs, Immac, NT, Exquisite, Logoman and more

    Hey guys, looking to move a heap of stuff, will be adding more, im pretty negotiable especially with multiple purchases, theres a heap more in my bucket link at the bottom let me know via pm if your interested in anything, thanks 01/10 /25 /2 /199 /10 /5...
  5. brentus777

    Completed Brentus777 and thecardman

    brentus777 gets PayPal Thecardman gets: - Durant hot prospects patch auto /399 - Durant hot prospects on card auto - dual exquiste patch auto gervin/west /44 Sound ok mate?
  6. brentus777

    For Sale - Durant RPA, Kyrie Auto, exquisite patch auto, bgs9.5

    Hey guys, not giving these away but looking to move, looking for below ebay prices so hit me up if your interested in any, thanks Durant HP Rookie Patch auto/399 (sick patch!) Durant HP Rookie on card auto Kyrie Rookie Auto/25 (very hard to find) Exquisute dual numbers patch...
  7. brentus777

    COMC and BGS

    Hey all got a few cards back for the elfrid PC, some cool NT patch most here are /10 or /25... the next day issue auto is jersey numbered 004/100 and some nice results from BGS, love the gold labels! rookie prizm refractor rookie refractor auto/25 another magic...
  8. brentus777

    Mid range cards, flawless, exq, dual patch malone/stockton

    Hey all have the following FS. Will listen to offers and discount multiples, thanks. Blake 01/20- $65 DWill 01/10- $35 Vucevic- $45 Stockton/Malone /25 -$55 Wooden /103 - $80
  9. brentus777

    Buying Elfrid autos

    as title says, show me what ya got!
  10. brentus777

    97-98 Fleer SIeries II

    Hey all just busted this, awesome old school break and was a heap of fun, smashed the odds with some cards I haven't shown (Van Horn jynx continues) but here are the highlights: 2 x Duncan RC's, awesome condition going to get these badboys graded: Tiffany collection (1:24) beat the odds...
  11. brentus777

    My Hakeem 90s Collection (scan heavy)

    Hey all, now I have some time (and a scanner) I thought id start showing off the hundreds/thousands of cards I have stashed away and never shown, first up thought id show my hakeem 90s collection, started this maybe 5 or 6 years ago and haven't added anything major for a couple of years, but was...
  12. brentus777

    Completed brentus777 and colesy

    brentus777 gets paypal colesy gets merrin league sensations auto sound ok mate?
  13. brentus777

    For Sale 2014 Elite Trent Merrin LS

    numbered 103/150 want this Merrin gone so whoever pm's me the best offer gets it, probably way cheaper than it should go lol! thanks.
  14. brentus777

    Completed Brentus777 and thecardman

    Brentus777 gets PayPal Thecardman gets: Dellavedova NT RPA /99 Durant premier penmanship auto/50 Sound ok mate?
  15. brentus777

    Completed Brentus777 and thecardman

    brentus777 gets $$ Thecardman gets kawhi gold standard rookie gu auto Sound ok mate?
  16. brentus777

    A week in Orlando

    Hey guys since i have a delayed flight and stuck in an airport zzzz, thought I'd show a couple of quick pics... So as a mad magic fan I decided to be in Orlando for the last week of the regular season and attend the magics final 3 games (fan appreciation weekend). First game was a cracker...
  17. brentus777

    Completed Brentus777 and parra

    Parra gets paypal brentus777 gets Elfrid gs triple patch auto /25 Sound ok mate?
  18. brentus777

    Completed Brentus777 and timmaria

    brentus777 gets $$ Timmaria gets: Hardwood floors x 5 Kukoc Nicknames auto /99 Kemba Silho auto /99 Sound ok mate?
  19. brentus777

    Completed Brentus777 and ben82

    Brent gets $$ thru bank deposit Ben gets Kim English immac rookie logoman auto 1/1 Sound ok mate ?
  20. brentus777

    * Also Trading- 2 Silhoutte Patch Autos* as well as 2 x Rookie Logoman

    Hey guys price includes dlvd express with tracking, cheers. If trading looking for a little more TV and id be looking for rookie year stuff of Lebron and Westbrook, and nicer higher end autos. 09/10 NT Lawson Colossal 2/2 - $275 obo 09/10 NT NBA Gear Dual Tag Auto 5/5 - $175obo...
  21. brentus777

    Completed brentus777 and pugzboy

    brentus777 gets paypal pugzboy gets Lawson immac logo/19 sound ok mate?
  22. brentus777

    Completed Brentus777 and tcorbal

    Brentus777 gets paypal Tcorbal gets vucevic rookie silhouette auto Sound ok mate
  23. brentus777

    Completed Brentus777 and andrewg23

    Brentus777 gets PayPal Andrewg23 gets Nicholson immac patch auto Sound ok mate?
  24. brentus777

    Completed Brentus777 and ozballer23

    Brentus777 gets PayPal Ozballer23 get tobias immac patch au/100 Sound ok mate?
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