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    Select Tie Dyes of Curry, Klay, Lillard, Trae

    As per the title interested in Select Tie Dye /25 cards of my PC players. Not looking for jersey/patch versions, just normal or auto Please.
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    In Progress Jase888 and Southnet

    @Jase888 gets Kawhi 12/13 Innovation RC Auto delivered registered Southnet gets agreed paypal friends payment. agreed?
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    For Sale/For Trade Kawhi RC Autos, Russ Kaboom Case Hit

    For sale or trade. For trading I look for the following for Steph, Klay Thompson, Lillard, Trae Young: Select Tie Dye /25 (not mem, base or auto) RC Autos prefer #d Curry Autos #d and prefer on card RC #d #d /25 or lower Case Hits prices inc. registered delivery Kawhi RC Innovation Auto $140...
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    Looking For Lebron, Giannis, Kawhi & Curry Prizm/Select

    Let me know if interested in any please
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    Trae Young

    NBA Card Collectors Down Under Auction Group 99c Start
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    Couple of PSAs - Curry and Trae

    Yes it’s the PSA serial number. Not totally sure of the risk but have seen Others cover them up so figured I would to be safe.
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    Trae Young

    Yep, everybody wants one of these bad boys
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    Trae Young

    Yes I just sold one at a Facebook Auction for $61 posted, plenty of bidders.
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    Couple of PSAs - Curry and Trae

    I sent 6 cards in October to Laine Pearce who is doing it, Facebook group is PSA Grading Submissions Australia or similar. For these 2 they were valued at above $100USD so they cost $32 each including postage basic to me. I think the others which are lower end will be $16 each unless PSA decide...
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    Favourite year of Prizm?

    I’m a fan of the 14/15 set as they were just starting to introduce some variety but not the saturation of the current years
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    Couple of PSAs - Curry and Trae

    First crack at getting cards graded, very happy with the Trae 10, moved its value up by about 3x. Curry just the 9 but it’s the only Optic Dimes Green /5 in their system so that’s good to know.
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    who's got these patch's?

    This thread is 11 years old mate
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    Completed Marty Party and Southnet

    @Marty Party gets All cards listed one conversation thread of Murray, Jokic and Porter Jr Southnet gets agreed amount Paypal Friends payment or if Goods the Buyer to cover fees. Agreed?
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    Denver Nuggets - Jokic, Murray, Porter Jr, Harris

    Got these if interested, also some more Murrays
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    Steph Curry On Card Auto, Trade Bait Cards listed

    Bump, open to selling cards as well
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    Steph Curry On Card Auto, Trade Bait Cards listed

    Keen to get a Steph On Card Auto for the PC, have a few Autos but none on card. Needs to be #d, ideally /99 or lower. Looking at a Trade plus Cash or Multiple Cards for the Steph. Trade Cards are below with some ballpark Trade Values. Donovan Mitchell Prestige RC Cracked Ice Auto - TV $90...
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    Kobe appreciation thread

    Don’t collect Kobe but a few months ago had an offer of this in a trade and thought I should have a Kobe Auto in the PC just out of respect, very glad I did that now.
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    SOLD/TRADED ....

    Lillard Auto added, some pricing reduced.
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    SOLD/TRADED .....

    Zion Williamson RC Prizm Hyper variation $380 Delivered Registered in Oz (no overseas buyers) Will trade for 1 card of Curry, Klay, Lillard, D Mitchell, Trae Young Selling elsewhere.
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    Completed Andrew111 and Southnet

    @Andrew111 gets J Murray Die Cut RC Auto Southnet gets agreed PayPal friends amount Agreed?
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    WTB: Auto or patch auto National Treasures, Flawless or Immaculate

    Jamal Murray RC Immaculate Scripts /99 $68 delivered, PM if interested please
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    SOLD/TRADED ....

    More Cards added including Curry RC Auto
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    For Sale Dan sale thread! One card at a time for a steal

    And I did a trade with him last week for a $150-$200 Card and had no issues.
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    SOLD/TRADED ....

    Postage $3.50 standard or $7.50 registered. Selling elsewhere. Damian Lillard Revolution On Card Auto $SOLD Damian Lillard Crown Royale Auto Die Cut /25 - $90 Damian Lillard 19/20 Contenders On Card Auto - $SOLD Stephen Curry RC Auto Timeless Treasures /299 - $180 NB: Sig is in texta...
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