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  1. Haylez

    2019 Richmond Platinums

    Looking for Kane Lambert and Dustin Martin platinum predictors from 2019. Please pm if you can help out. Thanks.
  2. Haylez

    In Progress Haylez and Dimighost

    Haylez receives: 2019 Alex rance patch card. Dimighost receives: Paypal. Agree?
  3. Haylez

    Riewoldt high flyer

    Looking for a Jack riewoldt high flyer card. Pm me if you have one for sale. Thanks.
  4. Haylez

    Richmond platinums

    Hi everyone. Looking to buy any one of these Richmond 2019 footy stars platinum predictors to finish off my set: Nankervis, Lambert or Rance. Please pm if you can help out. Thanks
  5. Haylez

    Dustin martin platinum predictor

    Looking for a Dustin martin platinum predictor to finish my set. Let me know if you have one for sale. Cheers
  6. Haylez

    Chasing these 2 cards

    Looking for a Callum coleman jones future force green signature and also a Patrick naish green signature. Pm me if you can help. Cheers.
  7. Haylez

    Grigg and riewoldt platinums

    Looking for a 2018 footy stars platinum predictor of shaun grigg or jack riewoldt. Pm me if you have either for sale. Cheers
  8. Haylez

    2018 teamcoach trophy star wild- Andrew Mcgrath

    Hey everyone. Pulled this from a pack the other day. Wondering if there is any interest? Thanks.
  9. Haylez

    Future force richmond red cards

    Need the following future force reds: Noah balta and Callum coleman-jones. Pm me if you have either of them for sale. Cheers.
  10. Haylez

    Liam mcbean gold sig

    Hey everyone. Looking to buy the 2012 future force Liam mcbean gold signature card in a few weeks. Pm me if you can help. Thanks.
  11. Haylez

    2017 Dustin Martin predictor

    Hey everyone. Looking for a 2017 dusty brownlow predictor. Had to sell mine off as needed the funds. Pm me if you can help. Thanks.
  12. Haylez

    2017 auskick card Trent cotchin

    Looking for this card. Pm me if you're selling. Thanks.
  13. Haylez

    Jack graham platinum signature

    Chasing a jack graham platinum signature. Also chasing a draft prospects brandon ellis power pick card. Let me know if you can help. Thanks.
  14. Haylez

    Trent cotchin guernsey signature redemption card

    Looking to get this card at a decent price to finish off my certified collection. Pm me if you've got one to sell. Thanks.
  15. Haylez

    2013 teamcoach auskick card- Jake king

    Pm me if you can help me out. Thanks.
  16. Haylez

    A few cards wanted

    Looking for 2015 future force common cards Daniel rioli and oleg markov. Also after a 2015 champions firepower caricature David zaharakis.
  17. Haylez

    2012 draft prospects power pick Brandon ellis

    Looking for this card. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  18. Haylez

    footycards Draft day signature- Reece conca

    Please pm me with a price if you have this card for sale.
  19. Haylez

    2013 future force red signature ben lennon

    Looking for this card at a decent price.
  20. Haylez

    states finest brandon ellis card

    Looking for a 2012 draft prospects states finest brandon ellis card
  21. Haylez

    Ben lennon dps

    Was wanting to get this one at a decent price. :)
  22. Haylez

    For Sale/For Trade 2014 select mirrors

    Hey everyone. Have selwood, mackie and wingard mirrors. Looking to trade but would also sell. I'm after a 2014 cotchin mirror or pm me what richmond cards you have. Thanks.
  23. Haylez

    Want this card.

    Looking for a 2011 infinity dps Reece conca. Hope someone can help me out. Thanks.
  24. Haylez

    2013 Teamcoach Ivan Maric prize card?

    Hey everyone. I'm wanting a 2013 teamcoach prize card of Ivan maric. Anyone selling this one? Can't seem to find it anywhere.
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