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    SOLD/TRADED Card Stands

    Would you ship them, happy to pay for an Australia Post pre paid satchel.
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    Completed gazzasNBA + sacface

    Agree and paid PayPal friends and family.
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    For Sale 2018-19 Prizm Retail & Blaster Boxes

    Not just Australia, can't buy them from the states at that price. Got my order in:kick:
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    Completed mvp.auctions & Gazza's NBA

    Redemption code received.
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    Completed mvp.auctions & Gazza's NBA

    Agree, payment sent.
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    SOLD/TRADED Please Delete

    Can you pm me a price on the Tatum Spectra mate.
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    Completed Gazza's NBA & Jacqui

    Payment sent, my address is: Gary Scholz 6 Queenscliff Drive Inverloch Victoria, 3996
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    Flawless, Select and Gold Standard

    Cards sent to auction on
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    Flawless, Select and Gold Standard

    Last price reduction before cards are sent to eBay auction.
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    Flawless, Select and Gold Standard

    Final price drop, get in before they sell.
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    Flawless, Select and Gold Standard

    Cards have been listed on Larry Johnson Select Taj Gibson Gold Standard Doug McDermott Flawless Wilt Chamberlain Flawless Julius Erving Flawless Thanks for looking.
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    WIN - 1 Spot in "The Laker Show - 15-16 Spectra 5-Box Random Team Case Break"

    Great looking product, black 1/1's are amazing:wave:
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    For Sale High End Memorabilia

    Just wondering if you could pm me a ball park figure on the Kobe jersey and Kobe basketball.
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    SOLD/TRADED Kat $220 dlvd last price drop

    If that is $220 delivered I will take it mate, PM me Paypal payment details.
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    For Sale/For Trade Complete new Cards!!! Autos, Patches, 1/1 and ed#

    Can I get your best price on Upper Deck Black Larry Bird 50th Anniversary Patch Auto 1/1 and the Basketball Hall Of Fame Larry Bird USA Basketball Auto. Thanks, Gary.
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    Completed drob50 & Gazza's NBA

    Card received, sweet looking card and thanks for the bonus.
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    For Sale HUGE sale thread - Exquisites, patches, 90s inserts, MJs + MORE

    Can I get a price on the Penny Hardaway Platinum Portraits. Thanks, Gary.
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