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    In Progress Paul_Ambrey and wonderwoman

    Wonderwoman gets cards Paul gets respect and adoration I agree :D
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    For Sale 2 x 2018-19 PRIZM RETAIL SEALED BOXES

    2 x 2018-19 Factory Sealed Panini Prizm Boxes for both $1230 dlvd (registered parcel). Message with questions.
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    Completed wonderwoman and ruawhare

    Wonderwoman receives payment via PayPal. ruawhare receives 3 x Anfernee Simmons cards via standard post. I agree!
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    For Sale EVERY TEAM: Hundreds of parallels, RC, inserts, autos, patches for sale

    Grouped by teams below. Use ‘Ctrl + F’ if you’re looking for a specific player/set/type etc. Message me with what you’d like and your offer. Photos on request. Postage: $3 standard (less than 10 cards, then by weight) or registered (for however much that costs - keep in mind Aus Post are...
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    Completed taffster74 and wonderwoman

    Taffster74 receives agreed cards via standard post. wonderwoman receives payment via PayPal. I agree!
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    Completed Marty Party and Wonderwoman

    Marty Party receives agreed cards. Wonderwoman receives payment via PayPal. I agree!
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    Completed wonderwoman and lukesicari

    wonderwoman receives PayPal $$ lukesicari receives cavs lot and court kings base lot I agree!
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    My ASMR NBA Card Examination Channel

    I started a channel revolving around my NBA card collection. I only have a few videos up right now but if you’re into this sort of thing please have a look. It’s not ASMR as in tapping or mucking around swinging items from left to right, but rather just gentle handling and looking at my cards...
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    Selling my 2006 Firefly binder with all of the following: Official padded binder Full base set of 72 cards 'Firefly Forever' Full Chase Set (9 cards) 'Partners' Box-Loader Cards Full Set (3 cards) 'The Battle of Serenity' cards B3, B4 Autograph card A9 Greg Henry as Sheriff Bourne Dealer Sell...
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    Base cards from Prizm, Revolution, Hoops, Donruss

    Hey guys, I have many base cards from the following sets - if you’re in need of anything to complete your set, give me a message and I’ll see if I have it. I have many inserts from 19-20 Donruss too if interested. 2015-16 Contenders 2017-18 Revolution 2019-20 Hoops 2019-20 Prizm 2019-20...
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    Alex Caruso

    Please PM me anything you have, will look at any Caruso cards.
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    Completed Rishgoon and wonderwoman

    Rishgoon gets $$$ via preferred payment method Wonderwoman receives True Blood card/binder lot I agree!
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    In Progress PieMad10 and wonderwoman

    PieMad10 gets PayPal $ Wonder Woman gets Court Kings cards I agree.
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    Various Base Cards Wanted

    Looking to complete the following sets. Need the below base: 2014-15 TOTALLY CERTIFIED 133, 136A, 171 2014-15 PANINI PRESTIGE 95, 120, 122, 145, 165, 174 2014-15 PANINI PRIZM 293, 282, 276, 263, 262, 256, 253, 251, 248, 203, 196, 173, 163, 150, 149, 138, 124, 120, 115, 114, 112, 109, 100, 99...
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    New Rookie Pulls/Acquisitions

    Hey guys! Just wanted to share my recent PC acquisitions with you all. Pulled these three cards from a few boxes recently, getting them graded one by one. The Complete Booker is a case hit and I only bought one $7 box for a bit of fun. I guess it balances out with the countless $$$ I've spent...
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    2018-19 NBA Hoops Base

    UPDATE: 01/04/19. Thanks to Paul_Ambrey I only need one card to complete my base, anyone got #126!? 126 Thank you!
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    Completed wolvesjr34 and wonderwoman

    wonderwoman receives two Alias cards. wolvesjr34 receives money via PayPal. I agree!
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    Completed Paul_Ambrey and wonderwoman

    wonderwoman receives 2017-18 Panini Prestige lot Paul_Ambrey receives $ I agree.
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    Completed wonderwoman and Brandboy20

    Brandboy20 gets $ via Paypal wonderwoman gets Alias sealed box I agree :)
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    Completed Bridger and wonderwoman

    Bridger receives $ via direct deposit wonderwoman receives Stargate card C2 I agree. :)
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    Completed Jay Dee and wonderwoman

    Jay Dee receives $ via bank transfer, wonderwoman receives set of Goa'uld Technology (9 cards). I agree :)
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    ALIAS Needs (Inkworks)

    I am really starting to get close to completing my collection of all 4 seasons but I need help! If you have any of the below and want to negotiate a price please do message me. Naturally a few of the below can be found on eBay but due to postage and import costs I want to source them here if I...
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    Completed wonderwoman and ChrisTrades

    wonderwoman receives x 7 NBA Hoops packets ChrisTrades receives $ through paypal I agree :)
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    For Sale Prestige/NBA Hoops/Donruss Base Cards and Numbered Cards

    Any base cards you need from the following please let me know, I have over 1000 doubles I am looking to move - or just buy all of them! BASE CARDS 2018/2019 Panini Hoops 2018/2019 Panini Donruss 2017/2018 Panini Prestige 2016/2017 Panini Complete 2015/2016 Panini Complete 2016 Panini Contenders...
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    For Sale Panini LUXE 2014/2015 Autographs

    Make an offer on any of the below. Most of them in mint-excellent condition, but as is the unfortunate case with the Panini metal frames some of the cards have small dints (apparently from the fingernails of factory workers) or the metal frame doesn’t look clean. I will send better, closer pics...
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