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  1. cardfund

    In Progress Cardfund & Hosko87

    @Hosko87 recieves Kevin Durant Lot Cardfund recieves $$$ Agreed mate?
  2. cardfund

    Cardfund Clearance Lots (Lebron, Giannis, KD, Luka, Harden, KP etc)

    Hi guys clearing out some lots, some cross-listed below prices included registered post. Any questions, let me know. Lebron Silver/Holo Lot (Hoops is serial'd) ~$90 Luka RC Lot $150 (includes Swirloarama/50) Kristaps Porzingis RC Lot ~$80 Giannis Optic Holo Lot ~ $150 Pascal...
  3. cardfund

    Ja Morant Donruss the Rookies x 3 lot

    $50 dlvd registered. Cross posted.
  4. cardfund

    LF 19-20 Optic Stephen Curry, Lebron & Rui, Kawhi

    Hi everyone, looking for the below: Optic 19-20: Steph - Holo Lebron - Base/ Any Colours Kawhi - Holo/Any Colours Jamal Murray - Holo Nikola Jokic - Holo Trae Young - Holo Deandre Hunter - Holo De'Aaron Fox- Purple Rui Hachimura - Base/Holo/Any Colours PM with prices.
  5. cardfund

    LF: Rui, Ayton, Lebron, Luka, Giannis & Curry

    Hi everyone, Looking for the following: -Rui -Ayton from 18-19 -Lebron Patches (all years) -Giannis 19-20 Prizm colours -Curry 19-20 Prizm Colours -Luka 19-20 Prizm Colours Please PM what you have and price. Thanks!
  6. cardfund

    In Progress Cardfund & 1stBowman

    @1stBowman sends Rui Hachimura Green Prizm cardfund sends $$$$ @1stBowman agree?
  7. cardfund

    Zion, Lebron, Dame, SGA , Kawhi & AD Lots

    Zion 2019-20 prizm 3 card lot ~ $310 delievered Lebron Silver Lot ~ $100 delivered -2018-19 Select Silver Prizm -2016-17 First Step Silver Prizm SGA Lot ~ $90 delievered: -2018-19 Immaculate Patch -2018-19 Select Patch -2018-19 Select Premier x 2 -2018-19 Select Concourse x3 AD Lot ~...
  8. cardfund

    In Progress cardfund & Slick.34

    @Slick.34 Will receive 10x Ja Morant Prizm Cardfund wil receive $$$$ Agree @Slick.34 ?
  9. cardfund

    Completed cardfund & KaboomCards

    Cardfund receives Rui pair KaboomCards receives $$$ @KaboomCards agree?
  10. cardfund

    Completed Cardfund & Viettty

    Cardfund send $$$ Vietty sends Ja Morant Base x 5 @Viettty Agree?
  11. cardfund

    Updated 18/19/20 Prizm Want List

    Hi Guys, Updated list below, please PM with prices. Prefer multiple cards if possible, thanks! 2017-18 Prizm: -John Collins (Base) -Jonathan Isaac (Base + Others) -Markelle Fultz (Base) 2018-19 Prizm -Aaron Holiday (Base) -Troy Brown Jr (Base) -Marvin Bagley (Base) -Lonnie Walker IV (Base)...
  12. cardfund

    For Sale Curry, Giannis, Harden & KD rookies for Sale

    Updated the thread to new cards below, thanks! Paypal F&F Prices are dlvld include registered post: Curry Panini RC PSA 9 ~ $80 Curry Prestige RC #230 ~$50 Curry Prestige RC #157~$50 Giannis Fleer RC #47 ~$30 Giannis SP Authentic RC #36 ~$35 Giannis Prestige RC #175 ~$40 Giannis Panini RC...
  13. cardfund

    Curry, Harden & Holiday 2018-19 Prizm

    Looking for different colours. Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  14. cardfund

    In Progress Cardfund & Ak4iza

    Ak4zia receives Ben Simmons Select RC Cardfund receives $$$$ Agree @Ak4iza ?
  15. cardfund

    Rookie Autos + Kobe Rookies + Ben Simmons & Huerter

    Quick sale. Prices below, thanks! Add $3.50 regular postage or $7 registered for postage Anfernee Simon RC s ~ $40 Kevin Huerter RC /149 ~ $25 Kevin Huerter RC /99 ~ $25 Ben Simmons RC ~ $15 Reggie Miller /50 ~ $25 Kobe Topps RC ~ $30 Kobe Fleer RC~ $15 (sides of cards a bit damaged)...
  16. cardfund

    In Progress Cardfund & Kimmy3832

    Cardfund sends 15 card Lonnie Walker Lot (3 autos, 12 base) Kimmy3832 send $$$ Agree?
  17. cardfund

    Hello everyone

    Hi all! My name is Rhys I am focused on basketball cards, at the moment mostly focusing on a lower level cards, hoping to get into the mid-high range before the end of the year. Happy to be here.
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