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  1. clipper

    Give Away: 90s commons cards

    hi All, I am looking to get rid of my excess common cards that i have stored away. before I throw them in the bin, I thought if anyone was interested in taking them from me and put them to good use if you have kids or for other purposes. I have gone through the boxes I have and...
  2. clipper

    Beckett Annual 19th Edition?

    Hi All, I'm after the 19th Edition or the beckett annual. anybody?
  3. clipper

    NBA.TV Subscription 2011-12

    Hi all, Just jumped on to look at this season's nba league pass, and they have changed it from last season. Instead of Standard & Premium, it is now League Pass (former Premium), and Team Pass (choose your team). Interesting thing is the pricing! for the season it is currently...
  4. clipper

    Sneaker Websites to find the value of Air jordan IV originals

    Hi all, does anybody know of sneaker websites in order to value shoes? or can give me info themselves on how I would go about valuing shoes? my brother has given me his pair of Air Jordan IVs Originals that he wants to sell. So before I chuck them on ebay, I want to find out what the...
  5. clipper

    2010/11 NBA League Pass Broadband

    Hi guys, just wondering if anyone is getting memebership this season? I'm thinking about it but not sure what package is best. Sorry if there is already a thread, on this< I did a search and couldn't find a current one.
  6. clipper

    Ebay selling & payment question

    hi all, just wondering if anyone had a situation when selling something on ebay, and the winning bidder asks for you bank deposit details, even when you have said paypal is the only payment method. The response you get back is "sorry don't have paypal, and didn't read the payment page"...
  7. clipper

    Looking for Skybox 08/09 Base

    Hi All, looking to complete my skybox base set, I'm in the need of the following: 3 5 8 23 33 45 60 65 70 72 82 123 140 190 If you can message me if you can help out thanks
  8. clipper

    2004-05 Skybox LE Box Break

    Hi All, busted this box last night from westriots ebay auction super sale! the results were: GU - Kevin Garnett Proof (Jersey) parallel # 99 - Pau Gasol Proof (Jersey) Inserts - Elgin Baylor Legends of the Draft - George Gervin Legends of the Draft - Bill Walton Legends of the...
  9. clipper

    Larry Bird on card Auto

    Hi All, I am looking at getting a Larry Bird on card auto for my brother's birthday/xmas present. Is there anybody who has any for sale?
  10. clipper

    Music CD Storage

    hey all, Just interested in your solutions on storing music CDs. Having CD towers around the house these days are a bit of an eyesore, and my wife has put me in charge to come up with a better solution. My current options are: - rip all cds to the PC and sync to Ipod, then sell or store...
  11. clipper

    Completed clipper & barrybumhead

    barrybumhead to receive skybox and topps commons clipper to receive $$
  12. clipper

    Completed clipper & holzbauer

    Clipper to receive 08-09 skybox commons holzbauer to receive $$$$ money sent!
  13. clipper

    Skybox set chase

    Hi All, hoping someone can help with completing the following sets: 08-09 Skybox 3, 5, 8, 21, 23, 25, 29, 31, 33, 43, 44, 45, 55, 60, 61, 65, 70, 72, 82, 84, 95 123, 135, 140, 170, 190 04-05 Skybox Premium 2, 9, 15, 18, 20, 21, 22, 28, 30, 31, 37, 38, 40, 41, 44, 46, 48, 49,55 61...
  14. clipper

    Calculating US Mail Postage?

    Hi just wondering if anybody can help me in trying to calculate what the US Mail International postage costs of some boxes would be. The website which I am considering to buy from doesn't have the weight listed for each box, but obviously this is a requirement using the Us Mail calculator...
  15. clipper

    Wanted: Skybox & Fleer Cards

    Hi All, I am after the following cards to complete sets: Base Cards: 02-03 Fleer Premium 21 Jamall Tinsley 22 Richard Jefferson 31 David Wesley 40 Rip Hamilton 43 Gilbert Arenas 49 Ricky Davis 59 Brent Barry 61 Lee Nailon 63 Kenyon Martin 68 Donyell Marshall 70 Cuttino Mobley...
  16. clipper


    who felt that?!
  17. clipper

    04-05 Skybox Premium Break

    Hey all, just busted a box of 04-05 Skybox premium, and the hits were: - Premium Performers Insert: Webber, Dirk - Premium Performers Jersery: Ben Wallace 57/75 - Proven Performers Insert: John Havlicek - Parquet Performers: Dave Cowens - Hometown Shoutouts Jersey: Elton Brand -...
  18. clipper

    Fleer EX Box Break From Case Share

    Hi All, the following are the hits from my box: - Rookie Auto Kyle Lowry 168/399 - Clearly Authentics AU Patch (2 Colour) Peja 16/25 - Connextions dual jersery Shaq/Simien 199/199 Thanks to DarthAnnihl8or for organising the case break scans up tonight
  19. clipper

    07-08 Fleer Hobby (not Live)

    Just busted a box I think I won off westroit on ebay, the hits were: - JR Smith Autographics - Jeff Green NBA classics - Aaron Affalo Nba classics - David Robinson Feel the game and! - Jordan Missing Links Game Used! Very happy with the box, espcially getting 5 hits instead of...
  20. clipper

    02/03 Fleer Premium (not live)

    Hi all, just busted a box I got off ebay over the weekend, 02/03 Fleer Premium Hobby Box. The hits were: - A Cut Above: A Cut Above, Demarr Johnson - Premium Gear: Mutombo - Prime Time Game Used: David Robinson - Prime Time: Webber, Marbury - 3x Threats: Shaq - Skylines: Iverson...
  21. clipper

    Tracking US postal package?

    hi All, bought a box of old 1992 skybox oiff ebay about a month back and still haven't received it I message the seller and he told me that it come back to him and he sent it out again providing me with a tracking number, the message is: these were sent on Domestic priorty mail you can...
  22. clipper

    Pub to watch NBA playoffs sat. morning in Melb?

    Hi all, just wondering if anybody can help me finding a place to go to in the city to watch the hawks vs celtics game which is on ESPN at 10am? My cousin and I are planning to go to the footy tomorrow to watch the hawks vs pies, and want to see the game beforehand on our way in. I;ve...
  23. clipper

    Clipper & Vintage

    Clipper receives cards for 1998-1999 skybox set Vintage receives $$$$
  24. clipper

    clipper & Bruntyblue

    - clipper receives 06-07 upper deck commons - bruntyblue receives $$$$
  25. clipper

    Skybox 98 Series 2 Rookies & Upper Deck 06-07

    HI, can anybody help with the following: 1998 - 1999 Skybox Premium Series 2: 228 229 231 232 243 244 245 246 251 253 254 255: Dirk RC 257 260 262: Bibby RC 264 2006-2007 Upper Deck: 4 14 21 22 31 33 38 50 55 56 83 90 100 101 104 118 121 138 150...
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