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    For Sale 2 x 2018-19 PRIZM RETAIL SEALED BOXES

    2 x 2018-19 Factory Sealed Panini Prizm Boxes for both $1230 dlvd (registered parcel). Message with questions.
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    Completed wonderwoman and ruawhare

    Wonderwoman receives payment via PayPal. ruawhare receives 3 x Anfernee Simmons cards via standard post. I agree!
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    For Sale EVERY TEAM: Hundreds of parallels, RC, inserts, autos, patches for sale

    Grouped by teams below. Use ‘Ctrl + F’ if you’re looking for a specific player/set/type etc. Message me with what you’d like and your offer. Photos on request. Postage: $3 standard (less than 10 cards, then by weight) or registered (for however much that costs - keep in mind Aus Post are...
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    Completed taffster74 and wonderwoman

    Taffster74 receives agreed cards via standard post. wonderwoman receives payment via PayPal. I agree!
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    Completed Marty Party and Wonderwoman

    Marty Party receives agreed cards. Wonderwoman receives payment via PayPal. I agree!
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    Base cards from Prizm, Revolution, Hoops, Donruss

    I have rookies across some sets too so please message me if you're needing anything. I have inserts and parallels from Contenders 2019-20, 2019-20 Donruss and Hoops 2019-20 (+ Hoops and Donruss 2018-19) amoung others.
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    Base cards from Prizm, Revolution, Hoops, Donruss

    Bump, more sets added! PM me your needs from the above sets and I’ll see what I have!
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    Completed wonderwoman and lukesicari

    wonderwoman receives PayPal $$ lukesicari receives cavs lot and court kings base lot I agree!
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    My ASMR NBA Card Examination Channel

    Let it be known to all, I am honoured to have shown graham something new, even if it’s... bizarre 🤪 At least I have held back on the scratching and whispering for now 😉 Can you not!? 🤓
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    My ASMR NBA Card Examination Channel

    Cool! I don’t collect anything less than BGS 9.5, never thought to get them regraded through PSA - thanks for the idea!
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    My ASMR NBA Card Examination Channel

    My understanding is that it can be visual also, but I suppose in the end it’s just me slowly handling my cards, and that might be a bit strange :)
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    My ASMR NBA Card Examination Channel

    I started a channel revolving around my NBA card collection. I only have a few videos up right now but if you’re into this sort of thing please have a look. It’s not ASMR as in tapping or mucking around swinging items from left to right, but rather just gentle handling and looking at my cards...
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    Darius Garland Auto

    Apparently he signed a contract with Upper Deck instead of Panini, so you’ll find a Goodwin Champion auto but nothing in the usual Panini sets?
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    Selling my 2006 Firefly binder with all of the following: Official padded binder Full base set of 72 cards 'Firefly Forever' Full Chase Set (9 cards) 'Partners' Box-Loader Cards Full Set (3 cards) 'The Battle of Serenity' cards B3, B4 Autograph card A9 Greg Henry as Sheriff Bourne Dealer Sell...
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    Base cards from Prizm, Revolution, Hoops, Donruss

    Hey guys, I have many base cards from the following sets - if you’re in need of anything to complete your set, give me a message and I’ll see if I have it. I have many inserts from 19-20 Donruss too if interested. 2015-16 Contenders 2017-18 Revolution 2019-20 Hoops 2019-20 Prizm 2019-20...
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    Alex Caruso

    Please PM me anything you have, will look at any Caruso cards.
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    Completed Rishgoon and wonderwoman

    Rishgoon gets $$$ via preferred payment method Wonderwoman receives True Blood card/binder lot I agree!
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    2018-19 Court Kings

    Bump! Updated.
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