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    Couple of PSAs - Curry and Trae

    Amazing grade for a first time sub. Both great cards.
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    KG PSA 9’s

    Love seen the older refractors. I know 2005 was a bit of a weird release of topps chrome but that there is something very nostalgic for me with that particular design.
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    New cards for my PC (MAGIC JOHNSON)

    I've never seen the certified champions insert from TC but that is a awesome looking card design.
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    Random mailday

    Glad to see SBF is still lending a helping hand. Love the MJ and you can't go wrong with anything numbered of his!
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    Kobe E-XCEPTIONAL 2000

    Beautiful card.
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    Nice little Doncic Mail Day

    That is a sweet card to turn up as a surprise.
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    The State of the Hobby....

    It's weird seeing so much money come into the hobby. It's cool to know the stuff you've been collecting for years has gained value, but it's a bit of a double edged sword. I've enjoyed picking up base and silver prizms since the product first came out, but it's reached a tipping point for me...
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    Nice big mailday

    Huge haul there. MJ beam teams plus MJ & Bron autos, can't go wrong there.
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    The Zodiac Collection

    I haven't stopped by this thread in a while but I always love the older Celts rookie autos you nab. The big baby makes me miss SP authentic autos.
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    Past couple maildays

    Damn that is a tonne of good stuff. Ive been picking up some nice cheaper Bron prizms myself but nothing of that volume
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    RJ Barrett Mailday

    I really like the design of these autos, just wish prizm was able to land some on card autos
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    Ja Mailday

    Epic card and great grade. Solid pick up
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    More Paul George!!! (plus some others from a break)

    Love the sole of the game set. Cant go wrong with graded MJ either
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    Ja white chocolate!

    Nice autos mate
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    My Jaren Jackson Jr PC.

    Solid PC you got going for just a side PC, nice stuff.
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    Jordan Lebron logoman $900,000

    Epic card and an amazing amount of money involved. To the majority of us 900k is an unimaginable amount to spend on a card but he is in a completely different stratosphere financially when compared to the average collector so totally makes sense he would drop that sort of coin on what appears to...
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    A little bit of 90's and early 2000's reminiscing........

    I missed this thread but it's a good read. I grew up in a tiny town so never got to experience many card shop visits during the boom but one thing I did get was card crazy vending machines. i loved the variety of singles and different products in those things. I remember buying singles I didnt...
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    2020 All Star Game - Changes and honouring Kobe

    The biggest thing missing from the all dunk contest, at least for me, is not having the bigger names. Having lesser know rookies and sophmores it doesnt feel as important
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    RIP Kobe Bryant

    Super sad news. Really taken aback by this. Such a massive part of bball history gone too soon
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    Christmas gift from skip!

    This is a bit of a belated christmas mailday, but the very generous @skip20 decided to send me some nice Aminu's for the PC. I haven't posted a mailday in awhile but that's because I moved to NZ in June of last year and 95% if the PC has remained in Aus for now, so it was nice of Skip to ship...
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    Break mailday

    Is it weird I am most intrigued by Ricky Davis autos being a new products? I think that is awesome.
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    Results from an 8-Box Inner Case of Revolution

    Nice clear autos and the Shai is a galactic correct?
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    Mega MJ Mail day Zion and a 1/1 Porter Jr ;0

    Damn, dropping from GOAT goodness there. The Zion and MJP autos are sick as well.
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    Prizm hyper mailday

    Nice hypers. They seem under appreciated due to the crazy amount of parallels but both are good looking cards.
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    Mailday, a trade pickup and BGS Return ***KG HOF HYPE***

    Never seen that hall hopefuls set but that is a slick looking design
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