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  1. West Oz Cards

    Magic: The Gathering - War of the Spark for sale

    MTG War of The Spark now available at West Oz Cards! Click here ==>
  2. West Oz Cards

    Panini Fortnite Trading Cards Series I - Packs & Boxes for sale

    Heaps of Fortnite in stock ready to ship! Click here ==>
  3. West Oz Cards

    For Sale 2018-19 Prizm Retail & Blaster Boxes

    Cheapest in Australia. - Prices include delivery. $34.95 Prizm Retail Blasters - 6 packs - 4 cards per pack - 1 Auto or Memorabilia $99.95 Prizm Retail Boxes - 24 packs - 4 card per pack - 1 auto and 12 Prizms 12 retail exclusive inserts per box
  4. West Oz Cards

    For Sale 18-19 Hoops Hobby Box - $110 Delivered!

    Yes, that's right! Just $109.95 Delivered for New Season Hoops!!! West Oz Cards has the BEST PRICES!
  5. West Oz Cards

    The SUPREME 12

    Upper Deck Supreme is back in a big way! WOC has 2 boxes of the ultimate NBA Memorabilia ready to rip alongside the freshest NBA release products in Encased and Dominion! 2018 UD Supreme x2 17-18 Encased x1 17-18 Dominion x1 17-18 Select x1 17-18 Contenders x1 17-18 Totally Certified x3 17-18...
  6. West Oz Cards

    Calling all MOJO Detectives! The Search Continues tonight!

    By now some or most of you would have seen Reloaded getting around. Its a fantastically put together custom repack from Melbourne Australia. Word has it that 3 of the biggest hits of the product have not yet surfaced. JOIN THE SEARCH HERE...
  7. West Oz Cards

    Completed West Oz Cards and hackadeandre

    This one is for the deal now; steve adams booklet more mosaics delivered to me for paypal$ do you concur young man?
  8. West Oz Cards

    Completed hackadeandre And West Oz Cards

    This one is for the last deal on all the prizm cards and prizm mosaics. A whole bunch posted to me for $75 or something. Do you agree?
  9. West Oz Cards

    National Treasures - Draft Your Country!

    The 2018 World Cup is well and truly underway and what better way to celebrate than to rip a case of National Treasures first foray into Soccer!!! This is a Draft Your Country break, which means that participants will be randomized and the resulting order is the order in which you pick a...
  10. West Oz Cards

    Panini Essentials!

    Random Team Group Break ripping tonight June 1st! 5% off for OZCT Members : OZCT5
  11. West Oz Cards

    WANTED: Upper Deck Supreme

    Show me what you have and a price! Thanks
  12. West Oz Cards

    New kid on the block - DOMINION

    Dominion has landed and the first impressions from the hobby scene are positive! Yes it has stickers, but the overall design of the product is of excellent quality! WOC has a Pick Your Team listed with some fantastic teams still remaining! Click HERE to grab a team!
  13. West Oz Cards

    West Oz Cards - The Next Episode!

    WOC has finally moved into a new HQ ! Kicking it off we are doing a 27 Box Mixer - Random Team Break. Also to Celebrate the occasion I am including over $500 in Giveaways! WOC Merch, Ultra-Pro Supplies, Panini Boxes and Singles! Hit the Link to secure your spot...
  14. West Oz Cards

    WOC Group Breaks - National Treasures, Encased, Dominion, Essential

    New Group Breaks Just Listed! National Treasures is just around the corner and will again be awesome!!! Click the link to secure your team!
  15. West Oz Cards

    New PYT Breaks Listed - Chronicles - Contenders - Select!

    West Oz Cards has been pumping out the hits! New Products listed so jump on the website and grab your favorite team!
  16. West Oz Cards

    West Oz Cards Breaks Tonight! PRIZM PYT / Ascension / Mixer

    Teams and Spots still available! Hit the website here; Youtube channel here; Live from 5pm WST
  17. West Oz Cards

    Completed West Oz Cards & nagrom21

    West oz cards sends some paypal$$$ @nagrom21 sends me some cards. Do we have a deal?
  18. West Oz Cards

    Completed West Oz Cards & max23

    Max23 sends 13-14 crusade Kemp gold to me prior to payment West oz Cards pays @max23 after receiving the card. Ok with this deal mate?
  19. West Oz Cards

    West Oz Cards - Immaculate Breaks

    The wait is nearly over!!! Perennial fan favorite Immaculate Basketball is back and you can be assured there will be serious MOJO to be found in West Oz Cards cases! First case has been listed in Pick Your Team format! Click the picture to head to the website!
  20. West Oz Cards

    West Oz Cards - Preferred Breaks

    Preferred is back as a staple diet of the NBA landscape and this year will be highly sought after for one thing only.. Cavaliers Championship Booklets! Always a year behind schedule is a bit confusing, but this years product will have the game-worn pieces to the Cleveland Cavaliers historical...
  21. West Oz Cards

    West Oz Cards - New NBA Product - Impeccable !!!

    Panini might have made a few mistakes this last season.. but I guarantee they have done one thing right.. and that is bringing Impeccable to the NBA product line! This was a phenomenal NFL product last year and looks to be bringing the same to us NBA fans! 2 Pick Your Team Breaks are listed on...
  22. West Oz Cards

    For Sale Pre-Sale: Panini Noir & Preferred Boxes/cases

    If you're thinking about doing some personal box or case breaks of Noir or Preferred, then look no further! WOC has you covered with great pre-sale prices! Noir is always a crowd favorite with its sleek black designs and golden accents. This year Panini looks to move away from its horrid...
  23. West Oz Cards

    West Oz Cards - Last Chance Noir at WOC - Dual Case!!!

    Hi Cardboard Lovers! West Oz Cards pulled absolute FIYAH in the first 5 case breaks and we love the product so much we are going to RIP another two cases together in a DUAL CASE BREAK! This one is going to be left up to the participants to decide whether to do a Random Team OR Team Draft ...
  24. West Oz Cards

    WOC is BACK

    Hi Guys, thought I'd share the news, I'll pop the email down here! I'd like to thank the team at Ozcardtrader who have supported me right from the start and hope I can give back to the collecting community again as I did before! If you have any questions, please...
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