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  1. Delta

    Completed Delta & Sharky

    Delta gets: Will Hopoate Black Street Art Aiden Tolman Clear Startoon Parallel: 28,29 Sharky gets Paypal Cash Delta agrees @Sharky
  2. Delta

    For Sale/For Trade 2020 Traders

    2020 Traders: Parallel: 16,37,55,72,83,86,94,107,109,121,131,134,144 + more Representative: 12,52,47,53 League Leaders: Silver: 1 - RTS Metres BEST AND LESS: GOLD: 9 - Jason Taumaulolo Silver: 5,10,12,15 Check want list in signature for other needs. Thanks Tola
  3. Delta

    Completed Delta & sixtiesseventieseighties

    @sixtiesseventieseighties gets: 2008 Centenary Eddie Lumsden IP Delta gets: 1990 Fielders: Les Johns George Peponis Chris Anderson 2016 Elite: Engine Room: 9 - Browne, 13 - Perrett 2016 Extreme: Power Card: 2- Rona, Wild Power: 3 - Tolman 2016 Chocolate Stickers: 6 - James Graham 2011...
  4. Delta

    2008 Centenary IPs - Prices Added

    Hello all, I’m looking to sell/ trade these. King - 15 Coote - 15 Lumsden - 30 - GONE Grothe - 10 Daley - 15 Eadie - 25 Clyde - 20 Langlands - 100 Johnny King Cards have some biro marks on the front. Also have: 2019 Traders Emerald Signature: JFH - $7.50 2012 Dynasty error cards, bulldog...
  5. Delta

    Completed Delta & Maxx97

    Delta gets: 2018 Elite IP: Michael Lichaa 2019 Traders Parallel IP: Michael Lichaa @Maxx97 gets: 23 Assorted Common cards. Delta agrees @Maxx97
  6. Delta

    Completed Delta & Richyrich1988

    Delta gets: 2017 Elite: Silver Special: 22, 24, 26, 29 2018 Traders: Pearl Special: 21,22,25,27,28,30 STR: 7,8 Club Hero: 24 2018 Extreme: Pearl Special: 19,22,23,24 Superhero: 6 2018 Elite: SSH: 6 and IPS: 2013 Traders: Krisnan Inu 2015 Elite: Sam Perrett 2016 Elite: Sam Kasiano 2017...
  7. Delta

    Completed Delta & Rooster Pump

    Delta Gets: 2019 Elite Josh Jackson Captain Card Rooster Pump Gets: 2019 Traders: Latrell Mitchell IP Dylan Napa Parallel IP Delta agrees @Rooster Pump
  8. Delta

    Completed Delta/Jimmy79

    @Delta gets: 2019 Elite Base Set And 2019 Traders Platinum Special 24,26,113,115,120 FOTG 4 Startoons 3 @Jimmy79 gets: 2019 Traders Souths Checklist + cash Delta Agrees
  9. Delta

    Completed Delta & rhino1983

    Delta gets: Rhyse Martin Signed Fotg 2019 Traders Nick Meaney Custodians 2019 elite Rhino1983 gets: Cash in person Delta Agrees @rhino1983
  10. Delta

    IPS at Bankwest Stadium

    Hello all. I'm going to tomorrow's match between the Bulldogs and Panthers and was hoping to get some cards signed. I am unfamiliar with the stadium. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Tola
  11. Delta

    2019 Traders 4+2 West Tigers for $80

    Number 209/220. Can only accept cash in Sydney. Thanks for viewing.
  12. Delta

    Completed Delta & Jimmy79

    Delta gets: 2019 Traders: 1 Full Base Set Platinum Special: 22,23,139 FOTG: 46 STR: 7 LLOD: Cameron Murray 2018 Traders FOTG of Cameron Murray @Jimmy79 gets: 2019 Traders: STR 4,12 SOO 32 LLOD; Iosia Soliloa and Small amount of cash Delta agrees
  13. Delta

    2 Starter Packs 2019 Traders

    4 and 2 number 209/220
  14. Delta

    Delta's Wanted Thread

    Still editing the below list for the time being. Looking for the following Bulldogs cards... looking for the cards in red first, but if you have any others, let me know. 2019 Magic Round: Base: Lachlan Lewis (x2), Josh Jackson, Will Hopoate 2019 Glory: Charter Class: 47 - Brian Davies, 70 -...
  15. Delta

    Completed Delta and Hills_News

    @Delta gets $55 worth of cards @Hills_News gets $55 Delta agrees.
  16. Delta

    Baseball Cards

  17. Delta

    A Quick Question

    I have had a 2000 Offical NRL Album for the past few months and could never really understand why Eric Grothe would be in this photo given it is 2000, and he had barely started his career. Pic supplied by Dans NRL. Thanks Tola
  18. Delta

    Completed NRL FAN & Delta

    Delta Gets: 6 Broncos IPS NRL FAN Gets: Paypal Cash Delta Agrees
  19. Delta

    Cancelled Delta & Mick2612

    Delta Gets: 2005 Power Willie Tonga Signature Card. Mick2612 Gets: Hard Cash in Person. Delta Agrees.
  20. Delta

    Need Help Identifying Brisbane Broncos Player 1993.

    Does anyone know who the ball carrier is? Got the number '2' on the sleeve but could be a winger or a second rower. Probably a second rower because Hancock was NO.2. and looks nothing like that. Thanks
  21. Delta

    Completed Delta & XaustinX

    Delta Gets: 2008 Top 100 Signed Cards. Darren Lockyer + Bulk Lot of other signed cards (2007-2016) XaustinX Gets: 2008 Top 100 Signed Cards. Harry Wells Keith Barnes Arthur Summons Eddie Lumsden Noel Kelly Johnny King Ron Coote Graham Eadie Micheal Cronin Kerry Boustead Shane Webcke agreed
  22. Delta

    Completed Delta & Noark-99

    Delta Gets: 2003 XL NRL SIGNATURE ASOTASI Noark-99 Gets: Paypal Cash. Delta Agrees. Just Paid.
  23. Delta

    2012 Dynasty Predictor and Top Try Scorer Break Up.

    Not in my possession, but thought it could be a possible idea to get one of these sets and break them up? Does this need admin approval? From my rough calculations, each team set (including predictor and top try scorer card) as well as the 3 card storm set, should be around 20 dollars and 100...
  24. Delta

    Daily Mirror and The Sun Cards (1967-1968)

    I was going through my checklist and noticed that there were two sets made in this period: Daily Mirror and the Sun. May someone please tell me the difference? Thanks
  25. Delta

    SOLD/TRADED Delete

    all gone
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