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  1. Wellsie

    For Sale 2018 NRL Elite Storm Sapphire Mojo Set #07/20

    Up for sale is a Melbourne Storm Sapphire Mojo Set. #07/20 Looking for $250 delivered or near offer
  2. Wellsie

    For Sale Few random bits and pieces 1995 - now (so far) 2007 Invincible Added

    Small sales thread to start off with. Will add more later no doubt 1995 Dynamic Playmakers Signature 3 Card Set - John Simon #0194/1000 - $125 2012 Select Dynasty Top Prospects - Johnathan Wright #068/300 - Ebay Top Prospects - Matthew Duffie #236/300 - Ebay Clive Churchill Signature...
  3. Wellsie

    Completed 3Bet & Wellsie

    Wellsie is to recieve $$$ via paypal 3Bet is to recieve 7 x 2015 NRL Elite cards consisting of... 1 Gold 4 Pennants 2 Club Champions Wellsie Agrees
  4. Wellsie

    Wellsie's Wantlist. Work In Progress. 1981 - Current

    Hey guys This will take me quite sometime to put together so will update slowly as I go. Prefer trades of course, don't have a huge amount to spend but if your wanting to sell still PM me and I'm sure we can work something out. 1990 - 2000 (The Dynamic Era) 1990 Scanlens/Stimorol Album...
  5. Wellsie

    For Sale/For Trade Wellsie's Sale/Trade Thread

    After deleting all my threads a year or so ago and not being very active on the page I'm finding I'm on here a lot more lately so thought I should probably bring back the sale/trade thread. Will get a wants list trade up shortly as well. If anyone wants pics of anything listed here please feel...
  6. Wellsie

    2003 Select NRL XL box (Dr Grange Case Share box #3)

    Hey guys Box arrived today and busted :) Hits to follow CLUB PLAYER OF THE YEAR CP1, CP12, CP13, CP14, CP15 TEAM OF THE YEAR TY7, TY8, TY9 DALLY M AWARDS DM3 FUTURE FORCE FF36 Adam Woolnough Darren Lockyer Jersey Card
  7. Wellsie

    Completed whiteyismc & Wellsie

    Whiteyismc will receive 2015 Elite YGS2 - Mitch Cornish - Raiders - #052/130 2015 Traders R14 - Beau Ryan – Sharks 2013 Elite LS8 - Danny Buderus - Knights - #099/130 Wellsie will receive $$$ via Paypal and a 2009 Manly Premiership Predictor + 2015 Elite Quad Manly Forward Wellsie agrees :)
  8. Wellsie

    Completed wasportsfan1 & Wellsie

    wasportsfan1 is to receive David Robinson 14/15 Flawless Patch Auto Wellsie is to receive $$$ Wellsie agrees
  9. Wellsie

    Wellsie's New and Refreshed Manly Sea Eagles Wants List

    Righto guys As always do prefer trades! but in saying that if I have the $$$ available I will buy as well 1981 Ardmona Full Set in Box 1981 Scanlens 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, Checklist 5 1982 Scanlens 105, 106, 107, 108, 109, 110, 111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117 1982 Rugby...
  10. Wellsie

    Completed Troy Titans Douglas & Wellsie

    Wellsie is to receive $$$ via Paypal Troy Titans Douglas is to receive 2015 ESP NRL Traders Mark Minichiello Retirement Card Wellsie agrees :)
  11. Wellsie

    Completed No Doubt & Wellsie

    Wellsie is to receive $$$ via Paypal No Doubt is to receive EQ9 - Titans Backs - Hoffman & Sezer - #062/65 Wellsie agrees
  12. Wellsie

    Completed TonyH & Wellsie

    Wellsie is to receive $$$ via Paypal 2014 ESP NRL Elite Signatures Paul Vaughan #68 Tim Mannah #99 TonyH is to receive 2014 ESP NRL Elite Signatures Paul Vaughan #117 Tim Mannah #117 2014 ESP NRL Elite WCHP Brent Tate Josh Papalii Sam Thaiday Wellsie Agrees
  13. Wellsie

    Completed Richard & Wellsie

    Wellsie is to receive $$$ via Paypal Richard will receive 2013 ESP NRL Elite 4 x Fast and The Furious Golds - Bulldogs, Sea Eagles, Panthers and Sharks 2014 ESP NRL Elite Josh Morris WCHP Wellsie Agrees
  14. Wellsie

    Completed Daniel82 & Wellsie

    Wellsie is to receive $$$ via Paypal Daniel82 will receive 2014 ESP NRL Elite Corey Parker League Sensation #067/130 Wellsie agrees
  15. Wellsie

    Completed willo67 & Wellsie

    willo67 is to receive 2015 ESP NRL Elite EQ32 - Wests Tigers Forward Quad #025/65 Wellsie receives paypal $$ Wellsie agrees
  16. Wellsie

    For Sale/For Trade Wellsie's end of Master Set chase clearance

    Hey guys Have recently given up the Master Set chase so I have a few bits and pieces to sell off or trade for some Sea Eagles stuff I need :) Will put up a list here with prices, am open to offers on everything so if you think it's a bit high or want to do a package deal then hit me up :) 1995...
  17. Wellsie

    For Trade WANTED: Jake Trbojevic Signed YG #008

    As the Title above suggests Up for trade I have Trbojevic #075, Kierran Moseley #046 and Mitch Cornish #052
  18. Wellsie

    SOLD/TRADED 14/15 Preferred Kevin Durant Silhouettes Prime

    Hey guys Have this 14/15 Panini Preferred Kevin Durant Silhouettes Prime up for grabs Will accept a partial trade/cash deal however I only PC Steven Adams so would need to be something of his
  19. Wellsie

    Completed 0kramrajnoc & Wellsie

    Wellsie is to receive $$$ via Paypal 0kramrajnoc Is to receive Drazen Petrovic Hall Monitors card from 13/14 Panini Prizm Wellsie agrees
  20. Wellsie

    For Sale/For Trade Low End Insert sale/trade thread

    Hey guys New to the NBA seen but I jumped in with both feet. Have a heap of stuff available here from various boxes I've busted and also box breaks I've taken part in lately. I have no idea on Prices so if there's something your chasing hit me up with a reasonable offer and we will go from...
  21. Wellsie

    SoA Season 1-3, SoA Season 4&5, Castle Season 3&4

    After dragging the girlfriend along to the Brisbane show I managed to get her interested in collecting Sons of Anarchy cards. Brought a box of Season 1-3 at the show for her to bust and recently talked myself into buying a box of Castle Season 3&4 so while I was ordering I got in another SoA 1-3...
  22. Wellsie

    Weekend Low End Box Breaking

    As an NRL collector I've often looked at Panini and thought f**k me how many ways can one company milk the NBA cash cow! How many sets can people be bothered collecting but after being on here for a year or 3 and watching with interest from afar I've seen the logic behind sticking with player or...
  23. Wellsie

    13/14 Timeless Treasures Kevin Garnett Base Black Parallel 1/1

    Hey guys Reasonably new to NBA cards since Panini got the license, Just wondering what the Black Parallel 1/1 cards tend to go for... Either I'm not searching the right listings on ebay or I missed what I'm looking for but I just pulled a Kevin Garnett 1/1 Black Base Parallel and curious on a...
  24. Wellsie

    Completed AussieLaker & Wellsie

    Wellsie is to receive 4 x Woolies Dominoes + $$ AussieLaker is to receive 49 Woolies Dominoes Wellsie Agrees
  25. Wellsie

    Woolies Dominoes Wanted and for Trade

    Hey guys Chasing a few Woolies Dominoes to complete the girlfriends set Wanted 14, 18, 32, 44 For Trade 1x2, 2x4, 4x7, 8x1, 9x6, 11x5, 16x3, 17x1, 22x1, 25x1, 27x2, 33x4, 34x1, 36x1, 39x6, 40x1, 41x3
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