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  1. eddy1010cp3

    2 boxes of AFL infinity!

    Hey guys picked up 2 boxes of infinity from the case share, here are the results BOX 1 Chris judd brownlow medal card Best and Fairest: brent harvey/brady rawlings, brad green, luke hodge Draft rookies: Josh Green 208/400, Jeremy Howe 208/400 Draft pick Sig: Jed Lamb 84/275 BOX...
  2. eddy1010cp3

    Heath Shaw caught betting!

    all that for $85, very stupid
  3. eddy1010cp3

    2011 Select Infinity!

    I got an email from select saying that the cards are being released tomorrow, how are people getting boxes already?
  4. eddy1010cp3

    Unsearched boxes/cases

    looks like it will be cardzone :) thanks for the help !
  5. eddy1010cp3

    Unsearched boxes/cases

    Okay thanks mate, will definitely keep him in mind !
  6. eddy1010cp3

    Unsearched boxes/cases

    Thanks guys Is select usually cheaper than anywhere else?
  7. eddy1010cp3

    Unsearched boxes/cases

    Hey guys I was just wondering where the best place is to go to buy a box of afl cards where I still have a chance of getting the case hit ?
  8. eddy1010cp3

    My first pack of 2011 champions

    So while I wait until select infinity comes out I thought I would go buy a pcket of select champions just for fun, pretty happy with the only pack I have bought of this release: Kepler Bradley silver Daniel Bradshaw superstar gem
  9. eddy1010cp3

    Completed eddy1010cp3 and owen21

    I get: $$ Owen gets: OJ Mayo bowman 48 auto thanks
  10. eddy1010cp3

    1 x 1994 AFL SELECT pack with MOJO

    what one of those worth?
  11. eddy1010cp3

    For Sale OJ Mayo Auto

    12 dlvd? really need to get rid of this
  12. eddy1010cp3

    For Sale OJ Mayo Auto

    hey guys for sale i have an OJ Mayo bowman 48 auto in perfect condition. i really need to get rid of this so ill put it up for $13 dlvd or PM me an offer thanks
  13. eddy1010cp3

    Dynasty Case - LIve

    what happened with the predictors
  14. eddy1010cp3

    Dynasty Case - LIve

    woow thats sweet! what does that get you?
  15. eddy1010cp3

    Dynasty Case - LIve

    c'mon redemption!!!
  16. eddy1010cp3

    MOST SICKEST SPORT INJURY(beware this is grose)

    this one is pretty bad, there a vid on youtube for it but you cant see the break
  17. eddy1010cp3

    Dynasty Case - LIve

    wow thats awsome! have you hit a sydney predictor yet?
  18. eddy1010cp3

    Dynasty Case - LIve

    how many boxes in the case?
  19. eddy1010cp3

    Dynasty Case - LIve

    another 23! that is crazy
  20. eddy1010cp3

    Anyone having delays recieving items from the states?

    i bought 2 cards from the US from two different sellers well over a month ago, one seller recieved his card back in the mail a couple of days ago but the other seems to be lost
  21. eddy1010cp3

    For Sale Huge lot of INSERTS 2005,2006,2007,2008

    these need to go buy 1 get 1 free
  22. eddy1010cp3

    Completed eddy1010cp3 & ozguy3825

    i get some: $$ ozguy gets: 06/07 UD Black Brandon roy dual jersey RC /99 $12 08/09 UD Black Brandon Roy quad jersey /25 $10 09/10 exquisite x3 Brandon Roy Base /199 $2 each 09/10 SP Game Used Four on Four Fabrics (blazers/magic) 7/199 ROY JERSEY NUMBER $8 Fabric...
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