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  1. DGCollectables

    Completed tekk3113 and DGCollectables step back in time for some retro breaks

    tekk3113 gets: 12/13 prizm basketball hobby 12/13 marquee basketball 04/05 fleer hot prospects basketball hobby DGCollectables gets paypai. agreed?
  2. DGCollectables

    Completed araiee and westriot go for some mojo

    araiee gets: 1 x 12/13 elite series basketball hobby box 1 x 13/14 select basketball hobby box mojo dgcollectables gets: bank deposit agreed?
  3. DGCollectables

    Completed DGCollectables and BRONBRON continue the Christmas cheer!

    BRONBRON gets 3 hobby boxes and mojo delivered via express: 13/14 Select 14/15 Prizm 03/04 Triple Dimensions DGCollectables gets cash. agreed? :)
  4. DGCollectables

    Completed dogman22 and westriot do some reading

    dogman22 gets a new 2014 beckett basketball annual; westriot gets cash. agreed? :)
  5. DGCollectables

    Completed postgsl and westriot do some reading

    postgsl gets the latest 2014 beckett basketball annual, westriot gets cash. agreed? :)
  6. DGCollectables

    Completed arts04 and westriot look for treasure

    arts04 gets a hobby box of 10-11 National Treasures, a super thick toploader pack of 25, 100 pack soft sleeves and 5 x 130pt magnetic lucites. agreed? :)
  7. DGCollectables

    Completed steve-o and westriot trade some packs

    steve-o gets the following: 1 x 2007/08 Upper Deck Fleer Hot Prospects Basketball Hobby Pack 1 x 2007 Upper Deck MLS Major League Soccer Pack westriot get cash. agreed? :)
  8. DGCollectables

    Completed steve-o and westriot do a deal for a limited time only

    steve-o gets a hobby box of 12-13 panini limited; westriot gets cash. agreed? :)
  9. DGCollectables

    I got screwed with a $1 DVD i sold on ebay

    Vent time! I sold the DVD Lord of War on ebay a week and payment to me and shipping to them was fine. But then i log into ebay today and discover i have negative feedback from the purchaser along the lines of "Dvd was full of ants should check before send, ants not part of description!" I have...
  10. DGCollectables

    2011 Upper Deck World of Sports Factory Sealed Hobby Box Break 18 August 2013

    This is a factory sealed hobby box of 2011 Upper Deck World of Sports that Ray busted at Parramatta Collectables Fair held at Parramatta Town Hall on 18 August 2013.
  11. DGCollectables

    2012-13 Panini Timeless Treasures Factory Sealed Hobby Box Break 18 August 2013

    At the cardshow on Sunday, i thought i would get back into busting with a box of 12-13 Timeless Treasures. I wanted a Kyrie RC auto so much! Thanks for watching. Hits are the first 10 photos in the Photobucket subfolder. Thanks!
  12. DGCollectables

    Parramatta Collectables Fair Sunday 18 August 2013 - Any Interest?

    Hello, i am just wondering if there is any interest in going to the Parramatta Collectables Fair on Sunday 18 August? It starts at 8am. I was thinking about booking a table to sell NBA boxes, packs and supplies there, but i haven't sold at that show for a long time and do not recall if it was...
  13. DGCollectables

    Completed CardCookie13 and westriot look for treasure

    cardcookie13 gets a case of new national treasures, westriot gets cash. agreed?
  14. DGCollectables

    Completed Stern Blend and westriot read for a day

    Stern Blend gets 2013 Beckett Sports Card Monthly Price Guide (July 2013 #340), westriot gets cash. agreed?
  15. DGCollectables

    How do you change your profile name?

    If anyone can assist, it would be greatly appreciated :)
  16. DGCollectables

    Completed hector and westriot trade some jordans :)

    hector gets the following: 1999 Upper Deck PowerDeck Athletes of The Century Box 1999 Upper Deck Jordan Retirement Factory Set Box 1994 Upper Deck Nike Original Poster Cards Box westriot gets cash; agreed? :)
  17. DGCollectables

    Completed verse1 and westriot deal in penny sleeves

    verse1 gets 4 packs of 100 penny sleeves; westriot gets cash. agreed? :)
  18. DGCollectables

    Completed tanana and westriot thread a needle in a haystack

    tanana gets 2010/11 Panini Threads Basketball Blaster 8-Pack Box. westriot gets cash. agreed? :)
  19. DGCollectables

    Completed Greg_B and westriot go back in time

    Greg_B gets 2 98 spa hobby packs. westriot gets cash. agreed?
  20. DGCollectables

    Completed postgsl and westriot get protection

    postgsl gets 20 x 130pt toploaders; westriot gets cash. Agreed?
  21. DGCollectables

    6 months of maildays...

    Hi gang, I haven't been really acquiring in the last few years, however, i had a bit of an itch 6 months ago and this is what i have gotten so far. Thanks for looking.
  22. DGCollectables

    2011 Panini Prime Signatures NFL Football Hobby Box 1 September 2012

    Here is the hobby box that i won in the premium members competition a few weeks back; thanks for watching:
  23. DGCollectables

    Completed Saints-Fan and westriot go to forward to the past

    Saints-Fan gets a hobby box of the new past and present and some freebies via express post, westriot gets cash. Agreed?
  24. DGCollectables

    For Sale Hobby Boxes, Packs and Supplies for Sale

    Hi all, I will just be listing all the boxes, packs and supplies i have for sale. Stocks are limited so some items may sell out before you message me, however, i will endeavour to update the list as soon as items are sold. All items (unless stated otherwise) are factory sealed, unsearched and...
  25. DGCollectables

    Advertising on NBA jerseys; coming to a team near you...

    Has anyone mentioned this development yet? According to the blog, "While no vote was taken on putting advertisements on jerseys for the first time, the discussion in the ballroom inside the Encore hotel on the Strip showed a strong...
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