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  1. Coopz05

    zion green hoops

    That’s not a ‘normal rookie’ its a neon green parallel
  2. Coopz05

    Share your exquisite cards!

    Dude!! As a Kobe collector whose #1 goal has been to collect every single Kobe base card ever, that exquisite base card is sublime!!!! I was always leaving the Exquisite base cards til last due to cost, now I think I'll never get those.
  3. Coopz05

    Jordan Lebron logoman $900,000

    So good it went to Nat. I wish he’d open a museum or a shrine. Id fly to the states to see his collection.
  4. Coopz05

    Kids guide to collecting sports cards

    My 7yr old son, Kobe, has recently started a youtube channel (not solely about cards) and today released a cool video about his favorite hobby, encouraging kids to collect cards and I thought Id share it for anyone else here who has kids that love cards as much as he does! FYI this was filmed...
  5. Coopz05

    2020 All Star Game - Changes and honouring Kobe

    So what advatage does the team who won 2 out of the first 3Qs get? Or whats the real point of those Qs then? There seems no insentive or am I missing something?
  6. Coopz05

    Kobe Bryant..... the good.... the great..... and the ugly

    As someone who has collected Kobe for nearly a decade now, hoping to one day pass them on to my 7yr old son, Kobe Cooper, I havent even been able to bring myself to look up ebay prices for just base cards I want from this years cards for fear of profiteers. Scum. If you didnt respect him last...
  7. Coopz05

    MyMallBox....the end of the line

    What mmb shipping service did you use? ive been using their base shipping with no tracking and claim them at $1 per card and havent got a GST bill yet, but Im not shipping cards as valuable as yours. will this change for me now if using ups? Or not cos I choose the cheapest shipping?
  8. Coopz05

    For Sale Joe Ingles 1/1 BGS 9/5 & 10 | Aron Baynes Auto 3/5 ... more

    Thanks mate. Whilst Im obviously a little interested, I don’t really consider NSCC ‘real’ 1/1s, and I don’t want to pay a premium for graded cards that I’ll only break out of the slab anyway.
  9. Coopz05

    Horrible new 19-20 Panini autos - a note from actual collectors to Panini

    My issue is it feels like their low end selection of players gets lower and bigger every year. As a new Broekhoff collector (which I only chose as i suspected he wouldn’t be worthy of any cards after his rookie year) I’m actually disappointed he’s now looking to have sticker autos inmost...
  10. Coopz05

    Check out some of these redemptions fulfilled this past week.....

    Getting really nervous about the 20 odd Joe Ingles redemptions Ive got in the system...
  11. Coopz05

    Looking to make a few trades

    @nichj99 you still pc’ing Faried??? Any spares for the new guy?
  12. Coopz05

    Michael Jordan Promo's UD 1995

    Yes, I would say so. Not sure how much more. If it helps, when I collected Longley most of the Bulls oversized cards I bought with MJ on them were between $4-$10
  13. Coopz05

    Michael Jordan Promo's UD 1995

    Hi there, Best to keep your 90s cards for the nostalgia. For example, card 1 sells for $1.11 (even less if you make an offer) Card 2 on the other hand you...
  14. Coopz05

    Has anyone used

    @warriors_man Ive heard a similr story but always got my stuff thankfully. I think Im only gonna use it for cards now though. Got 8 tees sent to them last month and the shipping was $125usd (nearly $200aud)
  15. Coopz05

    NBA has no love for the Aussies

    Sore losers? Lol
  16. Coopz05

    Ryan Broekhoff WANT LIST

    2018-19 Autographs 2018-19 National Treasures Auto's NT Gold #158 Ryan Broekhoff AU /10 2018-19 Base/Parallels 2018-19 Status #119 RC Status (Walmart only) /45 #119 RC Aqua (Fat Pack) #119 RC Gold /10 #169 Gold /10 #169 Pursuit SSP 2019-20 Hoops great significance auto gold /10 2019-20...
  17. Coopz05

    Stops 92 card 55 Tiny Pinder

    Cool. I bought mine for $40. I sold it on Ebay later for $48 via auction bids. Im guessing a value of $50 maybe
  18. Coopz05

    Stops 92 card 55 Tiny Pinder

    I paid $40 for mine about 2yrs ago. PM me if you want to sell. I’d consider buying
  19. Coopz05

    COMC Mailbox Thread

    Ive always used the standard option and while delivery time varies between shipments Ive never had one not arrive. And thats over 100 times. Ive also never paid GST when coming into Au
  20. Coopz05

    What 10 cards are must haves in any collection

    I think your list is pretty spot on @Billyhoyle Somehow Id try and add a PMG red of anybody, and an MJ Scoring Kings.
  21. Coopz05

    Cardboard Addicts

    Thanks mate. Thats what I was going for. I wanted to show that there’s many more just like all of us, and that we shouldn’t be ashamed to tell people we collect cards. I know I always rethink right before I tell someone new because of the stigma. Show that we know we’re a little strange for...
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