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    Completed Double11 + Hosko87

    Mitche Robinson Pink Ice Prizm PSA from double11 to Hosko87 for $$$
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    (Added Luka Prizm PSA 9) Prizm Rookies + More (PSA 10's)

    Wendell Carter Jr Prizm Rookie PSA 10 $45 each + Post Marvin Bagley Prizm Rookie PSA 10 $65 each + Post Mitchell Robinson Pink Ice Prizm Rookie PSA 10 $85 + Post D'Angelo Russell Prizm rookie PSA 10 $110 + post 400 Panini Points $20 Also let me know if your after any cards from 2018-19...
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    Completed Double11 + Knott

    Deaaron Fox Crown Royale Auto from Double to Knott for $$ Do you agree?
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    Trae Young Prizm/optic Rookie

    Trae Young Prizm/Optic Rookie let me know what you have
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    Prizm 18-19 + 19-20 + Misc

    Please see below images for everything available. Any Prizm card shown is silver or a coloured variation (And in the case of being numbered the card is turned over). Pricing for any Prizm 19-20 is; Silvers - $1 Each Non Numbered Coloured Variations - $2 Each Anything else please make an offer...
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    For Sale Prizm/Optic 2018-19 Rookies + More

    Hi All, Looking to offload some of growing collection to diversify into other rookie classes. If you're after a player that isn't listed let me know as I still may have some cards for them. Marvin Bagley Prizm Rookie PSA 10 $85 Each Wendell Carter Jr Prizm Rookie PSA 10 $60 each Mitchell...
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    Completed Double11 + Wonderwoman

    Wonderwoman pays $$ through PayPal. Double11 sends Devonte Graham optics + RWB and Mo Prizm Purple + RWB
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    For Sale Random Prizm + Flawless

    A handful of different Prizm and other cards. Will update with prices shortly, but happy for offers to be made also. Mo Wagner - Purple Prizm /75 - $50 Omari Spellman - Fask Break Pink Prizm /50 - $25 Lonnie Walker Prizm Hyper - $20 each (Quantity 2) Larry Hughes - Legendary...
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    For Sale Prizm Silver/Colour Rookies + More

    1. Jaren Jackson Jr Silver Prizm - $100 including delivery. Prizm Silver - $5 each Prizm RWB $5 each Okogie $10 Fast Break Rookies - $2 each Keita Bates-Diop - Bronze /20 $30 Andrew Wiggins- Blue /35 $20 Spectra - $2 each other than AD Green which is $10.
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    Optic Base

    Also looking for any Optic Base or variants for the big rookies in the last 2 classes; ie: Luka Trae MPJ JJJ Fox Mitchell Etc
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    Joel Embiid + KAT Rookie Cards

    Hi Guys, Hoping someone has some Joel Embiid and KAT Prizm Rookie Cards. Let me know. Cheers
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    Completed Double11 and CardFund

    Double11 will send 3x Donovan Mitchell Prizm Rookies Cardfund will send $$$ Do you agree?
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    For Sale Assorted Rookie Cards

    PJ Washington /18 - Contenders Draft Picks Offers accepted. Trae Young - Fast Break Luck of the Lottery $10 Andrew Wiggins - Contenders Optic /35 $20 Jaren Jackson Jr 2x Phenoms 2x Emergent $2 each Jaren Jackson Jr Obsidian Blue /99 $10 Random Fast Break Rookies $1 each
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    Rookie Cards

    Looking for Prizm Rookie Cards of the following names; Happy for just base prizm doesn't need to be numbered but keen on both options. - Bradley Beal - KAT - Kristpas - Ben Simmons - Devin Booker - D-Lo Russell - Luka - Jaren Jackson Jr - Michael Porter Jr. - Wendell Carter Jr. - Anfernee...
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    For Sale Patrick Mahomes - Panini VIP Cracked Ice /99

    Hi All, Looking to sell 2019 Panini National VIP Gold Pack Patrick Mahomes II Purple Cracked Ice 51/99. Got it from a gold pack and don't collect NFL. Looking for $40.
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    Completed Cardfund and double11

    -Jarret Culver -Lebron Century Stars -Kawhi Leonard Optic -OG Anunoby Optic -Collin Sexton Luck of the Lottery x 2 -Wendell Carter Jr Luck of the Lottery x 2 -Nikola Jokic Season Ticket Cardfund to pay $24 incld post for the above cards for double11 to post Do you agree?
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    For Sale Prizm + Optic + Autos

    Hi All, Have had a big cleanup today and looking to offload some cards to fund more purchases. I will have a first lot and then after that I will list by team. All cards in team lots are either Fast Break, Silver or colour variations (So there are no base Prizm cards apart from inserts.)...
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    Completed cardfund and double11

    cardfun and double11 have made this deal..... cardfund will make Paypal for $33. double11 sends Luka Doncic and Trae Young Luck of the Lottery once payment is received. double11 agrees.. do you agree cardfund?
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    For Sale Contenders + Prizm + Misc

    Looking to clear up the collection prices are stated otherwise make an offer, Cheers. $2 $3 $3 CJ - Red Choice Prizm - $5 SOLD 2 Available - $10 Each Make Offers Make Offers
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    For Sale Prizm/Mosaic and Randoms

    Doing a bit of a cleanout of some cards I don't collect or just looking to sell. Make offers on the cards you are interested in. Cheers
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    LF Rookie Cards 2018-19

    Hi All, Mainly looking for Prizm base or Prizm colours and Autos of most varieties for the following rookies. - Wendell Carter Jr - Troy Brown Jr - Miles Bridges - Josh Okogie These ones just looking for base; - Michael Porter Jr - Luka - Trey - Shai - Jaren Jackson Post what you have and...
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    For Sale Prizm + Fast Break Colours and Inserts + More

    Greens and Blues $2 each Red, Pink, Purple $3 each Auto's $4 each $1 each for Silvers + Red/White/Blue Fast Break Inserts $1 each. .50c each Fast Break Cards .50c each Giannis Silver Hyped $3. Magic Johnson Silver Hall Monitors $2 2x Steph Curry Select Silvers. $6 each $5 Each $5 Each
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    For Sale Prizm Rookie Cards - Phenoms and Emergent

    $2 for Luka and Silver Wendell Carter Jr. the rest $1 each.
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    For Sale Quad Rookie Patch + Glen Rice + Prizm Colour + Other

    Hi All, Have been collecting for a few months now and have accumulated some nice cards which Iam not collecting so looking to sell for $$$. Open to offers. Dominion Quad Rookie Patch /10. $250 Glen Rice Flawless 5/5 $50 Lebron Liftoff $10 Donovan Mitchell - Startups RC Cornerstones...
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    For Sale Prizm Assortment + NT Tracy Mcgrady

    Makes offers for singles or the lot. Thanks
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