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  1. eddy1010cp3

    2 boxes of AFL infinity!

    Hey guys picked up 2 boxes of infinity from the case share, here are the results BOX 1 Chris judd brownlow medal card Best and Fairest: brent harvey/brady rawlings, brad green, luke hodge Draft rookies: Josh Green 208/400, Jeremy Howe 208/400 Draft pick Sig: Jed Lamb 84/275 BOX...
  2. eddy1010cp3

    Unsearched boxes/cases

    Hey guys I was just wondering where the best place is to go to buy a box of afl cards where I still have a chance of getting the case hit ?
  3. eddy1010cp3

    My first pack of 2011 champions

    So while I wait until select infinity comes out I thought I would go buy a pcket of select champions just for fun, pretty happy with the only pack I have bought of this release: Kepler Bradley silver Daniel Bradshaw superstar gem
  4. eddy1010cp3

    Completed eddy1010cp3 and owen21

    I get: $$ Owen gets: OJ Mayo bowman 48 auto thanks
  5. eddy1010cp3

    For Sale OJ Mayo Auto

    hey guys for sale i have an OJ Mayo bowman 48 auto in perfect condition. i really need to get rid of this so ill put it up for $13 dlvd or PM me an offer thanks
  6. eddy1010cp3

    Completed eddy1010cp3 & ozguy3825

    i get some: $$ ozguy gets: 06/07 UD Black Brandon roy dual jersey RC /99 $12 08/09 UD Black Brandon Roy quad jersey /25 $10 09/10 exquisite x3 Brandon Roy Base /199 $2 each 09/10 SP Game Used Four on Four Fabrics (blazers/magic) 7/199 ROY JERSEY NUMBER $8 Fabric...
  7. eddy1010cp3

    Completed eddy1010cp3 & kobe4mvp

    I get: $$ kobe gets: 2 harden autos bowman autos: roy jamison lee williams mayo /48 thanks
  8. eddy1010cp3

    Completed eddy1010cp3 and chrisedg

    chris to recieve: Walter Sharpe rookie patch auto i recieve: $$ thanks
  9. eddy1010cp3

    Completed Eddy1010cp3 & Adelaidecrow

    Crow gets: Nick Dal Santo sig + 5 free cards I get: $$ thanks
  10. eddy1010cp3

    eBay Magic Johnson Auto

    i've got a bowman 48 magic johnson auto on ebay for sale. i would love to sell to someone here so i dont have to bother with international shipping. Magic Johnson Bowman '48 auto - eBay (item 120492562597 end time Nov-15-09 23:04:03 PST) thanks :thumbsup: ---------- Post added...
  11. eddy1010cp3

    Completed Eddy1010cp3 & kobe4MVP

    Kobe gets: bowman '48 auto: derrick rose I get: $$ thanks mate
  12. eddy1010cp3

    For Sale Full sale list! Roy!!

    ALL SOLD thanks
  13. eddy1010cp3

    Completed eddy1010cp3 and heafy83

    Heafy gets: Roy flawless auto Roy exquisite base I get: Harden auto thanks mate :thumbsup:
  14. eddy1010cp3

    James Harden wanted

    Hi everyone im looking for everything James Harden thanks
  15. eddy1010cp3

    For Sale RARE Signature cards

    hey everyone, for sale i have a Nick Dal Santo X factor signature card from 2006 champions numbered 62/500 which comes with redemption card and blue sleeve from select. Card is in Mint condition! $65 dlvd PM me if interested thanks
  16. eddy1010cp3

    Bowman '48 auto and blue/black border

    hi i am looking for any bowman '48 autos and the blue or black border cards thanks
  17. eddy1010cp3

    Nicolas Batum wanted

    i am after anything nicolas batum i can trade or buy thanks
  18. eddy1010cp3

    Bowman '48 and 09/10 SP game used

    I broke 1 box of bowman '48 and 1 pack of SP game used this morning, pretty good i rekon. Bowman autos: Brandon Roy Jerry West Magic Johnson Sp game used: Billups/AI gu austin daye rookie dajuan summers rookie auto four on four pacers/bucks /65 all are FS
  19. eddy1010cp3

    Completed Eddy1010cp3 and midnight_show

    I get some $$ Midnight_show gets: these brandon roy cards Prime Patch 10/43 (4 break, 3 colour) Auto 14/35 Inscriptions 8/50 Roy/Aldridge dual jersey auto 5/5 Dual Ticket Auto Roy/ McRoberts 11/15 I will give a full refund if midnight_show is unhappy with the condition of...
  20. eddy1010cp3

    For Sale Brandon Roy PC

    hey guys i unfortunatly have to sell off my Brandon Roy PC :cry: 08/09 Exquisite Flawless Auto 34/50 $30 SOLD 06/07 UD Black Dual Jersey 63/99 $25 08/09 UD Black Quad Jersey 21/25 $16 09/10 Exquisite x2 Base $3 each 09/10 SP Game Used Fabric Foursomes...
  21. eddy1010cp3

    Completed eddy1010cp3 and midnight_show

    I get: roy/paul dual gu 09/10 spgu Bowman Relic /49 stitches in time hot prospects (game issue) Midnight gets: $$ thanks mate
  22. eddy1010cp3

    Completed eddy1010cp3 and erccc

    Eddy1010cp3 gets: 2 roy g/u+$$ Erccc gets: stkilda prize blue set+riewoldt gold thanks
  23. eddy1010cp3

    For Sale 1x box of bowman 48s

    Hi for sale i have a box of Bowman 48s which is sealed and hasnt been touched. unfortunatly i can't break it myself becasue i have a bill to pay. im looking for $100dlvd thanks :v:
  24. eddy1010cp3

    For Sale Lebron James All Star Jersey

    hey guys for sale i have a Lebron James All Star Jersey from 2009! The jersey has only been worn about 2-3 times and is in perfect condition. Size : small mens Im looking for about $50 delivered but feel free to make an offer
  25. eddy1010cp3

    Completed eddy1010 cp3 and MRFINLEY

    MRFINLEY gets: $$ i get: some brandon roy cards deal?
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