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    Christmas gift from skip!

    This is a bit of a belated christmas mailday, but the very generous @skip20 decided to send me some nice Aminu's for the PC. I haven't posted a mailday in awhile but that's because I moved to NZ in June of last year and 95% if the PC has remained in Aus for now, so it was nice of Skip to ship...
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    2012 prizm hype

    I know everyone is aware of the prizm insanity that's been going for awhile now, but I was still shocked to see this aminu gold go for $150. Now I havent followed the golds of other players but know they are desirable and go for premiums. I also know what Aminu's have gone for and this seems a...
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    Aminu mailday # 3 - With a bang!

    Hey guys, This should be the final of my maildays for this round, but there is some epic stuff here, so enjoy! Aminu 2018-19 Select Light Blue Prizm /299 Aminu 2018-19 Select Red Prizm /199 - A nice fitting parallel colour. Aminu 2018-19 Select White Prizm /149 - I'm not normally a fan of...
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    Aminu mailday Pt 2 - A mix of everything!

    Hi guys, this is looking to be part 2 of a 3 for Aminu maildays. This lot will include a mix of different sets but all just base, parallels and inserts here. I'm saving the signatures and patches for part 3. Enjoy! Aminu 2018 Panini Sticker - I've always enjoyed the stickers as they feel super...
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    Aminu mailday pt 1 - Select, Optic, Prizm..oh my!

    Hi guys, this is my Aminu mailday part 1 of I don't know how many parts, but this is all the shiney goodness I know you guys love. Aminu 2018-19 Select Scope prizm - Still a cool parallel. Aminu 2018-19 Select Tri-colour prizm - Still a weird parallel. Aminu 2018-19 Select Zebra prizm -...
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    Some RC and Bron Prizms

    Hi all, Just got a big haul of stuff from COMC. Still sorting through the Aminu's which will be a monster post, so thought I'd share the other odds and ends I picked up as well. Evans III 2018-19 Select Tri-colour Prizm - Not a big fan of this parallel, but I really like this years select...
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    Aminu prizms

    Hi guys, I've received a few new Aminu prizm cards in the mail so thought I'd share. This is only the tip of the iceberg as I have a tonne more of these parallel's at COMC still. Aminu 2018-19 Prizm Fast Break Aminu 2018-19 Prizm Choice Blue Yellow and Green - I find this a weird colour...
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    For Sale Low end prizm silvers + colour & low numbers parallels/inserts

    Hi guys, I got a few low end items just taken up space so thought I'd move them for pretty cheap. Postage will be $3.50-$7 depend on how many you are after. Prices below. 2015-16 Prizm Damian Lillard Base Prizm silver $1 Noah Vonleh Base Prizm flash 50c Markel Brown Base Prizm Orange 43/65 $1...
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    Aminu crown royal gold

    Hi guys, Once again it's just the 1 card but it's pretty nice. Having issues with the flash on my phone so pardon the hazy pic. Aminu 2018-19 Crown Royal gold /10
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    Another Aminu pick up

    This is a bit of a weird item, as I've picked up one of these previously picked up the /109 and I can't find anything different compared to this version, but either way, here it is... Aminu 15-16 Replay Auto 1/1 Thanks for stopping by
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    1 nice PC addition

    Hi guys, I have slowly been adding to the Aminu PC the last few months but most of the stuff is sitting in my COMC account. Anyway this card popped up on aussie ebay so I landed it which I was pretty happy about. Aminu 2013-14 Crusade Green /5 - Been looking out for this since it was released...
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    The most epic Aminu mailday in a long time

    Hi guys, This is one of my best Aminu maildays in the last couple of years so super happy to share this. Aminu 2017-18 National Treasures Base /99 - Nice base design this year. Aminu 2017-18 Hoops Teal Explosion - I like this parallel effect. Aminu 2017-18 Hoops Teal /125 Aminu 2017-18...
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    Some Reign, some King and Some Rooks

    Hi guys, I've been picking up a number of cards the last few months but I've just taken ages to get them shipped from my COMC account. Starting off with some odds and ends before I hit you with a massive Aminu mailday. James 2017-18 Prizm Silver - Picked this up as I've been trying to get a...
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    Ben Simmons 16-17 Prizm Starburst RC & Jabari Parker 14-15 Prizm Silver RC

    Hi guys, Gauging interest in these 2 cards. Only looking to within Australia so no international shipping sorry. Please PM me or post interest here. Jabari Parker 2014-15 Prizm Silver RC - $65dlvd Ben Simmons 2016-17 Prizm Starburst RC - $265dlvd Thanks, KB
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    Lebron 2012-13 Prizm Silver Base

    Hi guys, I've been trying to grab the base silver prizm of Bron from every prizm set and got them all except for the inaugural set, so if you have one please hit me up :)
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    Thon Maker Impeccable redemption

    Hi guys, Got my first redemption in the mail in a couple of years. Really stoked with this as I love the impeccable designs. Thon makers 16-17 Impeccable Elegance RC GU auto /99 Thanks for looking!
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    2017-18 Optic overkill

    I know we've all commented on the amount of parallel overkill Panini has pumped out the last few years, but I've just gone to update my Aminu wantlist and noted there are 27 parallels of the base card in this years release. This is 28 total cards, which is double last years output of 14 cards...
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    Panini Revolution packs at Kmart

    Not sure if this has been mentioned, but I just spotted single packs of revolution 2017-18 bball at Kmart in the section where the pokemon cards and stuff are. I normally dont look there but randomly spotted then for $6 a pack so thought it was cool for a quick rip for those of us who dont...
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    Thon Maker Select RC

    Hi guys, Just the one card at the moment, but I've wanted on of these since they came out because I've always loved the tie-dye parallels. Thon Maker 2016-17 Select Tie Dye RC /25 Thanks for stopping by!
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    Completed KB. / The Game of Sport

    I get $$$ The Game Of Sport gets 6 card Noir RC lot Agree?
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    Completed KB. / nissangtr35

    I get paypal $$$ nissangtr35 gets Raw Karl Anthony Towns 2015-16 Silver Prizm RC Agreed?
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    Epic Aminu mailday!

    Hi guys, Back with some more additions to the Aminu PC which is still going strong. Aminu 15-16 Donrus Holo /199 - Not a special card, but glad to have as even tho it's one of the highest numbered cards in the release, it took me a could years to find it. Aminu 16-17 Excalibur Base Aminu...
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    Rookie and Noir additions

    Hi guys, It's been a little while since my last mailday but I picked up some nice cards I thought I'd share. First up some Noir patches. I've really slowed down with this chase but pick up nice patches when I can. Hezonja 15/16 Noir RC jumbo patch /25 Russell 15/16 Noir RC jumbo patch /25...
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