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  1. locky82

    In Progress Locky82 and Hackadeandre

    locky gets optic rc Simmons and brown Hackadeandre gets $$ PayPal
  2. locky82

    For sale lots of rookies and inserts

    Prices as listed or $70 for the lot 50c each $1 each $1 each Schroder $2 Autos $1.50 each Autos /149 /99 $5 each Henry auto $5 Layman lot $10 /99 /199 Jersey cards $1 each $1.50 each Enron lot $10 Rookie card 50c each More 50c each Red wave rc lot $10 $3 Wall lot $4 Dirk...
  3. locky82

    Sorry if I upset any one about wanting cards and not paying. I have a wife....have sold some...

    Sorry if I upset any one about wanting cards and not paying. I have a wife....have sold some cards and still chasing Simmons rc
  4. locky82

    In Progress Locky 82 and MasterBlaster

    Masterblaster get 100+ inserts, autos, patches,/numbered Locky82 gets. $
  5. locky82

    In Progress Locky82 & beauzo

  6. locky82

    SOLD/TRADED For sale/trade

    $7 for sexton $1 for the get hyped which isn’t silver
  7. locky82

    SOLD/TRADED For sale/trade

    Most are 50c -$2
  8. locky82

    SOLD/TRADED For sale/trade

    Dwight lot $15 A.i lot $12 A.d lot $7 Tri colour selects $5 each Kobe $4 Greek freak all 3 $7a.i $2 red wave rc $8 each Wall case hit $10 dirk $5
  9. locky82

    SOLD/TRADED For sale/trade

    Cheap on post $7 registered $3 normal post Will trade/sell in bulk More to come CD $2 Jr $2 Kelly $3 Carroll $1.50 Frazier $5 Henry $8 Mo $3.50 Marvin $8 Sexton $8 T.j /12 $12 Montrezl /199 $12 Cheick $5 Duncan $8 Mikal $5 Miles silver $6 Marvin silver $8 Marvin green $8...
  10. locky82

    Jaylen Brown

    Select is silver prizm
  11. locky82

    2020 All-Star Weekend (spoilers)

    Aaron gordon was robbed... really should of been a tie
  12. locky82

    In Progress locky82 & Knott

    locky gets $paypal Knott gets Caris Levert optic rc auto holo and donruss rc /199
  13. locky82


    need the jousting and would mine another squire as well. trade or sell?
  14. locky82

    Completed locky82 & Fling

    locky82 gets Ben Simmons prizm rc, Ben Simmons prestige /75 and Simmons revolution Astro Fling gets Trae Young hoops hot signature and Michael Jordan fleer metal graded
  15. locky82

    SOLD/TRADED for sale lots of rookies Trae, Devonte etc

    trae young hoops auto $100 traded!! gone jamal murray Prestigious Picks (case hit) $70 malcolm brogdon select auto /99 $30 collin sexton silver prizm $50 miles bridges purple wave $35 lebron james Chinese New $15 kevin durant Holo Orange Lase $5 nikola jokic donruss rookie rated /199 $20 collin...
  16. locky82

    Maximum of Two (2) Buy Sell Trade Threads

    how do you delete a thread?
  17. locky82


    i do...whats the price on card?
  18. locky82


    looking for- plus lasers, prizm colurs, numbered and parallel Prizm base and all in set Totally Certified base and all in set Threads Wood Rookie, Threads 258, Threads 209 Aficionado global reach, plus any artist proof Prestige Acetate Rookie Card Absolute Excalibur Squire, Crusade...
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