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    Garbage Gang

    Hi Jason, I could be. What condition are they in? How much do you want for them? Cheers Jonny
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    Garbage Gang

    Hi all, I'm chasing Garbage Gang series 2 cards, 56a, 57a, 69b, 80b. Series 3. 107b, 11b, 112a, 114a,115b, 119a, 121b. If anyone can help that would be great. Cheers Jonny
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    Garbage Gang

    Hi, I'm chasing Garbage Gang card 128a from series 4
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    WANTED - Garbage Gang Cards (Regina & Topps)

    Hi Itchy, I have 85 a+b 87b 92a+b 94b in mint condition just opened from box. Have a few of the other numbers but not mint.
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    Assorted Garbage Gang Cards for Sale

    Hi Marty, Just wondering if you still have any Garbage Gang cards for sale? Cheers Jonny
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    SOLD/TRADED Selling a collection

    Hi, do you still have the garbage gang cards? If so how much are you looking at getting?
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